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2023-07-22 12:46:44

How to start a mom blog and make money - 11 Easy Steps

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How to start a mom blog in 11 steps .

11 .

All right .

Hi .

I am Susie from start a mom blog .

I have three little kids who i a little toddler .

She's three .

her baby sister who's 1.5 and then their baby brother who's cooking right now and due in October , so busy mommy of little kids .

But I want to show you how the , how you can start a mom blog from home and make money .

So who am I ?

I'm Susie .

I studied industrial engineering back in the day and then I worked for big companies like Walt Disney World and GE where I implemented lean systems to make their processes more efficient .

So that's kind of what I applied to my blogging life is how do I make my life more efficient so that I can blog and grow my business while still managing little Children and growing another one .

So it's hectic and I know it was hard but we can do it .

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So , um I've been able to grow my blog from nothing to over $20,000 per month , which is a phenomenal blessing .

It has completely changed our lives .

We kind of got so happy and , and excited that we made another baby .

So , so blog baby um coming up anyway , so the 11 steps that I recommend you go through before you start your mom blog is I have a link in the post .

So everything I'm going through here is step by step explained in the post or maybe it's below .

Um So you can go through the step , the the blog post , step by step and then follow everything along .

But I'm gonna talk you through it so that you kind of get some encouragement and hear it from me and then you can just go apply all the steps um in the blog post because I know as videos go a little quick and you might miss a step or two .

So it's all in that blog post below or above or to the side but go find it .

All right .

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So number one have a passion , find your passion .

What are you super passionate about ?

What can you not stop talking about ?

What do you , your friends are like ?

OK .

Can you stop talking about natural oils ?

OK , I got it .

I got it .

I know you like natural oils or can you stop talking about ?

Um I don't know , breast feeding .

Please stop talking about your boobs , please .

Anyway , so find what you're passionate about and then think about like , can you monetize that ?

Can you then turn that into a business where you can talk about that specific topic and kind of the surrounding topics for a while .

So you can build your blog .

So number one , find your passion .

What can you not stop yapping about ?

All right , number two is then niche down .

So you wanna make a list because you probably have more than one passion .

I know you're passionate people out there .

So find your passions .

Then you'll see in the blog post that there's three circles , right ?

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So you have your passion , that's all your passions that you're passionate about .

Gosh , I love this word .

Then um you have a circle .

That's your strength .

So what are you really strong in ?

So I might be passionate about natural oils , but I don't really know a lot about them yet , but I'm also passionate about breastfeeding and since I've had two little kids already and this third one , I know a little bit about breastfeeding or maybe you're a lactation consultant , right ?

That would be awesome .

And then that's one of your strengths .

And then lastly , the last circle is , is there a profitable need for it ?

So have people purchased help on this particular topic or do people purchase products regarding this topic ?

Um Yeah .

So people purchase um breast pumps and breast equipment and books , how to breastfeed and creams , how to make your , I can go really vulgar here , how to make your um everything just feel better .

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So sorry .

Um So you want to find where the intersection is of your passions , your strengths and a , a profit , right ?

What have people paid for ?

So you wanna make sure that you really like the topic that you can write about it for a while , you wanna make sure that you're strong in it and that's the smaller of the circles .

So I'll go into that in a minute .

But you also want to make sure that there's a profitable need , make sure that people have purchased products regarding this niche .

Um Is there a way for you to make money off of this , this product or this this idea ?

Right ?

And most likely there will be one .

So the last thing I want to just add to that um finding and niching down is when you think about your strengths , OK .

So you might be super passionate about it and there's a profitable need , but you might not be an expert yet in it .

You might not be , you might not know a lot about this topic that you're so passionate about , but that's OK .

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You can also use your blog to teach yourself more about this topic .

So say , for example , natural oils , right ?

You love it , you love using them .

Obviously , it's a profitable market because a lot of people like natural oils and are purchasing um those oils themselves .

So , but you're just starting out .

So through your blog and through posting consistently and helping others learn more about it .

You're gonna teach yourself too .

And in six months from now you're gonna know six months more information than somebody just starting out .

So to a beginner , you're going to be an expert .

So you just have to be a couple of months ahead of whoever you're teaching , right ?

And that's the way that you can then build your brand and your um your blog , right ?

So that's number two , number three , decide on your domain name .

So once you have what you want to blog about , you want to find a name for this blog , right ?

So what are you gonna call it ?

I advise .

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Make sure it's short and simple and easy to remember .

Don't try to be too weird .

Don't have weird spelling because people might not spell it correctly , they might forget it .

Um Don't use like your kids names in it or something strange .

Just , just be simple and clean and keep it kind of broad so that if you do change directions , you can still use that blog or if you sign up with the grow big plan that I use , um You can host multiple different domain names under one hosting package and we'll get into that in a minute .

But that's what I do because I am constantly thinking .

Well , what about this , what about this idea ?

So I'm constantly buying domain names just so that other people don't get them and then I build the blog out if I want to So decide on a very easy to remember .

Short and simple domain name .

Don't think about it too much .

You can get hung up on this step for a long time , right ?

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It's more important that you start .

All right .

That's up .

Number three , number four , choose a plan to host your Mommy blog so you can start I I use and love site .

Ground site .

Ground is awesome .

Their customer service is super fast .

My blog has never been down with them .

