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2023-08-31 09:37:01

Super easy Carrot and Onion Pickles - Recipe

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Welcome back to love your food today .

We're gonna show you a couple of beautiful pickling recipes .

Now , we're gonna show you two different approaches to pickling here .

We're gonna show you the , uh , the carrots first and those are sort of a hybrid pickle somewhere between a fermented brine and uh a vinegar pickle .

And then , uh , we'll move on to those onion pickles , you see in the other jar .

But uh , first we're gonna start with our carrots and uh , couldn't be any simpler .

We're looking into a carrot , some vinegar , uh some salt , uh a quart of water and uh some garlic in there as well .

Now , we're gonna start with our brine .

So we're gonna put the salt , uh , or a small cup of vinegar and all of our water into a sauce pan just gonna use the water to rinse , lost that vinegar out .

And we're gonna put that , uh , we're gonna put that over medium high heat .

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We just want to get that boiled and all the salt dissolved into that water and vinegar just give it a little stir to make sure that everything is dissolving properly .

Now , the uh , salt really allows for the fermentation to take place and the vinegar inhibits it because carrots are quite sweet .

So you do want to allow that sweetness to stay in the final product for as long as you can .

Now , we're gonna uh end up putting this into two different jars and we're gonna layer it a little bit .

So let's cut that garlic into four .

And then we're gonna cut the carrots into , uh we're cutting here into rounds , but you can do any sort of thing with these , uh , during the , the pickling process when , uh , chef Caleb was running his restaurant , he used to cut them in strips and , uh , pickle them that way .

And , uh , they made really excellent and garnish for the caesar we made .

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So here we go one quarter of the garlic in the bottom of the jar and then big handful of carrots .

And we're gonna also show you here what happens when you have enough carrots for more than one jar , but not quite enough for two .

Now , you do wanna peel these before they go in and , uh , once you're halfway up , you're gonna put the other half of that , uh , half of garlic in there .

So another quarter in there that's just to infuse a little bit of that garlic flavor into the rest of the brine and uh , add some flavor to the whole carrot .

So once that brine has hit a , a big roiling boil , we're gonna turn the heat off .

Now , before we add that to our carrots , we do want it to cool down pretty close to room temperature .

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So here you can see it's quite cool and , uh , we've prepared two jars of carrots here and we didn't have quite enough carrots on hand for two full jars .

So , uh , we're just gonna make sure that this , when we get all the carrots submerged , you do want to make sure they're all covered .

So all those carrots get covered and the other jar since we have a little extra brine , we're just gonna top that all the way up .

Make sure they're both good and filled and then just put the lid on .

That's it easy as pie .

Those are done and then just leave those in the uh leave those in the fridge and they'll do their thing .

Now we're gonna show you our onion pickles .

So we've got these beautiful red onions .

We've got some salt , some aromatics here , some garlic cloves , star , a bay leaf , a dried chili pepper , uh some cinnamon there as well .

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Some sugar , all the amounts of course will be in the uh ingredients list below and some vinegar .

Now , this is a vinegar based pickle .

This is not a fermented pickle there .

You have your nice empty jar there .

So we're gonna start with our brine .

Now , this brine is entirely vinegar uh with some sugar .

So this is a sweeter pickle for sure .

So we're gonna start with our sugar or a little dash of salt .

And then uh and then follow that with the vinegar .

And again , this , we , we definitely want to give it a stir .

Once we get it on the heat , you can put that on high heat .

We just want to bring this to a boil .

Make sure that all gets nicely dissolved .

So give it a good stir .

Once it starts to get warm , I wanna make sure all that sugar dissolves in the vinegar .

Now we love these pickles because they turn such a great color .

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They uh the white part really turns quite pink and the purple is very bright in the , in the brine .

So we're gonna divide up this cinnamon stick much like we did the other one .

We're gonna divide it in half and then half again .

And also with the bay leaf , we're gonna divide that up , just make sure all your spices get uh divided in half here .

In this case , we're only gonna be doing one jar .

So uh we only have to do it in half the pepper flakes .

Uh Again , this is one of our home dried chilies that uh uh we dried ourselves .

We're just gonna give a little chop , we like it a little bit spicy and the smaller the pieces are , the more contact they get with the brine , the more heat sort of builds in those onions uh as they , as they pickle .

Now we wanna get these in , uh , sliced cross cut here .

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And really , at this point , you can decide how big you want to make the pickles .

Uh , remember that you can always slice them later .

You can chop them once they've been pickled or if you want them to be ready in a particular size , then you can make them that size from the beginning , make them smaller , um , make them a little thicker however you like .

And we're just gonna stuff the jar with these .

We found that one of these jars usually fits around two fair sized red onions .

And we're just gonna get all of that into the jar .

And once it's about halfway up now , for this one , we don't want to have a whole lot of air in there .

So we do want to tamp it down a bit and make sure we uh reduce some of the space .

So halfway up the jar , make sure there's uh not a whole lot of air space in there and put the rest of our air max , then the rest of the onions on top .

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So you can see our brine once again at a good roiling boil , we're gonna turn the heat off right away .

Make sure that everything is dissolved in there .

So there's our sugar and salt dissolved in the vinegar and while that's cooling , we're just going to uh pack the rest of the pickles into the jar .

Well , future pickles , at least you can make this look prettier if you like , it's not really going to affect , affect the taste .

Just get all of that in there .

Yeah .

If you have a little extra red onion left over , you can always cook with it .

So just make sure that those are all packed well in there .

Once again , you want to sort of reduce the amount of air that's in there .

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You don't want to , you don't want little pockets of oxidized onion in your pickles .

Now , this is nice and cool Caleb is gonna demonstrate by holding the bottom of the pit .

And uh , we're just gonna pour that into our nice tightly packed jar onion slices and let that fill up .

You do want to make sure that uh all of your onions are covered as much as possible in there .

So , as you can see , we're just a little bit short , but we're gonna , we're gonna push those down into the , into the brine a little bit , make sure that everything's covered in there .

So we find out wooden spoon is the best idea for this .

Just crush it all in there .

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If you're seeing , there's , there's a lot of air bubbles as well inside .

You can always just slide that uh wooden spoon down the side , let some of the air bubble out and then push those onions back down in and then uh they come out looking a little bit like this .

We love these pickles .

They are great in sandwiches .

They're great all over the place .

Leave those in the fridge for a couple of days , at least before you open them up and they can stay in the fridge for a long , long time as they uh change in flavor and gain flavors .

And uh they're pretty amazing .

Honestly , we use them all in a lot of dishes .

So , so please like and subscribe if you enjoy our videos and please leave a comment below .

If there's any recipes you'd like to see .

Chef Caleb try and remember to love your food .


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