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2023-08-31 14:31:12

Cucumbers - Easy Refrigerator Pickles!

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Hi , everyone .

This is Garden Girl 11 07 .

And today I got my very first harvest of cucumbers and they're looking really good .

I had them soaking in some cold water right now and I decided to make a jar of really easy refrigerated pickles .

So after they're soaking , I'll be washing them really well and slicing them .

And then I'll be back to show you how I make my pickles .

Ok .

So I slice the cucumbers into about quarter inch slices .

I remove both of the stem end and the flower ends .

So you want to make sure that they're put into a bowl that isn't metal , so plastic or ceramic .

And then you just add a tablespoon salt .

I have kosher salt here .

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Just Sprinkle it on and you wanna stir them really well .

And then just let the pickles sit covered in the salt for about an hour .

You might just let it sit off , don the refrigerate .

It just cover it made with paper towel .

And what the salt is gonna do is pull the moisture out of the cucumbers .

So after an hour I'll be back .

Ok .

So the cucumbers have been sitting for one hour and this is what they look like .

You can see all the liquid .

I also added just a few pieces of onion .

So I'm now going to drain and rinse the cucumbers and I'll be right back .

Ok .

So the cucumbers are rinsed and drained and now I'm going to add them to 21 pint glass jars .

Ok .

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So the cucumber and onion are in the pint jars and I also have some pickling spice .

You could use that or celery seed and mustard seed , whichever you prefer .

And over here , I have 1.5 cups of white vinegar , about a quarter of a cup of water and two cups of sugar .

And I just stirred it until it dissolved .

There's no need to heat it up , just stir until it's clear .

So I'll be putting some of the pickling spice into the pickles along with the brine and I'll show you what it looks like .

Ok ?

I poured the brine over the cucumbers , make sure you pour it to the very top .

So all of the cucumber is submerged in the brine .

I added about a teaspoon of pickling spice to each jar and this is what they look like .

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So now you just have to take them and keep them in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 days before you eat them .

I actually give it two days .

So when I'm ready to open a jar , I'll come back and show you what they look like .

Ok , so the pickles have been in the refrigerator for two days and they look really good .

So I'll open the jar and let you take a peek at them .

They look really good .

You can see all the spices .

They taste really good .

They smell good .

So let me try one .

Hm .

Very good .

Crunchy .

And you taste the spice but it's not too strong .

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So if you're looking for a bread and butter pickle recipe , this is what you want to try .

Really good .

They just take two days in the refrigerator and then you won't eat them within a couple of weeks .

So , yeah , it just takes about eight small cucumbers and you can make two pint jars of pickles .

So give them a try .

They're really good .

Thanks for watching and Happy Gardening .

Bye-bye .


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