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2024-06-20 07:35:50

The Best and Worst Types of Magnesium

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Had a question about the best forms of magnesium .

So I'm gonna touch on that today .

So we have magnesium citrate , which is very common .

It's pretty good .

It's , it absorbs easily .

It's great for nocturnal leg cramps , So if you have cramps at night , use this .

Good for constipation and can prevent headaches .

Next one is magnesium glycinate .

Now , glycinate is an amino acid , glycine .

So we have this combination of magnesium and glycine , which is a protein bound mineral .

So it does absorb readily and the glycine adds some additional , calming factors .

So it's kind of an anti anxiety , it can help you sleep , and so does magnesium .

So together , they can create an anti stress effect .

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It's good as an anti inflammatory , it can support blood sugars , and there's virtually no laxative effects .

Then we have another one called magnesium threonate .

Sometimes it's l threonate .

This is best for your brain .

It improves cognitive function , prevents the loss of synapses in animal studies , but it's very expensive .

Next one is magnesium orotate .

This type penetrates the cell very deeply into the mitochondria and it's good for top athletes because it improves energy , it helps your mitochondria , but it is also very expensive .

Then we have magnesium taurate , which is good for your blood sugars .

It's really good for blood pressure in animal studies , so if you have a pet rat that has high blood pressure , give him or her some magnesium taurate .

And then we have magnesium malate .

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This is good for fibromyalgia , chronic fatigue syndrome , and it does not have too much of a laxative effect .

Now , the versions I would recommend avoiding would be the magnesium sulfate , magnesium carbonate , magnesium oxide , and magnesium hydroxide .

Last point I want to bring up in this very short video is that when you take magnesium , vitamin D and B6 help absorb magnesium .

Alright .

Thanks for watching .

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