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2024-04-12 09:32:01

Best Way To Lose Belly Fat _ Cardio A Waste Of Time

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In today's video , why cardio is a waste of time for fat loss , and I'm gonna explain the number one exercise to lose your belly fat .

Hey , guys .

What's going on ?

This is Parvella from .

And and , guys and girls , I've been going through this journey for the better part of the last 30 years of my life , and I love helping you guys reach your goals .

And recently , I went through a transformation , looked something like this .

I was around £230 .

I've lost a lot of body fat .

As you can see , I'm down here .

Here's kind of currently what I'm looking like .

Right ?

And my goal is to help you guys lose belly fat , and I got a great question on my Instagram direct message .

Essentially , the question boils down to this .

There's a lot of information out there that says cardio is a waste of time for fat loss .

Can you explain ?

And , certainly , I want to explain why I think that certainly can be true .

The first thing I want to address is this idea that cardio is overrated Overrated .

When it comes to losing belly fat , and I can certainly agree with that .

But it all comes down to a few things .

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1st , our understanding of what belly fat is and how we get rid of it .

2nd , our understanding of what cardio is and what it is not .

I think most of us have a direct association with cardio or cardiovascular exercise .

Most people , if you ask them , they would say it's one of 2 things .

It's either going for a run or like a bike ride or it's doing something like a sprint .

Right ?

These two forms of exercise are certainly cardio , but they are neither the exercise that I would suggest you do if your goal is simply to lose body fat and lose belly fat .

I would suggest you go for a jog if you wanna get good at endurance exercise .

I would suggest you go for a sprint if you wanna get better at sprinting or do something that's more explosive .

If your goal is to lose belly fat , let's talk about the process of losing belly fat and how that happens .

It does not happen simply through losing a little bit of body fat .

It happens through enduring quite a bit of fat loss depending on how heavy you are .

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For most men , we're talking about getting down to somewhere around 10 , 12% body fat before you have a visible defined core .

For women , you're probably looking at 15 to 18% body fat as women inherently just carry a little bit more body fat .

So how do we get there ?

Well , we can't get there just by going for a jog every day or by running a couple sprints every day because there are some things that must happen for a long period of time for us to reach our goals .

1st and foremost , we must be willing to accept the fact that we're gonna have to lose body fat for a long period of time .

And if you don't love jogging , which you probably don't if you've never done it before , then you're probably not gonna keep up with jogging .

So we wanna talk about sustainability .

We also wanna understand how body fat comes off .

My favorite analogy , I talk about it all the time , is the paper towel roll .

Right ?

The paper towel roll , if you look at the fat part of the paper towel , the outside , that's gonna be the body fat that comes off first .

Okay ?

The last part of the body fat when we get close to that center of that paper towel roll , for most of us , that's gonna be when the fun stuff starts to happen .

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The lower back fat , the lower abdomen fat , clear and defined core , but oftentimes the body fat that's gonna come off first .

Now for men , I typically notice the back , the upper back in particular , will clear up .

I also notice sometimes I'll get some separation in my arms , more in my limbs , and then as I get leaner , it'll move more towards the center around here , and this is when it can get us to a good spot .

So a lot of people will talk about exercises for losing belly fat , associating those exercises with training your core .

And while I certainly agree with the idea of training your core for the performance and the benefit of having good stability , right , you wanna have good stability in your core .

It connects the upper and lower body .

However , doing ab exercises are not going to get you abs .

They're not going to get you less body fat .

What they will do is give you more defined muscle groups .

Okay ?

But if you can't see those muscle groups , it's not really gonna help .

So certainly , the best exercise for losing belly fat is not an ab exercise .

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However , certainly include them in your training routine , specifically so that you can have good definition when you lose the body fat .

We don't wanna get down and realize we have no muscle there .

So I always suggest when losing body fat that the primary focus be around resistance training , especially if you wanna have that ripped look .

Ripped or shredded , most people associate that with a lot of muscle and low body fat .

Okay ?

So the number one exercise , sorry guys , it's not gonna be an average exercise , but wait till the end of the video , I'm gonna tell you exactly what it is .

So let me explain the 2 steps that you need to lose body fat so that you can get to the physique that you're after .

The 2 steps are gonna include 2 things .

Now we've all heard the idea that exercise is not going to get us where we need .

It's all about diet .

Well , I disagree with this .

I think there are 2 steps .

It is diet , and it is activity .

So let's talk about our diets .

What does your daily routine look like ?

Do you have any idea what your total calories are ?

If you don't , that's likely where you need to start .

Okay ?

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I would never suggest someone undertake an exercise program to lose body fat with having no accountability or no idea where their calories at .

And if you don't even know where to start , guys , I've got you free . calculator .

Go there .

Put in your age , put in your activity level , put in a bunch of information .

It's gonna calculate your total daily energy expenditure , and it's gonna calculate for you how many calories you should be eating to gain weight , to maintain weight , to lose weight , to lose weight rapidly .

