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2023-07-21 09:02:04

BEST SECTIONALS for Your Living Room - What to Look for, Where to Buy! _ Julie Khuu

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to the channel .

I'm Julie .

And today I will be rounding up the top sectionals of 2021 for you while I have four sofas in my small ranch style home .

When I was sick , all I was thinking about was , you know , I just wanted a really deep loungey sectional to curl up into and heal and recover .

I did a ton of research .

I compiled this huge list and whittled it down to my top favorite sectionals .

Some of these sectionals I've sourced for my own clients .

Some has been high on my hit list and my radar for some time .

Now , a lot of these have really incredible reviews from online and in store retailers and of course , a bulk of it was recommended from my own family and friends .

If you've been looking for the perfect sectional to suit your aesthetic and needs this video is for you .

You all know from this channel that I have a huge affinity for sectionals .

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I love how the modular configurations can work for any living room , family room or den .

I love how sectionals can be used to help demarcate space and divide the room into functional zones .

They're especially useful in open concept spaces .

You don't lose precious real estate .

When every corner of the room can be used for seating , you can host large parties , gather your family in one area .

There's tons of videos that highlight my love for sectionals .

There are so many different configurations for sectionals out there from petite sectionals for smaller studios and apartments .

L shaped , sectionals , sectionals with she lounges , U shapes , conversation pits even ones with sleeper sofas built in .

So you can host overnight guests on the fly .

But before we get into my favorites , let's talk about fabrics .

The number one tip for choosing an upholstery fabric is to always consider your lifestyle and needs .

Do you have young kids and pets that you need to account for ?

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Look for easy to clean , low maintenance performance fabrics that you can spot clean with a wet cloth or even a Lysol wipe , which is what I typically use for my sofas .

Linen is a natural breathable fabric .

Great for hotter and humid climates .

Polyester or poly blends is usually my go to choice since it's more durable and stain resistant than natural fabrics .

Poly blends can also include microfiber or ultra suede .

Natural leather is great for pets that shed since it's so easy to wipe down .

But some leathers show scratch marks .

So be wary of that always get multiple samples and bring them into your space for lighting conditions to see how well they mesh with your interior vibe , touching and feeling the fabric is so important , especially if you're purchasing online .

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Let's dive right into my top sectionals list of 2021 .

And this is in no particular order starting with a crate and barrel lounge sectional .

I've sourced this sectional for my own clients .

I've tested it out in the store .

I mean , it's just downright marvelous when the proportions feel right .

You just know it .

This lounge sectional features deep low seats , soft fiber down , blend back cushions that you can just sink into .

It has slim modern track arms .

You can specify it with shes options , bumper options with a U shaped configuration .

This is my personal favorite , a left or right arm facing armless love seat .

There's over 90 different fabric options and colors .

So there's something for everyone .

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The West Elm Haven sectional , I know so many people who have the sectional and for good reason , it's so comfortable .

You can customize it with a full skirted base wood legs , metal legs , deep sheds , sectional ends , a terminal shed sectional , double wide shes L shaped wedge .

There's so many options .

I especially love the Haven loft three piece sectional .

This sectional from West Elm features plush seats .

The tapered wood legs give it a mid century vibe , but the metal legs give it an industrial vibe .

The skirted base can feel modern and contemporary in any type of setting .

It's one of those shapes that really go with any interior style .

Moving on to the Joy Bird Elliott Sleeper sectional .

I love that .

It has a mid century modern vibe and a full pull out sofa tucked right in .

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You can't even tell that it's a sofa bed by day , it's a loungey sectional with a comfortable shes feature and by night you can host sleepovers .

It comes in 18 different fabrics and color options with velvets , pet friendly upholstery and safeguard treatments .

Next , we have the CB two Piazza sectional .

One of the key features of this sectional is the end piece .

You can specify no backs .

So it's great for open concept layouts that meet that functionality .

You can hop in from one room and out the other quite easily .

It's long lean and super deep and I love that it's low to the floor .

It's great for young kids .

So it's easy for them to climb onto the back .

Cushions are a down blend .

The frame is made of sustainable hardwood .

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The drawback is that it only comes in two fabrics , the white polyester linen blend , which is my personal favorite and the new espresso brown velvet .

Moving on to Wayfair .

Wayfair is an endless , endless treasure trove of sectionals , but I have managed to whittle it down to my ultimate favorite for small spaces .

I love the Wayfair Jasper velvet sofa and she it's so chic and has plenty of space for four .

The velvet fabric is soft and comfortable the shed is deep and loungey .

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The seat cushion covers are removable so they're easy to launder when soiled .

I love the dark and moody colors .

It looks perfect against lighter walls and it helps to anchor a living space .

It also features metal legs that make small spaces appear lighter without a full skirt .

I'll also be linking some great substitutions from Wayfair below if you love this style and shape but deep velvet jewel tones might not be your thing .

Next , we have Anthropology's Relax sub sectional .

Anthropology while always beautifully designed is really a hit or miss with the reviews , you'll find some who absolutely love .

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I made five star rave about these sectionals and you'll find those who have negative things to say .

I always read the negative reviews first .

So I know what users are griping about .

Sometimes the negativity is warranted and relevant , but sometimes they just don't apply to you .

I love the Saguaro sectional for its relaxed and casual look .

It has down filled cushions , sloped arms and the low back is great for interiors , especially ones with low ceilings and a wood frame base .

It comes in two different sizes , five different fabrics , 19 different color options and two different wood like colors .

Next , we have the our house K in sectional .

If you're unfamiliar with our house , our house is an incredible brand .

They're founded in 1986 on environmentally conscious beliefs .

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Our house is committed to creating heirloom quality pieces that can be passed down for generations .

