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2023-08-31 10:16:14

Drink this DAILY to ♥︎ GROW TALLER ♥︎

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In this video , I'm going to show you how to make a grow taller cocktail .

This cocktail is a variation on what myself and my brother used to drink when we were younger , and now my brother is a whopping 6 ft five and I am 6 ft two .

Let me just put a quick disclaimer in here just by drinking this cocktail and sitting on the couch .

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Playing video games all day long won't get you to your maximum potential , but combined with correct diet , exercise , sleep and stretching , you'll be amazed at how many inches you can add to your height .

For anyone who is just beginning their grow to journey , this video will be perfect and will be an ideal place to start .

So let's begin .

So in this video you're gonna need a blender , some measuring scales , rolled oats , whole milk , peanut butter , we protein , dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa , you can get avocado and bananas .

First of all , we're just going to reset these scales .

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Then we're gonna measure out 400 millilitres of the whole milk or 400 grammes .

It's roughly about the same now .

The reason that we're using the finest or the best whole milk we can find is that it's gonna be the purest , which means it's gonna have the most natural and best quality calcium .

Plus , this is what myself and my brother used to drink when we were younger , so I wouldn't want to change what we had drunk for , let's say , semi skimmed as it obviously worked for us .

So we will include it in the cocktail .

Next , we're going to weigh out 50 grammes of jumbo rolled oats .

Now I've chosen jumbo rolled oats as they are the biggest , and they are the most pure that are gonna provide the most benefit .

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And they are fantastic for growing taller as they help with tissue repair , and they also contain a high amount of zinc , which is essential for growing taller .

After adding the oats , we are then going to proceed to add 15 grammes of peanut butter , which provides a good amount of healthy fats and micronutrients , which will also help with growing taller .

It's also a great source of protein , which is gonna be a great addition to the weight protein that we're gonna add next .

And it's a good way to also bump up your calories is to make sure you're getting enough energy to enable yourself to grow taller .

So next we're going to add the weight protein .

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Now , what I typically say is just have two scoops , but with this weight protein that I'm having , I actually need 66 grammes to enable myself to get at least 40 grammes of protein .

But usually you can get a weight protein where you only need to measure 50 grammes in order to get the same amount .

So to put it simply , just weigh out enough weigh protein so that you get 40 grammes of protein .

Next , we're going to move the cocktail and scales to one side as we bring the chopping board and the bananas across .

And what you're going to do is chop up just one banana and put that into the cocktail .

Now just be careful when chopping a banana .

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If you are using your fingers to keep the banana in place , make sure you put your knuckles on the banana and not your fingers , just to make sure that you don't actually chop your fingers off .

Bananas are a great source of carbohydrates and potassium , which is going to give you plenty of energy and nutrients to combine with the way protein and help you to grow .

For those people that really like a very cold smoothie or a very cold cocktail , you can also freeze the bananas and then put them in with the blender .

Just be aware that it will grind down your blender blades a lot faster than if you just chop it yourself .

Next , we're going to add half a medium avocado .

Now .

Avocados are fantastic for growing taller .

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They are very high in vitamin K , which often gets overshadowed by calcium and vitamin D in terms of the best vitamins for bone health .

But actually , all three together just pack a real punch in terms of helping you grow .

So all I'm doing is just cutting the avocado in half .

I did twist it , and what I'm gonna do is save half for the day after as this is going to be a daily shake and I tend to keep the half that has the stone for the day after , as this almost preserves it a little bit better by having the stone there just so it doesn't go off as fast .

The best technique I've always found is just to scoop out the avocado from the avocado shell rather than trying to peel the shell away .

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It just gets very messy , and you tend to get a lot of avocado , all of your fingers , so just buy spooning it out piece by piece .

It works very well , and whatever you do have left , you can lick off the end of the spoon .

Now , the final ingredient to go into the cocktail is 30 grammes of dark chocolate .

Now you want the highest percentage of cocoa that you can get just because you want the purest dark chocolate that you can get as dark .

Chocolate provides a tonne of antioxidants nutrients , especially with iron , magnesium and the zinc , which are three elements that are essential for growing taller .

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I think with this particular chocolate , it was 10 grammes yeah per block So for me , I just included three blocks of the dark chocolate .

Next we get to the fun bit , which has actually been able to blend the grow taller cocktail .

Now , please be careful when you are using a blender .

This particular blender I'm using is a variation on the Nutribullet , so actually this one's pretty safe , as the blade themselves are actually in the shape .

So it's very hard to hurt yourself .

But with a traditional blender , it's very easy to put your hand inside the blender while it's still blending .

So please be careful .

Not just that .

But blenders can make an absolute mess of your kitchen if you do it wrong .

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So just make sure the lid does stay on while you're blending Now , depending on how you like your cocktails or smoothies , then it's entirely up to you on the consistency .

When I first prepared this , it was still quite thick for my liking , but for somebody else , they could quite enjoy it thick .

In fact , it was almost like a yoghurt , really .

So if you do blend it and it is a little on the thick side and you want to make it thinner , all you have to do is just add some water to get your desired thickness and bon appetite .

So almost ready for the taste test .

Just one last little adjustment .

Now let's try it .

So it was really hard .

Oh , my God .

Hm .

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Thanks again for watching this video , guys .

I really appreciate it .

Please , like comment and subscribe as it really helps me out .

And before I go , I've had a lot of people asking me about how to get in touch about the advanced programme .

So if you can message me on Facebook or Instagram , then that will be perfect .

I will leave both the social media links below .

And with that , we will see you next time .

Or , as I say in Canada .

Peace .

What ?

It's a , it's a yeah , it's , um it's a blueprint .

Well , by the way , if you are opening porridge , use the easy opening access point .

Don't open it from the top like idiot .

Old answered , caught caught .

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I drank too much because it was that bad .

It was really good .

Mhm .

Hm .

It's amazing .

It can really taste the oats


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