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2023-08-31 10:18:03

How to make... Mac & Cheese x 3 Ways!

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Hi , guys .

I've teamed up with Kerry Gold to bring you a brilliant back to basic series filled with what I consider to be those essential home cooking recipes from some buttery sweet treats to epic bakes and some serious comfort food .

I've got you covered .

Let's get cooking .

White sauce is one of those classic kitchen recipes you need to know how to make .

It's perfect for lasagnas .

You can do chicken pot pies .

You can even make a Mac and cheese , and that's exactly what I'm gonna do .

It is ultimate satisfaction , and it is seriously a guilty pleasure .

But it's very easy to make .

It starts off in a pan with some Kerry gold butter .

Now this Mac and cheese is going to be done three ways .

I have a few flavour variations , but it all starts with this essential white sauce .

My butter is now bubbling , so dump in some plain flour and just mix that through .

We're gonna cook out that flour just until it starts smelling like cooked pastry .

This smells just about right , and it's nicely mixed through .

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It's evenly combined , so now we're gonna stir in some milk and just give it all a good whisk through , and I'm gonna simmer this away until it thickens up just to the consistency I'm after .

This is simmering away nicely now , and just to ensure I have no lumps , get in there with a whisk and give it a last whisk just until it's nicely combined .

It's a nice , smooth sauce , and at this point it is time to go in there with a touch of flavour .

So just grate in a little pinch of nutmeg to bump up the flavour and that savoury almond .

I'm going in there with some whole grain mustard and a good seasoning of salt and pepper .

And now we have a white sauce to be proud of .

Give it a last quick through , so we're good to go .

I have some macaroni that has been cooked off .

You do want to go in here with that classic macaroni shape , but if you can't get your hands on that penny pasta will do so tumble that all in there give the whole pot a good mix up .

It's time for some cheese .

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I have a combination of cheddar cheese , and I also have some Parmesan cheese .

It's a nice kind of contrast of saltiness and rich Tagi .

So give that a final mix through .

Even if the cheese doesn't melt down completely .

Remember , it's going into the oven , so it's going to melt down , be stringy and gooey and cheesy and all the things you want it to be .

So this is looking good .

We're now going to transfer this into some individual little pie dishes or whatever individual serving dishes you can get your hands on .

You want to take good , generous spoonfuls of this mixture and just pile it in here .

Once you have it in here , it's time to talk flavours .

I'm gonna do one classic .

So this is the one that doesn't need any extra flavour .

Bar that beautiful Mac and cheese .

These ones are gonna have a combination of chorizo and paprika , and the other one is gonna have basil and bacon with these little individual serving dishes .

Or even if you're doing this in one giant serving dish , make sure that you butter the sides .

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It will just allow you to get this out easily when it comes out of the oven , and it also makes your washing up a little bit easier tumble your bacon and basil on top of this one .

The other one's gonna have some chorizo and some paprika and then just fold it all through .

And it's oven bacon time .

These beautiful little Mac and cheese are now ready to go into the oven .

They're going in at 400 °F .

That's 200 °C , and they're gonna cook off for about 25 minutes until you have a nice bubbling golden crust on the top .

This is what I'm talking about .

Sizzling golden , creamy Mac and cheese .

I am going to have to dive in and try some .

This looks so good and you've got three different variations .

It's creamy , it's delicious , and it's crispy .

What ?

It's hard , but it is all of those things .

It's got that peppiness of that mustard in the creamy white sauce .

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It's really buttery and rich , and it's got that crunchiness over the top .

I can only imagine if that is the classic .

I've just tasted what that chorizo and paprika is gonna taste like .

And the bacon and basil let me know in the comments below which one you will be trying to make and , of course , subscribe to this channel for lots more delicious recipes .

If you want this recipe , you can find it out in the box below .

Over on my website .

Make sure to check out lots more of our pasta recipes and I'll see you soon .


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