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2023-07-20 13:23:50

Salsa Cross Body Lead On 1 - Beginner Level

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So it's more side to side than front and back when you're jogging , right ?

So let's try with the basic step 567 and 123 , 567 .

Good 123 and 567 .

So you want to think that your elbows are out , right ?

You don't want to be doing it right ?

So , oh yeah .

123 567123 , good .

567 .

Yeah .

So you're thinking that you're stepping on this imaginary line that you have on the floor .

So because of this exercise that we went through , I shouldn't be seeing turned in feet right ?

This looks very awkward , like checking my feet .

We don't want to dance like this and we don't want to have space between our legs , right ?

Does not look very feminine , right ?

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All right , let's do the cross body lead to the count and a 123 , a 567 , a 123 , a 567 and again a 123567 , a 123 , a 567 .

Guys .

Let's do your step right now .

So you're gonna go forward with the left , replace it on to the right , start turning to the left and then step side on your left leg .

So we did about a quarter turn here and then we're gonna do another quarter turn as we do kind of like a basic step actually .

Yes .

So we're gonna go back on the right , continue turning , replace on the left and then close right foot to left foot .

So very important guys .

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That you understand that you are basically turning uh half a turn throughout that whole cross body lead .

The first part , we turn about a quarter turn and then another quarter turn .

So I'm doing a full half a turn by the end of a cross body lead .

So let me show you one more time a little slower .

So again , I go forward , replace and as I replace , I start turning my body and then I step side with the left and now I'm doing like a basic step while the lady goes across , I go back uh and I start turning .

So I go back , replace and close .

Let's zoom in into your feed guys and 123 and 567 and again , 123 and 567 .

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So you wanna step on this imaginary line , you have your toes pointing a little bit out just like this exercise just to get clear .

We are dancing New York style on two .

There's a lot of different styles , salsa styles .

So we're gonna start with our basic 123567 .

Then we're gonna do a Cuban or a rumble .

So you're gonna go 123567 .

Yeah .

All right .

Let's let's start right .

You tap your toe with to your left .

You bring all your weight up step 56 step .

Ok .

Again .

So we got these 123567123 .

Good .

567 .

Nice .

Moving on .

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Ladies and a 123 and five and six and seven again and a 123 and five and six and seven .

Ok .

Now let's talk about the lead and follow here .

So the first thing you want to note here when we do the cross buddy lead is the guys , you simply have to get out of the lady's way .

Yeah , that's the main lead .

That's like the first thing you need to do .

So when you're doing your steps here , making sure that you open up and you provide her this space now to go uh forward .

Yes .

Uh and then the cross body lead is gonna work quite nicely .

Yes .

Now , if I don't do this , let's watch this from another angle .

If I just kinda do this , the next step late is gonna go into my leg or they're gonna have to go around me which is very uncomfortable .

Uh and it's not , doesn't work at all , right .

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So can we do that one more time ?

Ok .

Bye .

So basic .

123 567 .

Step all your weight with your right .

Tap your left like get something hot on the floor and you have to go up good then .

567 .

We nailed it nice .

All right after you do your rumble .

Traveling Cuban , you're gonna step front and side and back , side , right .

Yes .

Good .

Again .

One 3567 .

Good .

So for a little flavor , you could bring arms , front side , back , side , front .

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Yeah , I like those arms can you show that stuff again with those arms that was so cross one open up onto a three step 567 .

Yes .

Nice .

Also , if you want to add some extra flavor , you could do a body roll here .

Yes .

Might let you handle the body roll .

So there's a lot of layers we can build from these basics .

Let me all right .

So let's try it from the top 67 and 123 go 6712356713567 .

Yes , nice .

I feel like I'm swimming back here .

I'm like gotta get the arms under control .

That's a good thing with salsa .

It's a workout but it's fun .

Right .

So one more time then we move on 567 .

Basic 12356 .

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You wanna get into your hip quite a lot to get into your hip and let the guy and kind of wait for the guy to lead you across .

And again , 123 , Kim is gonna really get into her hip .

You can see she's kind of rotating her right hip back and that allows me now to feel her weight and then I can lead her across and she can feel exactly when I want her to go .

Let's show you another angle and 123 and 567123 and 567 .

Ok .

And now we have a quick um styling tip as well .

Um This has to do with the man's uh left arm and lady's right arm .

So when we do the cross , but I need 123 right here .

What I can do is I can just kind of bring the arm down .

Yes .

And then as a leader across , I bring it up again and that just looks cool .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And it feels nice to bring it down and then bring it up .

Yeah .

And again , 123 .

And this kind of also kind of feels good to kind of settle the girl into her hip like this .

So kinda lead her a little bit back , we can extend the arm and lower it and then this is kind of picking her up and kind of putting on the brakes .

So it also feels good .

It's not just styling .

So you can definitely do that .

Bringing the arm down on three and 567 .

Bringing it up again and 123 down 56 7-Up and again , 12 down 56 up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Go 12356713567 .

Yes .

Then you're gonna do a Suzie Q so gonna cross left right left , right left , right left .

Yeah .

Basic .

Suzie Q let's just one time .

We're gonna do it for the whole bar .

So yeah , so you go 13567 then 1234567 .

Yeah , good cool .

Do it from our rumble from the rumble .

Yes .

So we go 123567 .

Front side , back side front Suzie Suzie Suzie Q .


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