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2023-08-31 08:12:13


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Yeah .

Hello everybody .

Welcome to my channel , Anita Stories in this video .

I'm going to show you how to make slime with a glue stick .

It came out perfectly .

It's an amazing fluffy slime .

It's super stretchy and super fun to play with in my channel .

I make a lot of slime videos and slime recipes .

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And I'm going to publish a new slime video tomorrow .

So make sure to activate the notification to not miss it .

So let's get started .

So you just need acoustic , of course .

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And then I would suggest you to slice it because it's easier to mix it then .

So just slice it .

Yeah .

Yeah .

If you want to see more slime videos and more slime recipes , please make sure to leave a like to this video and leave a comment below .

So there's no need to use a lot of uh glue stick because I'm using just a big stick and a smaller stick and it came out pretty big .

So you don't need to use a lot of glue .

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Yeah .

So you can now put it on a pan and microwave it .

But as I don't have a microwave , I'm just boiling it with a double boiler .

I will show you now here .

So you can also do this if you don't have a microwave .

So once it's melted completely , put it immediately in the bowl .

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Now , if you want , you can add some food coloring .

It's optional .

I'm now adding some shaving foam .

If you want , you can also add some shaving cream or shaving or sorry , some foam shampoo .

The important thing is that it is foamy and you can now mix them .

So I'm now adding some contact lens solution .

If you don't have any contact lens solution , you can add some wars or some laundry detergent works .

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Yeah .

Oh yes .

Oh .

Mhm .

If you feel that it's still sticky , you can continue adding some contact lens solution or Bora or whatever you're using .

Yeah .

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Yeah .

And it's amazing and super fun to play with and it's super stretchy and it's actually it's even more soft than the normal slime with the liquid glue and the consistency is great .

Really , it's super stretchy .

But I have to say that I did put too much shaving foam because as you can see , I have some in my hands .

So if you are doing this uh slime , please put a little bit less of shaving foam .

Yeah , we will need to store it in a container without any air .

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So I really hope you liked this video , please remember to leave a like in the comments and I'll see you tomorrow with my next prime video .


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