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2024-02-15 07:07:29

Travis Kelce ‘heartbroken’ over Kansas City shooting that left 1 dead, dozens more hurt near Super B

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We are continuing to follow that breaking news tonight .

A victory celebration ends in tragedy with a mass shooting in Kansas City .

22 people shot one fatally at the Super Bowl rally for the Kansas City chiefs and Wjn Jenna Barnes continues to cover this breaking story .

Yes , Children are among those shot , but we've learned they are expected to be ok .

We also learned tonight a radio DJ was killed .

Police are working to figure out what led up to the shooting on a day that was supposed to be triumphant by the tens of thousands .

Kansas City Chiefs fans lined the two mile parade route .

School canceled for the day .

Families flocked to celebrate their back to back Super Bowl champions .

But at the end of this rally outside the city's Union station , the cheers became screams .

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We just heard this big loud bang and everyone was just told to get down on the ground when we seen it .

My wife looked at me like there was no words even spoken like we just tucked and rolled kind of deal like we just had to get out of there .

Police say at least 22 people were shot a radio DJ Lisa Lopez Galvin was killed .

Children are among the injured .

The one word I would use to describe what we saw and how they felt when they came to us was fear .

Children's mercy hospital treating 11 kids , ages 6 to 15 , 9 of them have gunshot wounds .

But among the trauma , some relief , all of those patients , we expect to have a full recovery .

A beautiful February day , the city was preparing for a turnout as high as a million people .

They had 800 officers working the parade .

I was inside of Union Station .

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We heard something , a number of us start running and I see a stream of officers going the exact other direction in with guns drawn , ready to address danger .

Police took three people into custody and recovered at least one gun fans even tackling a suspect .

We blurred the faces in these videos because it's not yet clear if these are the suspected shooters .

I'm angry and what happened today , the people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment .

President Joe Biden saying in a statement tonight , today's events should move us , shock us , shame us into acting .

What are we waiting for ?

What else do we need to see how many more families need to be torn apart ?

It is time to act .

The Chiefs , Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelsey , all releasing statements of support to those impacted Kelsey saying Kansas City means the world to him

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