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2023-08-31 14:29:25

How to Pickle Chilli Peppers. Easy and Tasty!

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Hi and welcome .

So today we're going to be making some pickled peppers .

I'm gonna show you the way I do it nice and easy , pretty much foolproof .

So let's get started .

So we're gonna pick some of these jalapenos and uh , you wanna make sure you pick only the nicest , freshest one .

So you can see there's some beautiful peppers in here .

We're gonna pick all of these and take them back into the kitchen .

So let's make the brine nice and easy .

Need a decent size pot and these ingredients .

So that's three cups of water , three cups of white distilled vinegar , three tablespoons of sugar , three tablespoons of salt , three tablespoons of pepper or pepper corns and three tablespoons of coriander seeds .

We also have three bay leaves and three cloves of garlic .

All these ingredients we put inside the pot .

Yes .

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Now this needs to go on to the stove and simmer .

The brine has been simmering away now for a good five or six minutes so time to switch off and do the rest .

Now we need to fill this up with the peppers we picked previously .

So I've washed these .

These are all nice and clean rinse them off first things first , we need to put some holes in it and this just allows the brine to come into the , the pepper itself and then you don't end up having a big old air pocket sitting inside here .

You just poke it a few times with a knife .

It helps to pack them in tightly .

So we're just going to make the holes first .

Um , I'll put it inside this jug and then we'll pack it into the jar .

Nice and tight .

I'm doing them a little bit different today .

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You could use exactly the same brine to do them sliced into rings .

It really is up to you .

I like to have them whole just as a snack .

So these ones are gonna go in just like that .

So let's pack them in , put your jar on its side and start placing the , the peppers .

So I brought a few extra peppers from the greenhouse .

Let's get those in there .

Ok ?

So you want them to be below the rib , you want them nice and tight in there so that it gets fully covered by the brine .

There you go .

Nice and tight .

Those aren't going anywhere .

I like to do this next step .

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When the brine is still warm , you want the brine just above the peppers .

So once you have all the peppers covered , you wanna leave it for a little while because as you can see there's some bubbles coming up , that's the peppers filling up with the brine .

So now that we've waited a little while , you can see that uh , the brine level has dropped .

So you want to just top it up a little bit and you should be able to seal it now and let it cool down and then stick it in the fridge .

So we're gonna do our other bit .

Now .

These are my A G mangoes .

These are lovely tasting a little bit spicier than the jalapeno .

Really lovely chili .

So I'm gonna pickle these as well and uh we're gonna use a different jar .

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We can use the Ilma uh instead of the , the puff or the style of jars , it doesn't matter what you use , just make sure you properly sterilized .

It , boil it in some water for at least 10 minutes , get rid of all the germs and you have a nice clean jar .

So same as we did before we're going to be putting these inside here .

So nicely jammed in .

So what you wanna do , you wanna make sure that you get a little bit of everything in there , some of the peppercorns as well .

Most of the pepper corns will actually be sitting at the bottom , so you'll see them down the bottom there .

So if you wanna get them in .

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So now we wait the same as we did before with the jalapenos .

Uh just let all the that all the air bubbles go out of the peppers themselves .

You can see them all rising up there , let them fill up with the brine and then we'll chop it up , close it up and put it in the fridge .

There you go .

That's pretty much it .

All you need to do now is stick it in the fridge .

Give it about a week .

Try one .

See how you , how you like it .

Um , I generally eat them after about two weeks , So it's really up to you what you prefer .

And the nice thing is it really keeps the crunch the way that I've showed you here .

There's nothing worse than a pickled pepper that is all mushy and there you have it pickled peppers .

Nice and easy .

Hope you enjoyed the video .

If you did .

If you found this useful , please click , subscribe .

There'll be loads more videos just like this with some sauces with some videos from my greenhouse .

So I hope to see you guys again soon and thanks for watching .


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