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2023-07-20 13:27:22

Yoga For Neck and Shoulder Pain - Safe and Easy Stretches for Beginners

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Hi , friends , this is Cole Chance and I'm here with my puppy Shanti .

She wanted to join and uh have her 15 minutes of fame today .

So I finally told her that she could come on .

So she's ready for her close up .

Say hi Shanti , she's my pride and joy .

Anyway , for you all , I have a neck and shoulder video .

We'll just keep it short and simple .

If you just kind of wake up with a crick in your neck or you just need to take a little break and kind of work on what's happening to go on with the rest of your day .

So we'll keep this kind of sweet and short , but I'll show you some of my um neck , my potent neck stretches and hopefully that this will help you out and give you a little more space .

Yeah .

So to start , go ahead and close your eyes .

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Tuck the chin , just feel it opening up in the back of the neck .

You can start to shake your head , you know , shake your head .

Yes .

Just kind of get an opening a little bit now , taking the ear over towards the right to start to make some circles and then back .

So moving really slow , you know , I'm feeling lots of little creaks and cracks .

So you may be as well and just moving really slow and mindfully notice where the tension is .

If it's more the back of the neck , the left side , the right side , I'm starting to become aware , I can really feel at the back left of my neck .

So I start to get specific about where things are coming from .

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Now , keep the ear over towards the right side .

I've shown this in a couple of videos .

This is my favorite next stretch .

So the ear will go over to the right , this tends to slump people kind of automatically .

So be sure to open up the chest , let the traps fall down the back , take the left hand , flex the hand , push the heel of the hand away .

Holy and start to open here .

So find a spot and breathe tendency is to hold the breath and holding the breath actually starts to create more tension .

So breathe deep , the more that you you can move the arm around a little bit start to feel how that changes the sensation and even move the head down and up .

So there's a lot of little variables that you can get into .

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So just this stretch alone man , this is like a miracle worker for me .

Let me try looking up but just really bringing awareness , paying a lot of attention to like , oh , right there .

If I do go a little to the left then , oh , right there .

There's a lot you can start to find and you start to notice more when you're building that relationship with your body , that mind , body connection .

A lot of times we just say my neck hurts was like , well , where and a lot of times we can't answer that question precisely .

So when you find that spot , stay right there , breathe deep , this deep breathing tells the nervous system to relax .

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So this is the breathing is just as important as the stretch .

This is what's allowing the stretch to really resonate .

Couple more rounds slowly start to bring the neck back up .

We'll take the left hand and place it on the right knee and just gently twist over , gaze over the right shoulder , inhale lift , hall fine length , exhale , twists and one more time as if I was pulling up on your ears and twist good .

Come back center .

Let's take the left hand up towards the sky .

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Drop the palm towards the back , can take the elbow and push the head back into the arm .

So let's start opening up kind of underneath the shoulder here .

If it's available to you , you can also take this hand behind the back wherever you are pressing the head back into the shoulder , opening up one more big round of breath , release the arms .

Now , this time , left arm goes over right arm pulls in outside of the shoulder and then release and shake it out and let's go to the other side .

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So bringing the forehead or the chin , bring the chin down again .

Shaking .

Yes , shaking .

No .

This time rocking the ear over to the left side and then back , let's take about three big circles starting to map out what's going on next time around , leave the year towards the shoulder and like I just noticed my shoulders kind of rolled in .

It's something that we do to protect .

Um something that we do when there's a little bit of tension .

So I have tension in my neck .

So I automatically want to go like this , which creates more tension .

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So open up , breathe , start to bring the heel of the hand out towards the right , let the ears relax down away the shoulders , relax down away from the ears and start to explore again , remembering you can move the head , also move the arm deep in your breath .

I need constant reminders .

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So maybe it's helpful to you as well and how deeper one more big drink of air in and release start to come up , bring that right hand over to the left knee inhale lengths , telescope the spine and then exhale twists towards the left .

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So twice with breath inhale , find link help twists and again coming around to center right arm up towards the sky , drop the hand back , left arm to elbow head back into the arm or the left hand can go behind the back , pick your poison or pick your medicine .

Breathing deep , release the arm , bring it across the body out , getting them to the outside of the shoulder and then you can release just a little bit and an exhale pull in .

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So we're using the breath God and release , we'll take eagle arms here .

So let's start with a big t let's gaze up , open , open , open , exhale , round , round , round , drop the chin in hell .

Then exhale .

Let's bring the right hand , the right arm over the left arm .

We'll cross at the elbows , backs of the hands together or fronts of the palms together .

Elbows are in line with the shoulders , press the shoulders or press the elbows out towards me and help fingertips high el round everything in .

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I'm getting into the , the traps .

Hm .

Let's just stay here for a moment .

That feels nice .

Yeah .

The muscles on the sides of the spine can just slowly open and release here .

And now let's move with breath .

Inhale , length and fingertips have arch the back and exhale .

Bring it all in elbows to belly , belly to spine once more and he open up tall hands to heart center .

God in hell , what being your tip touch in front in hell open .

And this time , let's bring the left hand , the left arm over cross at the elbow .

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So the opposite way , whichever side you didn't do last time .

Elbows in line with the shoulders as we lift up , help bring it all in compact and her link .

Then I'm gonna bring it in .

Wants more .

God .

Open the arms up , hands to art center .

Let's bring the hands to the knees and kind of wiggle the torso .

Shake with the shoulders , maybe rolled them back here .

Finding a little movement .

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Mm A couple more articulations .

Let's pull on the knees , bring the chest forward , gaze up , feel a stretch in the back and then exhale round forward twice more in hell .

Pull at the knees , exhale , round and again , come to center , come to stillness .

You just kind of feel , feel around notice space that you've created and this is just really beneficial .

Short , little practice that can really , really get into those spaces of tightness and tension .

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So it's really good to have just a couple go to poses .

So I hope that uh I hope that all of them worked .

But um even if you just found one of them just kind of put , put that in your toolbox .

So whenever you're having an issue , you can fix it .

Thank you all so much .

And uh Shanty , thanks , you too .

And I will , we will see you next time .

Check out more about me at Cold Chance yoga dot com and we have all types of goodies at yoga TX dot org .

Thank you so much for joining me .

No mistake .

Exhale .

Then in will start to sit back and lift the arm .

So chair poses and he'll spread the collar bones and exhale .

Sit a little bit deeper .

So I have the knees separate here .

You can have the knee , you can have the feet together if you'd like the knees are .


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