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2023-08-31 10:17:54

Easy Cheesy Jamaican Macaroni & Cheese

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Here we go again .

My dear friends um out in , I am making macaroni and cheese today .

Face macaroni and cheese .

Most of us from the Caribbean love or macaroni and cheese .

I don't know where it started , but she treated and all those , they call it macaroni and pie in Jamaica .

We just called it macaroni and cheese .

I know of macaroni and cheese from my grandmother .

She used to make the best macaroni and cheese .

My mother didn't make macaroni and cheese .

She didn't like being in the kitchen or that , that she couldn't cook , but she just didn't like being in the , in the kitchen .

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So certain things we got at my grandmother's like macaroni and cheese .

I , I've cooked the macaroni and make it a habit firm and as they say , entity not cooked out in a Moh because it's gonna cook again in the oven .

So that will just bring it to the right consistency .

I'm gonna make a rule with the butter and the flour .

I like to melt the butter before I start putting the flour in .

So now I'm gonna add the flour and when these two are combined , I'll slowly add milk .

So I'm gonna start adding my milk slowly .

All the measurements , all the measurements will be with the recipe on the website .

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Cook like a Jamaican dot com .

Yeah .

So I'm gonna add mustard .

Come on .

This is a new body .

You have more .

There you go .

That one salt and nutmeg .

Just a little bit of black , right ?

First black .

But you just use what you have this when I was growing up , my grandmother only had cheddar .

So it doesn't matter whether they use all cheddar or if you want to add some other cheeses as well .

Have a little bit of Parmesan and a little bit of mozzarella .

So I'm gonna add this to the sauce .

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This is also an old extra , old cheddar .

Yeah , this is extra .

Oh Yeah .

We have that in the recipe though online .

We like white cheddar too , the orange and stuff which has food coloring in it .

So don't make your sauce too thick because these cheeses plus they are pasta , they starch in the pasta and make it thick .

So you won't have a dry macaroni and cheese .

I'm gonna leave after the um permission .

The sprinkling on top with the bread crumbs .

Oh , that's nice .

That's good .

Angela .

I'm gonna add the sauce to the pasta .

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I like to get the last down to the last drop .

No wasting of any stuff .

So now I'm gonna trans transfer the mixture to the bacon dish .

What I slightly margarine butter or vegetable or whatever your preferences to squeeze it lightly .

This is the topping for the um macaroni and cheese .

It says I'm supposed to use bread crumbs and a little melted butter and some cheese if you feel like .

But I had this bread crumbs and it's the Italian seasoned bread crumb instead of the plain , plain bread crumb and it's delicious .

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So every little experiment sometimes turn out wonderful .

So I'm gonna Sprinkle this over the top of the macaroni and cheese .

That's great .

See , my macaroni and cheese with the lovely to of bread crumbs and cheese .

And now I'm gonna put it in the oven for approximately a half an hour .

Well , it's half an hour since our macaroni and she's went into the oven .

So let's take a peek and see if it's ready .

It should be .

Oh , sure you go angie .

Look at its bubbling .

It smells great .

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This is so hot , but I cook .

She try her food before she um serve it .

So I'm gonna blow on it to die for .

So here's space macaroni and cheese .

Go to the website .

Look like a Jamaican dot com .

Get all the instruction recipe that includes all the measurements .

Oh , they mix it up and all the baking time , whatever you need , it will be there .

So , bye for now .

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Just press the button below and subscribe and you'll get more of our delicious recipes .

So do that and you'll be happy like I'm happy at the moment .

Cooking for you all .

Bye for now .


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