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2024-05-20 12:12:25

Reduce Your Liver Fat by 50 Percent in 14 Days

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This is a very interesting topic .

I found a study that demonstrated that you can actually reduce your liver fat by almost 50% in just 2 weeks .

And I'm not kidding .

This is not a joke .

This is a credible study .

There was a 14 day intervention study putting people on a carbohydrate restrictive diet .

This is called the ketogenic diet , where they consumed less than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day and this demonstrated decreased liver fat by 43.8 percent .

So it's not actually 50% , but it's close in subjects with obesity and NAFLD .

What is that ?

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease .

Now , there are several other interesting things about this .

Number 1 , there wasn't much weight loss .

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On average , there was only like a 1.8% weight loss , which is pretty insignificant , and there is no change in waist circumference .

Now this is very good information to know because if you start a ketogenic diet and you lost hardly any weight the 1st week and there's no change in your waist , you might just quit and think it's not working .

Apparently , the body gets rid of liver fat and organ fat as a priority before it goes after other types of fat .

And apparently , the loss of liver fat was due to decreased something called de novo lipogenesis .

What is that ?

That means there's a greatly reduced conversion from carbohydrates to fat .

There's like a 79.8% decrease .

So no longer are we getting this conversion from carbohydrates to fat .

And there was also an increase in actual overall fat burning , called it fatty acid oxidation , by just under 5x .

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So we had this 5 times greater fat oxidation or fat burning effect in the liver .

Amazing .

Now there's some also very interesting additional things on this study .

First of all , the participants did not lower their calories .

The average amount of calories per day was over 3,000 .

So this was not a globe calorie diet .

There was also significant lower markers for liver damage , significant lower fasting insulin levels and lowered HOMA IR , which means there was less insulin resistance , there was improved insulin sensitivity , there was lowered liver inflammation , and there was a rapid increase in folate producing bacteria and folate in their blood .

So apparently in the ketogenic diet , your microbes make more folate .

Now what is up with this folate ?

What does the folate do in relationship to your liver ?

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Well , it improves liver fat metabolism and it keeps liver inflammation on the low side .

And they found 94 bacterial strains were altered after going on this low carb diet with major shifts in microbes occurring just in one day .

If you're new to my channel or you're not new , you've been watching my videos and you haven't started ketogenic diet , I think this right here is a good enough reason to get started right away .

So I put a link down below the exact version of the ketogenic diet you need to start immediately .

Check it out .

Hey .

Before you go , if you're benefiting from any of my content , I would love to hear about your success story .

Please share it in the link down below .

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