They help me on technical issues that I can't do .

Like , how do I do redirects ?

How do I when I broke my site once they got it back up and running within five minutes .

And I'm like , oh wow .

So they're super helpful .

They're an amazing hosting company .

I highly recommend them and all my blogs are hosted with them and I have tried other hosting companies before , but I love and use I now .

All right .

Step number four , you um choose your plan to host your mom blog .

So they have the start up the Grow Big and the go geek .

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I'm currently on the Go geek , but I started with the Grow Big and that's their middle tier plan because I wanted to , I knew that I would buy more than one domain name when I'm just starting out , right ?

I have one .

But what if I want to do this other passion too ?

So the grow big plan allows me to host multiple blogs on one hosting package and it's about $6 a month .

So really worth it to invest in a really good hosting company and then go with that .

So there's exact steps of how you sign up .

Not very hard .

All the screen shots are there in the blog post .

They even have a little time saving hack .

So you can go use that step .

Number five is to install wordpress .

So wordpress is kind of the platform where you're building your blog site .

Ground is like the landlord , you rent some server space from them and then wordpress is your apartment building .

That's where you build your blog and um build your content .

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And then , and your domain name is like your address .

That's how people find you .

I hope that helps .

All right , more screenshots .

I'm just going through the post here so I can make sure that I'm following it .

Step by step , then you log into your blog and you can start creating content .

Step number seven , you can install a theme .

I started with a free theme .

So you can do that too .

That's perfectly fine .

There's some really cool free themes that you can use .

So you can just kind of get your feet wet with blogging .

After three months , I invested in the diy theme from elegant themes because it allows me to drag and drop and to use this visual builder .

So that sorry , I'm talking way too fast .

So that .

Um You can see as you're creating your blog post , like here's the image , here's the text , no coding necessary .

It's all just like drag and drop stuff super easy .

That's why I love Diy .

And they also allow me to create really cool landing pages .

Number eight , write your first blog post .

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So you wanna make sure before you launch your blog and launching , I mean , sharing it with your family and asking other people to come to it , it might already be live on the internet and you can go to it if you know the domain name , but not until you start promoting it .

Is it not really gonna get a lot of traffic to it ?

So you have to put that effort out .

So before you start promoting it and launching it , I advise that you write 3 to 5 pillar posts and these are posts that really go in depth on the topic and the niche that you decided .

So say , for example , you're doing breastfeeding .

So you want to go and like pillar posts for breastfeeding would be what are the top mistakes that new moms make when they're breastfeeding or what are the essential equipment that you need when you're starting to be a breast feeding mommy ?

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So go into those kind of big overall topics so that when people come your side , you have 3 to 5 really good articles between like 1000 or 2000 words with links out to other resources so that they can go read more and it shows that you are like kind of , you have some authority , you're linking to other helpful content and then have that on your blog before you start promoting it .

So just have a little something also have um a good about me page so that people know who you are , have a good image of yourself .

So when they're coming to a blog , people follow people and not blogs .

So make sure that you can connect your reader once they come to your blog .

All right .

And there's some other things in the blog post too that you can read .

Number nine , step , number nine is to invest in yourself if you're finding that you're struggling and that you don't know how to create pinn images or you're struggling on this whole starting a blog thing or you don't know how to use Facebook or any of that .

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There are resources out there and I have a ton of really good resources that I recommend that you can go through my blog by number of course , walks you through starting a blog , finding your niche , um getting traffic , which is what you're gonna have to do and then monetizing it and then building your email list .

So there's a lot of things to go through .

So don't get overwhelmed .

If you do , then look for the right resources to guide you .

Number 10 , get traffic and I have links there in the blog post of how I use Pinterest to kind of loop my pins .

And I'm not using board booster to get traffic um to my blog and it's really worked really well and I share it all on the blog .

So there's different ways to get traffic .

And this video is one of the ways that I can get traffic to my blog too .

So you can do this , you can turn your blog post into a video and then you have two pieces of content that took that , that covers the same topic , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I have the blog post on the one side and then I have the video .

So depending on who's reading it , they might like to have the text or they might like to have the video .

So even one piece of content , you can create multiple types of content from that .

And step number 11 , what we're all wanting to do for our blogs is make money .

So the top ways that you can make money off your blog is either through advertisements , affiliates , sponsor , post products and services .

And what has worked really well for me is affiliates , products and services .

So find what your audience needs and likes and then deep dive into those types of monetization strategies .

And I have a really great link in the blog post where you can find out more how to monetize your blog .

Anyway , so I'm Susie , I've been able to grow my blog to $20,000 per month , which is ridiculous and amazing .

And a huge blessing .

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And I wanna show you how to do the same thing .

Even if you have little kids at home .

I know it's overwhelming .

I know it's hard .

But gosh , darn it , you can do it like anything is hard in life having babies is hard , working out is hard , getting back in shape is hard growing a blog is hard , but it's worth it .

Ok .

It's , it's definitely definitely worth it .

I also have a freebie on there .

That's the 12 month blog plan .

So it goes through your plan for the next 12 months .

Exactly .

The steps that I took to grow my blog in traffic , creating content monetizing and you can have that for free when you go to my blog and download it .

So let me know if you have any questions , just leave a comment below and I'll get back to it .

Thank you .

See you soon .


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