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2023-08-31 09:26:23

Does Running Everyday Help Increase Height

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Yo , what's up , everyone ?

It's the GTG coming to you from the UK all the way to And today is another question from the Facebook wall .

It's from a chap by the name of Mr Adam .

Jimmy Lusky .

I hope I said that , right .

It sort of split into the surname split into three separate words Timmy Lusky .

So and , uh , he asks , does running daily help increase highs ?

Good question .

To be honest , I don't think we've actually had this question before .

So I thought , Well , who is the fastest man in the world ?

And how often does he run like during during a week ?

Does he run every day ?

So the fastest man in the world , as some of you may or may not know is Mr Usain Bolt , and he actually trains five times a week , three hours a day .

And that's Olympic level .

So I feel as though to increase height , you do .

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Still , even at an Olympic level , you still need to have your rest periods because all in all it's gonna be it's gonna be sprinting .

That's that's gonna release the more growth hormone than just just running or jogging .

So I would encourage you if you are going to start running to to do short sprints .

And , uh , I would say I mean , I don't think I don't think we've actually done a video on a sprinting yet , but you know , three times a week , is is about average .

That's gonna give you enough recovery time .

And maybe if you're a beginner , maybe just twice a week , but it's It's a really intense exercise .

You're gonna feel it throughout all your legs , your legs .

If you're doing it properly , your legs are going to be burning .

So two or three times a week maximum , I'd say , I mean to answer the question .

Can running help increase he daily ?

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You know , maybe , maybe , but the the amount of growth hormone that you're gonna get off just jogging or running lightly compared to sprinting is gonna be a lot different .

So I'd recommend sprinting as opposed to just running daily , You know , running .

I think as well .

If you're just running daily , it's , um it might get to a point where you're not actually pushing yourself where it just becomes more of a drag , you know , you think , Oh , I've got to do that Run again today .

Run again today .

Run again today .

And , um you know , even even at an Olympic level , Mr Mr Usain Bolt has two days off a week and that's an Olympic level .

So this kind of level , where we're just looking to disperse growth hormone and inject that into your house two or three times a week sprinting is is more than enough .

And , uh so yeah , that's that's That's the answer to the question , Adam .

So rain every day ?

Yeah , it might do , but it will .

It won't .

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I mean , sprinting will far is far more superior for for releasing growth hormone .

So I would recommend to you sprinting over rain every day .

I hope that answers your question .

And , um , this is the GTG sign off from the UK all the way to the NYC .


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