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2023-08-31 09:30:20

How to Make Fried Mac and Cheese Balls _ Pasta Recipes _

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All recipes member Aaron Rhodes , 813 submitted this recipe for fried mac and cheese balls .

She writes it's super cheesy and absolutely one of my faves .

No need for spoons with this mac dish .

Alright , let's get started .

We need to make a batch of macaroni and cheese .

Fill a pot with water and bring it to boil over high heat .

We're using a 7.25 ounce package of macaroni and cheese mix but feel free to use homemade instead , lightly salt the water then stir in the macaroni noodles and cook for about seven minutes .

Drain the noodles into the same pot .

Add two tablespoons of butter , a quarter cup of milk .

We're using 2% here and the cheese packet from the package stir until the butter has melted .

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Add the drained hot noodles to the cheese sauce .

Stir in one cup of shredded cheddar cheese , three quarters of a cup of Pimento cheese spread and one cup of shredded Italian cheese blend .

Continue stirring until all the cheese has melted place the prepared macaroni and cheese into a lightly greased large pan or container and refrigerate until firm .

About four hours .

Now line a baking sheet with parchment paper and remove the macaroni from the refrigerator .

Use a cookie scoop about an inch in size to scoop and shape the chilled macaroni and cheese into balls , place the mac and cheese balls into the prepared baking sheet and freeze for two hours .

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This will help them retain their shape once fried .

Next heat , four cups of peanut oil or as needed in a large sauce pan or deep fryer to 350 °F .

Ok .

These are almost ready .

Let's make the coating in a shallow dish .

Whisked together two cups of Italian seasoned bread , crumbs and a half teaspoon of the following .

Paprika chili powder , ground black pepper and white sugar seasoned with a quarter teaspoon of salt in a pinch or to taste of cayenne pepper in a medium bowl .

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Whisk four eggs with three tablespoons of milk , remove the mac and cheese balls from the freezer and coat each in the egg wash and dredge in the breading for a thicker coating .

You can coat them twice fry in the heated oil in small batches until golden brown 3 to 5 minutes and drain on paper towels .

These fried mac and cheese balls are definitely worth the effort .

All recipes member pop cook gives them five stars and writes so versatile and the possibilities are endless .

I love adding diced jalape O and spicy pepper , jack cheese


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