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How To FALL ASLEEP FASTER _ 100% Guaranteed Better Sleep! Alex Costa

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What's up everyone ?

Welcome back to my channel .

My name is Alex Costa and you know what , I've come to realize that there is nothing as frustrating or as annoying as getting home after a long day , right ?

And you just can't sleep , you're tired , you're exhausted .

All you wanna do is lie down and get some rest , some sweet , sweet sleep to get refreshed for the next day .

But for some reason , your brain is just like , nah , nah , not tonight and you end up only getting a few hours of sleep , leaving you disgruntled and tired and groggy the next day .

I don't want that for you .

I don't want your day to start on a bad note .

So that is why we are going to fix that with this video .

I'm gonna show you why your brain keeps denying you of that rest that you need and deserve .

By the way , if you're new here .

Hi , my name is Alex .

And on this channel , we discuss men's fashion , men's hair , grooming , fitness , dating advice and so much more .

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If that sounds good to you , if you wanna learn more about those topics , then hit that subscribe button below and join the youtube family , which is now we've passed 3 million subscribers and that is insane .

Thank you guys so much .

All right , let's start with one of the most efficient techniques on today's list .

All right , this is called the 478 breathing technique .

This might sound a little bit strange , right ?

But hear me out , hear me out .

Believe me , this is one of the most efficient ways to falling asleep fast .

And this is based on research , right ?

And a lot of people are doing this , people who do yoga , do a lot of this , right ?

This pattern breathing is a really easy way to relax , to calm down to Zen out and to be able to fall asleep faster .

You need to be calm .

You can't be thinking about all of these things .

You need to clear your mind and this breathing technique will help you do it .

This is what you're supposed to do .

Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth like this just behind your front teeth , right ?

Then you're gonna breathe through your nose for four seconds .

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Hold the breath in for seven seconds , right ?

So you're gonna breathe in for four seconds , hold the breath in for seven seconds and then breathe out of your mouth for eight seconds while you breathe out , try to make this sound the whoosh sound .

Now , repeat this pattern for four times .

Now , you don't wanna try this at work because you're gonna fall asleep .

So make sure that you're doing this at night when you're tired and you just can't fall asleep , try this breathing technique and it will help you so much .

This next one is more of a mistake that you should not be making a lot of people take naps during the day and taking naps during the day .

That's just gonna ruin any chances that you have of falling asleep at night .

You don't want that .

If you're a nap person , if you start avoiding them , it's gonna make you a little bit more tired at night .

Right .

And that way you're gonna find it a lot easier to fall asleep at night and don't get me wrong .

I know a lot of people need that power nap in the afternoon .

But if you're having trouble sleeping at night and you're taking power naps in the afternoon , they do not go together .

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So drink some coffee , get an energy drink in there , push through and that night you'll be able to fall asleep faster .

Now , this next one guys is probably the one that has helped me personally the most .

It's tough .

I get it because everyone has busy lives , but try to go to bed at the same time every single night and trust me , your life will change .

I know as boring as routines , sound , night time routine and going to bed at 10 p.m. Your body actually loves a good routine and works better when you set a schedule for everything .

In fact , the more routine your life is , the more efficient your body becomes because it begins to anticipate every activity at a particular time and it prepares for it , it's ready for it .

So , go to bed at the same time every night , your body is ready to go to bed .

It's anticipating that activity .

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Guys , you know , if you've been following me for a while that there is no better way to track your sleep pattern than to use a whoop is a fitness tracker that tells you everything you need to know about your body , strain sleep and recovery , right ?

It automatically detects when you fall asleep .

It automatically detects when you wake up and everything in between .

So , you know exactly how many hours of deep sleep you got rem sleep , light sleep .

How many times you woke up every single night ?

Last night ?

I woke up only five times .

That is one of the lowest for me recently .

So I feel great today .

I feel amazing , but it's so good to know right to wake up the next day , feeling tired and you don't know why you can literally pick up your phone .

Take a look at the Whoop app and realize that man , I just didn't get enough good sleep , deep sleep .

I didn't , I wa I woke up too many times .

Why is that ?

Is it because it's too hot in my room .

Too cold , could it be ?

