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2024-02-14 17:09:38

REAL MEN Understand these BEFORE 30 And I'M TOO, DO YOU

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17 facts you need to hear before you turn 30 .

If you really want to be a real man , one , your biggest competitor isn't other men or your parents , it's comfort , laziness and procrastination and no one can fix it .

But you two , you can break an eye contact in two different ways .

If you break it by looking down , you'll be perceived as submissive .

And if you break it by looking sideways , it will make you look dismissive .

Three , you can be jealous but don't show it .

Beta males confront and make God alpha males disregard and move on .

You can show women boundaries by calmly reminding that you'll walk away .

Four most girls aren't qualified for the men they want becoming a high value .

Male is essential because you're the prize and when they'll perceive you like one , they will act accordingly .

Five authenticity real men are authentic in every zone .

Be true to yourself .

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Embrace your values , beliefs and emotions without conforming to societal stereotypes .

Six respect others doesn't matter who is standing in front of you .

Elders or youngsters , respect all , treat everyone with respect and kindness regardless of gender , background or belief .

Seven emotional intelligence develop emotional intelligence by understanding and managing your own emotions and empathizing with others .

Eight responsibility , real men never back of responsibilities , take responsibility for your actions and decisions , acknowledge mistakes and learn them no communication skills , cultivate effective communication skills , express yourself clearly and actively listen to others .

10 vulnerability don't be afraid to show vulnerability .

It takes strength to be open about your feelings and struggles .

11th , self improvement strive for personal growth and continuous learning .

Be open to evolving as an individual .

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12 empathy practice empathy by understanding and sharing the feelings of others .

It builds stronger connections .

13 supportive relationships build and maintain healthy relationships offer support and encouragement to those around you .

14 courage face challenges with courage and resilience .

This doesn't mean avoiding fear but confronting it .

15 integrity , uphold a strong sense of integrity , be honest , trustworthy and maintain your principles .

16 compassion , show compassion and kindness .

Small acts of kindness can make a significant impact .

17 , equality , promote gender equality and challenge .

Stereotypes encourage inclusivity and fairness .

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