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2024-02-14 18:16:51

🪬 FORGET These 7 Female Nature LAWS #darkpsychology #manipulation

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Seven .

Female nature laws to never forget one .

She lies about her body count .

Women will never tell you her true boyfriend because she knows she'll get shamed for it .

Two , she wants the greenest grass .

She wants the best man she can get .

If you don't want to be replaced , you have to improve yourself every day .

Three .

She enjoys male attention even if she seems like a good girl .

She loves attention .

Four , she shows skin to get male attention .

She loves getting looks from men on the street .

That's her nature five going to clubs so she can sleep with men .

She goes to clubs for fun , but that fun is meeting men and sleeping with them .

Six .

She's a feminist because she has a bad relationship with her father .

If her dad left her young , she's going to turn into a feminist that despises men .

Seven .

She posts on social media with a reason .

She wants to get attention and validation .

That's why she posts thirst traps .

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