Because I went to bed a little too late .

My body is not used to that .

I have been raving about my woop for a long time .

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I've been wearing this for six months straight .

Right .

And I wear it on my wrist sometimes because I wear a watch .

So I'll just kind of cover it .

If I'm wearing a long sleeve , sometimes I wear a biceps band because I have so many different woop bands .

I absolutely love the product and I just think it's cool to customize it to get different colors and try things out .

And the best part is that if you use my link below here , you get the device itself and the first month of service for free .

That's right .

You don't have to worry about getting started guys .

This is a product and a brand that I truly believe in that I really , really stand behind .

And as you can see , I wear every single day 24 7 at night , right ?

Because it tracks my sleep .

So if you guys wanna join my whoop team , I'm gonna leave the link to that below and we can compare stats , we can talk about it .

I will see you guys there .

It's listed in the description below .

This next tip to help you fall asleep faster is to lower the temperature in your room at night .

It is almost impossible to fall asleep if the , if the temperature of your room is too hot .

I get so hot at night .

I , I sleep naked .

I'm not gonna lie .

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I sleep naked and um a lot of you do too .

Comment below naked underwear .

You know , in your clothes , I'm , I'm the naked kind of guy .

That's just how I like to sleep and it's not because it's uncomfortable to wear clothing .

It's not constraining me or restraining me in any way .

It's really because of the temperature .

I just like to be cool at night .

And that is why summer nights are the worst nights to fall asleep at guys .

This doesn't mean that you should turn the crank it , you know , and turn your room into a freezer .

68 degrees is the ideal temperature to fall asleep at night .

This is scientifically proven .

So tonight dial it to 68 and get a good night's sleep .

The next tip is pretty much the most obvious I think on the list .

But I have to say it because you guys need to do this one .

If you're trying to have a good night's sleep , you cannot drink caffeine or have any caffeine intake before you go to bed or any time .

Right before I lately have been very addicted to coffee and energy drinks .

So I drink probably two cups of coffee every day .

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I have an energy drink in the morning before I work out and it's amazing but nothing after 5 p.m. That is my personal rule 5 p.m. rolls around .

I might have uh some coffee .

You know , if I have to shoot a video , if I need some energy for some , for , for something , then that is it because if I have caffeine at 7 p.m. I know for a fact that I'm gonna be rolling around in bed and I'm never gonna get that sweet sleep that I really want .

Speaking of drinking before going to bed , what you shouldn't be doing , you should not be eating late at night or just right before bed either , no matter how hungry you are .

Ok , try to try to just go to bed , wake up the next day and have breakfast because it's gonna cause you digestive troubles that are gonna keep you up at night .

So your stomach is probably gonna hurt at night instead of doing that , try to eat the latest four hours before you go to bed .

Hey guys , one of the worst things that you can do in bed is looking at a screen , whether it's your phone , your computer A TV , you want your body to associate your bed with sleep , not with a movie , not with .

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Let's hang out time bed equals sleep .

Your body needs to understand that .

So when you go to bed and you take your phones or your gadgets and you start texting or watching a movie , it distracts you and makes you not fall asleep faster .

That blue light from your screen .

Stops the production of some hormones that are supposed to make you fall asleep .

So you end up staying awake most of the night and getting little same thing applies when you take your work to bed , you know , you , you're just on your laptop doing emails or whatever .

Like that's not good .

You're not relaxed when you're doing emails , you're not relaxed when you're working on your bed .

That is just not good .

That is why you end up working late at night and then you just cannot sleep right after .

So let your bed be a no phone or no work zone if you can , I highly highly recommend it .

Good sleep is a very important part of our lives .

And the has really helped , we understand that it makes you healthy , you know , it makes you more productive .

So nothing should come between you and your sleep guys .

Make sure to check out the first link in the description here .

So you can get your first month and your device for free and we can compare stats and all that .

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And just a reminder , man , I just wanna say thank you guys so much because we hit 3 million subscribers and that is such an amazing uh achievement for me .

Thank you so much .

I'm also almost at a million followers on tiktok .

So I would love to see you guys there .

Thank you guys so much for watching this video and I'll see you again .

Very very soon .

Peace .


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