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2023-11-28 14:17:12

MAKE MONEY FOR EMAILS ($2.76 Per Email) _ Make Money Online

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This right here is a payment I received simply for collecting emails .

This is a pair of Dre Beats headphones .

Now you won't be needing headphones to get payments like these , but you will be needing a phone or computer and to go over to www dot Hey , welcome back .

This is Ryan Hildreth founder and CEO of the number one youtube automation consulting company in the world , Cash Flow where we help our clients build profitable youtube automation channels .

And in this video , I'm gonna show you step by step exactly how to get paid $2.76 for every email you collect online as a complete beginner worldwide and for absolutely free .

But before we jump into it , make sure to hit the subscribe button down below this video and smash a thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm to see if we can get this video to 500 likes before the next 48 hours ends .

If we do , I'm doing another giveaway now , check this out right over here as you could see a nice big paypal payment sent to me simply for collecting emails .

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Now , results are not guaranteed .

You may earn more than this the same or a little bit less .

But I can tell you one thing if you do not follow the exact throughout this entire video , then results like this will definitely not be possible for you .

So make sure to stick all the way through and do not skip over any of the steps .

Now , the three steps to earning $2.76 per email you collect are step number one , I'll be revealing the top platform that is paying people to collect emails online .

Step number two , I'll be showing you two sources to get 1000 emails today .

And then step number three , I'll be unveiling a 40 K per month automated business as a bonus towards the end .

So make sure to stick all the way through .

Do not skip over any of the steps .

Now , the very first thing you want to do is come on over here to offer offer .

This site right here is an affiliate network where you don't have to your own product .

You can promote other people's products and get paid .

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Now , there's a specific product on here that's giving away 500 to $1000 for free to people and you can promote it .

And if anyone shows interest and puts their email , you're gonna get paid .

Now , what you're gonna do is you're gonna search Amazon gift card and as you can see , there's these sweepstakes like this one right here .

They are giving an 100 and $50 Amazon gift card to a lot of people who basically put in their email and enter the sweepstakes .

So it's pretty cool .

We're gonna click on this 1 $2.76 as a payout per email submit .

Now , if we open that up , this is what it looks like 100 and $50 Amazon gift card giveaway that they're doing and they give away multiple gift cards and you're gonna get paid out $2.76 per email that is submitted .

Ok , email submits .

Now , if you want to check out the landing page could check it out right here .

This is what it looks like .

So if anyone wants to enter this giveaway , this is what it's gonna look like .

Choose your favorite Hershey's .

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Can you get a $25 gift card ?

So then they select and then they confirm their email .

Press continue and boom , you get paid $2.76 for that one email .

Now I'm gonna show you how to get 1000 emails today so that you can start earning from this particular offer .

Now , let's go ahead and jump into it .

The very first place we we want to come to is .

What you're gonna do on Facebook is you're gonna type make money online right here in the search bar .

You're gonna go to groups then to switch this to public groups and there's two specific groups that you wanna join because a lot of these groups are just trash , not a lot of people are engaging and there's just fake people in there .

So you wanna make sure you join these two that I'm about to show you and then we'll jump to the third platform , which has a ton of people that you could get to sign up .

But the very first , um the very first group we want to go to uh is this one right here ?

That's what it looks like .

Make money online and side hustle usa .

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Now , a lot of people don't know how to post in these groups .

Like this person has no clue how to post .

They're not getting much engagement , right ?

This person , no clue .

Right .

But this person right here knows how to post .

Ok ?

They've only posted 23 hours ago and what they did was they did this purple post which you're gonna do and they put said brand new income stream .

Comment me for a short video .

OK ?

That's what you're gonna do .

You're not gonna paste your link there because Facebook doesn't like that .

What you're gonna do is say , comment down below .

And as you can see , there's 100 and 28 comments here .

If we take a look , all of these people saying me , me , me I'm interested , I'm interested , right ?

And what she did was she went to each one of those people and sent a personalized direct message said , hey , check out this link here .

I saw you're interested in making money online , right ?

That's how you can do it , ok ?

That's how you can do it .

So you're gonna say um you know , 100 and $50 Amazon gift card for free comment .

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Enter down below if interested , right ?

And then you're gonna reply to each one of those people .

Now this this particular girl got 100 and 40 comments .

That's 100 and 40 people that entered .

You only have to do that nine or 10 times in order to get 1000 people in a day .

Ok ?

Now the next group you're gonna go to is down here make money online , usa that's what it looks like .

And then again , you're gonna do the same thing .

Um There's people that do know how to pose like this person right here , right ?

This right here , there's a couple of posts in here , but you're gonna do that same style and take advantage of this group that has over 100 and 53,000 members , right ?

And you're gonna do it there to get your second set of 1000 emails .

Now , the third platform you wanna come to is this one right here called Warrior .

So warrior Forum is basically a forum that is just make money online .

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People , people that come here want to make money online , they want to hear about different ways and I'm sure they'd be open to entering into 100 and $50 free giveaway .

Right .

So , all you're gonna do is you're basically just gonna post your links in each one of these uh , forums .

There's tons of views , thousands of views in each of these forums .

You just scroll down and just keep posting your link .

Hey , enter to win 100 and $50 for free here .

Boom , paste your link , right ?

And then some of them have 56,000 people in them .

So um you know , it's pretty easy now , this is a great way to make some money online .

You could definitely make a few 100 bucks , maybe even a few 1000 over time .

But this is not how I got rich , right ?

And this is not gonna make you rich .

Now , if you want to see exactly how it went from zero to making $40,000 per month passive without having to trade my time for money like the sites I just showed you then click the very first link down below this video .

It's gonna take you to this training I film for you .

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That's even gonna show you how I'm getting my client's results as well .

And if you are interested in working with me directly , go ahead and book a call with me or one of my team members to see how we can help you build a passive income online .

I'm gonna link another tutorial right here .

Go ahead and check this one out and I'll see you in the next one .

Take care .

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