They create unique and functional furniture from recycled natural resources and they're committed to never using wood from rainforests that are endangered , which is of course great for the environment .

This K in sectional is available in a wide range of configurations .

I love the plush padded cushions , the contemporary thin sleek arms , the rounded tops and you have over 102 designer upholstery fabric options to choose from .

They offer two seat depths , the petite 40 inch deep , which is actually quite deep or super duper loungey 44 inch deep .

Our house is fabulous and a little bit on the higher end side .

But I have clients who have sourced their sofas and sectionals and constantly rave about the quality and the comfort .

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Next , we have six pennies , Neva sectional .

This sectional comes in a variety of modular configurations .

You can have a shed sectional L shape or U shaped so you can build it according to the size and shape of your room .

I love the loose slip covered design .

It feels very European French country .

The frame is killed in dried hardwood .

The legs are made of solid rubber wood and this sectional boasts the fluffiest comfit , super soft cushions and seatings .

The cushions are removable so they can be laundered when soiled .

You can specify feather down for ultimate luxury or poly fill for those with allergies .

It comes in 25 different fabric options .

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I mean , if you read the reviews , they are all five stars and everyone talks about the beauty and comfort of this piece articles .

A bisco sectional has a very Scandinavian vibe .

It looks clean , it's modern , it's comfortable and it comes in three different colors .

Quartz white looks like you're sitting on a fluffy cloud .

It has Titanium finished legs , a spring and rubber webbing suspension and I love the tight seat back .

So you're not constantly fluffing up cushions .

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Next up is Pottery Barnes Big Sur Collection .

This sofa and sectional collection is one of the best sellers and for a good reason , it comes with so many different options for the ultimate in customization .

What I love about the sectional is that it comes in three widths .

I'm a sucker for bench cushions .

So it's one long continuous seat , but there's also options for multi seat to break it up .

There's over 100 fabric options , but really let's talk about the style .

It's super modern with square arms and generous proportions that are perfect for lounging and falling asleep on the sectional .

The double sheds depth can fit you and your babe .

It's perfect for afternoon naps or watching TV .

The slip cover option allows you to remove the cover for cleaning or simply purchasing an additional slip cover so you can change the lookout seasonally , you can get one light cover , one dark cover and boom , you're literally covered for the entire year .

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Moving on to Lulu and Georgia's Fritzi sectional sofa .

This is one of their best sellers and for a good reason , it's chic contemporary and stylish .

I love the black iron metal legs .

It only comes in two fabric options , natural and charcoal , but both are so easy to , since they're neutral , the polyester fabric is super durable and easy to clean .

The size is more on the petite side so it can seat three comfortably .

I love how the back cushions on the ends tuck into the seat cushion so you can lay back on either end and still have pillowy support .

Moving on to Z gallery's Ventura sectional Z Gallery is really known for its glam luxe vibe .

But if you've ever seen this piece in store , it's really modern and transitional .

The sectional is deep and loungey .

It's low with bench seats .

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It's perfect for the whole family to crawl into for movie nights available in over 35 upholstery options from Chanel to velvet to canvas .

I especially love the Gypsy brush canvas performance fabric , its water repellent stain repellent , which is really music to my ears in a household with pets and kids .

The brush steel bracket framing lends an elevated touch to the chic sectional .

If you're looking for a leather sectional burrows , got you covered this burrow block nomad leather , five seat corner sectional comes in three top grain Italian leather colors and six wood and metal leg options .

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You can customize the look with a movable shes an ottoman or a sleep kit in which you can turn your sectional into a partial bed .

The sectional is modular so you can specify how long or short you need it or opt for a perfect L shape that's even on both sides .

It also comes with a convenient USB charger and 72 inch power core built in which is pretty cool and tech advanced for a sectional .

If you read the reviews , it is all five stars .

And finally , we have designed within reaches me sectional .

This sectional is so chic with a curved back and solid walnut wood frame and legs .

It features baffled back cushions that are super pillowy with a feather silk blend .

It's very transitional .

It can work in modern or traditional settings .

The bench style seat cushions features one long continuous cushion , which I love because it always looks clean and tailored .

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But with the hefty price tag , I encourage you to try this sectional in stores so you can check the seat depth and see if the comfort is to your liking .

Here are a few designer tips when searching for the perfect sectional , always , always , always , always read the reviews , especially if you're purchasing Blindly online .

I always read the negative reviews first to make sure these issues align with my own .

If you find a retailer that you love online , you can always filter your search options by most recommended or most reviewed .

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And finally do a really quick Pinterest House or even Google search to see the sectional styled in real homes seeing is believing .

So once you see it styled , maybe in the same color palette that you have or maybe in your type of interior style , it will give you a little bit more assurance to move forward with confidence .

Sectionals can get so expensive .

I mean , you might be shelling out at least $1500 for a small petite sectional .

So I know that there's so much to consider when purchasing this piece of furniture before you rush off to purchase anything from my list , make sure that you measure your space first scale and proportion is crude to how well a sectional does in your living space .

You always want to keep in mind the clearances you need to move around the furniture , especially this big bulky sectional , consider doors and trees , hallways .

If you need specific help measuring your space , check out these videos .

The first one is in the How to create your Dream space series .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The episode on scale and proportion will help guide you and be sure to check out my other video four ways to maximize your living room layout .

So you can figure out the right type of sectional configuration for your space and needs .

If you like this type of content , please give this video a thumbs up , comment below and let me know if you have any questions when it comes to sourcing the perfect sectional for your space .

Also comment below and let me know if you love your sectional .

Where did you buy it ?

What do you love about it ?

I would love to compile a new list for maybe a future video based on viewers recommendations .

Share this video with anyone , you know who is looking to source the perfect sectional and definitely subscribe to my channel if you haven't already .

Thank you so much for watching .

I'll see you next week .


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