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2024-06-02 15:38:52

The Worst Protein in the World

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Let's talk about the worst protein in the entire world .

One day , I was at Whole Foods .

I was really hungry .

You should never shop when you're really hungry .

And I was looking in the deli area , and they had some , small little chicken wings , so I I ordered those .

They look really good .

I noticed that they all look like they are the same shape though , but I didn't think much of it at the time .

And , so I'm driving home .

I'm eating these chicken wings , and I'm like , wow .

These are really good , and it's almost too good .

And , yes , I did wonder why there's no bones in these chicken .

Maybe I thought they were like boneless chicken wings .

And , anyway , I got home , and I looked in the mirror .

My eyes were completely bloodshot .

I started feeling sick , extremely tired , nauseous .

I went to bed .

I slept for , like , 3 hours .

I woke up feeling drunk .

I called Whole Foods , and I said , what were in those chicken wings ?

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Well , those were plant based chicken wings made with a type of protein called textured vegetable protein , AKA textured soy protein .

That is the worst protein a human could eat from my viewpoint .

And , of course , the vegetable they're using is soy .

Now sometimes they use cottonseed as the vegetable .

I didn't know cotton was a vegetable , and I don't know of many people eating cotton .

But in 1960 , they invented this protein , okay , Because they had to figure out what to do with all the waste from the seed oils that they were making .

So they had a great idea .

Let's turn this into protein , and we'll sell it as food .

And now it's in veggie burgers .

It's in fake meat products , fake hot dog products .

It's in cereals .

It's in kids' lunches .

It's in a lot of different things .

It is an ultra processed ingredient .

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The word processed means to remove .

Okay ?

When you ultra process something , you severely remove things from it .

So they're taking the oil from the soybean .

They're taking the nutrients .

They're taking the fiber from it .

They're heating it .

They're putting chemicals , solvents like hexane , which , by the way , is in gasoline .

And then you might ask yourself , like , how do they pull the hexane out of there ?

Do they use another chemical ?

Do they leave some of the residue in there ?

Well , there's no long term safety studies .

There's no upper limit that the FDA has put on hexane in your food .

I mean , if there's a condition called chronic hexane toxicity .

Well , that's mainly , if you inhale it .

But what if you're ingesting it all the time , especially since almost 1 third of our calories are seed oils .

This product is something that has a very unique weird shape to it .

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It has all these holes in it , and apparently , it'll absorb 3 times its weight in liquid .

So it basically acts as a super sponge , and over 95% of it is GMO .

In nature , when you eat protein , it has a lot of things in it .

It has vitamins and minerals and all sorts of things .

So when you're eating this thing that's only a protein , what happens when you eat it , it has to rob nutrients from your liver .

And so this relates to a similar product called soy protein isolates .

So that's number 2 .

That's almost the worst protein , but I think this , textured vegetable protein is even lower than that .

But with the soy protein isolates , I mean , that's like in , like , cheese , cereal , infant formulas , and that too extracts nutrients from your liver , from your tissues .

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In practice , there was a diet that people went on it was really popular called Ideal Protein .

And the type of protein that they used was not ideal .

It was this soy protein isolate .

And I noticed this : a high percentage of people on that diet had a lot of problems with the liver , had a lot of problems with the the gallbladder .

And when you turn a soybean into this soy protein isolate , the next step is to acidify it , and then you're adding bleach to take the color out and then the deodorizers , and it is also in the category of ultra processed food .

There's something else I wanna share with you called protein poisoning .

Another name for that would be rabbit starvation .

If someone is out in the wilderness and they consume just rabbit meat , which is extremely lean , there's , like , hardly any fat .

It's just like pure protein .

They can get pretty sick .

Okay ?

They can start developing , fatigue , diarrhea , and even die .

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And so anytime you're eating just like a pure protein powder , realize that you're gonna create stress on the body , especially if there's not key nutrients in there , especially the fat soluble nutrients .

So when you're eating this just pure protein without these other factors , you're gonna be extracting and depleting fat soluble nutrients .

Also , when you're using high heat with these amino acids from soy , you're creating toxins as well .

And one of the toxins has an effect on the kidneys where it can enlarge the kidney's cell itself .

That's called lysino alanine .

And also there's different versions of this processed soy .

You have something called hydrolyzed soy .

That's a little bit different .

That's a flavor enhancer .

Okay ?

And what they do with that is they take these long protein chains , and they cut them down so they're shorter .

And that's used mainly for a flavor enhancer .

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In Asia , they consume a lot of soy , but usually it's not all GMO , and it's fermented .

Now that you learned the worst protein in the world , let's talk about the healthiest protein in the world , and that video is right here .

Check it out .

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