It's also going to help you break down how those calories , how those macros should look .

It even helps you break down your meals .

Why , guys ?

I get these questions all the time , and I just wanna provide value .

K ?

If you don't need direct coaching from us , which you can get at , you can start this process on your own and get a better understanding , take some accountability for your actions , and figure out what it takes to lose that body fat .

So now we've got some accountability .

You've done the nutrition .

What is the number one exercise ?

So you heard me talk earlier about the idea of cardio .

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We all have this idea of cardio that is jogging , that it is sprinting , that is maybe playing sports .

Something that really gets your breathing deeper , makes you break a sweat .

But very few people of us associate walking with exercise .

However , the definition of cardio is a rhythmic exercise that increases your resting heart rate .

Well , walking does fit that description .

So , technically , it is exercise .

However , the real reason that I love to use walking is because well , I'm gonna explain how we start looking like this and how I get to here , and the only thing I do is change my walking .

So let's start with your daily activity .

How many steps are you taking per day ?

You don't know ?

Well , let me guess .

You get up , you drive to work , you sit at a desk , you drive home , you go to the gym for an hour maybe , and then you sit back down .

When I did this , I was tracking my average daily steps at 2,000 to 3000 steps a day .

That's right .

2,000 to 3000 steps a day .

No problem there .

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However , when I decided to make a change and focus on getting between 5 and 10000 steps a day , a few positive changes happened .

My body composition improved , meaning I had a little bit more or less less body fat , little better energy , but also I noticed that my hunger changed .

So what does this getting steps count ?

Well , it just means you get up , you go to the mall , maybe you park a little further from work , maybe you take the stairs at work , maybe every time you have an opportunity to do something , you walk there instead of driving there .

If you have some opportunities to move more , you take them .

And if we look at our day , look around us , maybe after our meals , we can go for a walk depending on what your situation is like .

Or if you're so busy at work , maybe you need to be like me .

Maybe you need to have a treadmill at your house .

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I get up every morning before my day gets started , before the kids are awake , before my clients start emailing me , before my videographer starts begging me for footage so I can put out some YouTube content , before anybody gets their claws into my day , I've already done my exercise cardio for the day , and it's just walking .

So why do I love walking ?

Well , it can start as an outside walk .

But as we hit a plateau with our walking , some of us don't have the opportunity to simply go from 5,000 steps to 10,000 steps to 20,000 steps to 30,000 steps .

Right ?

That can be hours and hours per day .

However , you can burn more calories in the same amount of time by adding intensity to your cardio .

How do you do that ?

Well , with a treadmill , you simply add speed or add incline .

Okay ?

And if you're really adventurous , you can add weight like a rucksack .

That will add a lot of calories .

Now I did do a video on how many calories you burn through different cardio modalities .

I'll put a link to that here .

So if you're curious just how many calories you burn from walking with a rucksack .

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But the idea for me was if I can get it done in the morning and I can get it done before anybody is bothering me , I have got a head start on my day .

And guess what happens when you get a head start on your day ?

You wanna make the rest of the day just as good .

So it helps me with diet adherence .

It helps me feel good .

My energy is higher throughout the day .

And if I need to and I hit a sticking point , guess what I can do ?

I can add another cardio session either after my workout while I'm already at the gym , or I can just come home and do another one .

Now not everybody has the opportunity to have a treadmill at home .

I understand .

But if you live in an apartment complex , if you have a gym that you go to , you're gonna have the opportunity to do some cardio .

So look at ways that you can fit more movement into your schedule .

This way , we don't have to think of cardio as a bad word .

For me , cardio is something that enlightens my mood , makes me feel more adherent , makes me feel more body positive , and it's a good mental health time for me .

I like to put something on the television , maybe a documentary , maybe a TV show , maybe it's the Jersey Shore .

I don't know .

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Whatever I'm in the mood for that just gets me through some cardio and allows me to enjoy my time , I've got my guilty pleasures .

Now finally , what is the one missing ingredient for most of us to make a change in our lives ?

It is setting a timeline .

If you tell me that you're gonna lose some weight , I don't believe you .

If you tell me that you're going to do a bodybuilding competition or you have a deadline , I am more inclined to believe it's gonna happen .

And for you guys , I wanna provide something .

If you're watching this video and it's not yet July 15th , you have the opportunity to sign up for our transformation challenge where we are providing nutrition plans , including vegan options , training plans , including at home options .

It's open to everybody worldwide .

We provide a support group .

We do weekly live videos .

We answer your questions .

All the coaches for Prophysique , there are more than 30 of us at this point , are here to help you with your goals .

90 days to reach the physique that you're after or take a step in that direction .

Now if you don't really know where to start with nutrition , I want you to watch this video right here .

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It's gonna give you a good head start , and I want you guys to ask me your questions either on Instagram direct message , hit subscribe to this video , and follow along as I'm gonna be doing these videos daily to help you reach your goals .

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