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2023-08-31 10:19:25

How to Install Minecraft for PSP 2017 _ Easy Tutorial

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Hey , what's going on guys ?

Welcome to another video and thank you so much for watching .

And today I'll show you how to install the Minecraft for PSP .

Yes , you can have Minecraft the game on your PSP and I'll be showing you how to do that in this video .

All right .

So the first thing we're gonna do is download the game on Woo dot net .

I'll provide a link in the description .

We're gonna scroll down to download and use the indirect link that will lead us to media fire dot com .

Click on that next up , we're gonna wait until the download link is ready to go .

Once it's ready , click on it and it should download automatically .

Once it's ready to go , we're going to go ahead and right , click and extract the file .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once it's fully extracted , you should see a new folder and within that folder , you should see three new folders and a few files .

Our game is now ready to go .

All right .

Next up , we're gonna connect our PSP to our PC .

We're gonna grab our mini USB cable and connect it .

Now you got to go into USB connection and have USB mode activated .

All right .

Next up , we're gonna find our PSP drive .

It should be relatively easy .

Your PC should have it open right away .

Once you plug it in , once you find the drive , we're gonna go into PSP and then we're gonna go into game and then we're gonna drag the Minecraft PSP folder into that folder .

It is gonna take a minute to get all those files copied onto your PSP .

So just be patient once it's done , you can now go back to your PSP and start playing .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there you go guys .

That is Minecraft for the PSP .

I hope you enjoyed this one .

If you did , please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions whatsoever , please comment below and you haven't already subscribe , please subscribe .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

Take care and I'll see you on the next one .


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