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2024-02-18 13:08:46

This is a game changer 📌📌#manipulation #psychology

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Here's a quick tip on how you can attract her like a magnet .

Please use this ethically as you know , our brain is a complex organism and scientists are continually making new discoveries about it .

However , there's one thing that our brain excels at finding shortcuts to make our lives easier because our brain tends to seek efficiency .

We can utilize this to our advantage .

Our goal is to make her brain associate you with positive emotions , making her feel great when she's around you .

Here's a simple trick to achieve that whenever you're having a good time with her , whether it's sharing laughter or experiencing other exciting moments , a gentle touch on her shoulder or back can have an impact by repeating this gesture multiple times , her brain will start linking you to those enjoyable moments .

Consequently , the next time she sees you , her brain will release a rush of dopamine , associating you with the positive emotions she experiences , which in return will make her more attracted to you as if you're some sort of magnet .

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