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2023-08-31 13:49:07

How to REALLY increase your height - Tips to grow taller for teenagers & after 18-20

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Hey , what's up guys ?

Now ?

So many of you asked me ?

Hey , Daniel , how can I increase my height or how can I grow smaller ?

But can anything be done about it ?

Well , I'm gonna tell you .

So let's start the video .

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I'm Daniel .

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Now , what determines your height ?

Research shows there are two main things that determines your height .

The one is genetics , the other is environmental factors like diet .

Now , around 60 to 80% of your height is determined by genetics .

So you can't really do anything about it , right ?

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But around 20 to 40% of your height is determined by environmental factors and you can do something about your environmental factors that will help you to grow taller .

So I'm gonna give you a few tips to help you increase your height .

Number one is always have a balanced diet .

So eat a lot of protein like eggs , poultry , soy , fish and good dairy products that help your bones grow healthy and also your muscles also eat more calcium that is found in food like green vegetables such as spinach kale , dairy products and so on and then get more vitamin D , which helps bone and muscle growth in kids .

Now , this is very important because if you do not get enough vitamin D , then it can also stunt your growth and it can also cause weight gain in girls .

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Now , vitamin D can be found in certain foods like fish and mushrooms and even in some milks and you can also get it from the sun .

So go outside a little bit more and let the sunlight do its job .

All right .

Number two is exercise more .

If you exercise a lot more in your teenage years , then it can help you to grow taller with proper supervision and just learning the right techniques working out and just lifting some weights is safe for all ages .

So go and join a gym or a sports team just to get more exercise .

Number three , get more sleep , you actually grow a lot more when you sleep .

So if you're younger than 20 try to get between nine and 11 hours of sleep because getting in a good amount of sleep will produce more .

HGH , which is your growth hormone .

All right .

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Number four is stop using stuff that will stunt your growth .

There's a lot of people under the age of 20 that uses things that stunt their growth without even knowing it .

Like for example , drugs and alcohol , both of them are thought to contribute to stunned growth .

And hey , just so , you know , there's a lot of people out there that believe if you use caffeine when you're young , it stunts your growth .

That's actually just a myth .

Yeah , it's not true .

There's not enough scientific evidence that backs it up but steroids .

Yes , that can absolutely stunt your growth .

Now , anabolic steroids inhibits bone growth in Children and in teens as well .

It also lowers the sperm count breast size and even puts you at a higher risk for heart attack .

Another example is smoking .

Now , smoking or Children exposed to second hand smoking are also proven to stunt their growth .

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So if there are some adults listening to this video , stop smoking in front of your kids .

All right .

Now , some of you ask me , hey , can you increase your height after 18 ?

Well , the truth is that for most people , your height will not increase after around 18 to 20 .

Even if you do all these tips that I just talked about , it's probably not going to happen .

Why ?

Well , it's because your growth plates in your bones close , near the end of puberty , the hormonal changes causes the growth plates to kind of harden or close and then it stops the lengthening of your bones and that's why you cannot grow any taller .

Now , if you are still unhappy about your height , what can you do ?

What are the options ?

Well , number one practice good posture .

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If you have a bad posture , you will look even shorter .

But if your posture is better stand up straight , head straight , you will look taller .

Number two , try heels or inserts .

All you got to do is choose shoes with taller heels or play some inserts inside your shoes just to add a few inches .

Number three , gain muscle to look and feel bigger .

Because if you feel small in general , lifting some weights to gain muscle can make you more bigger and give you more confidence .

Number four , stretching and hanging , it can reverse the compression of your spine , making you slightly taller by 1% but only until your spine compresses again .

So it's not really a great tip .

But another tip is to style your hair up .

If you style your hair up , it gives the impression that you're a little bit taller as well .

All right .

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Now , some people might be happy with just some of these strategies , but everybody is not happy with it .

So they resort to more extreme measures like medical treatments .

Now , in some of these treatments , they lengthen the bones of the lower leg .

But to me , these treatments are expensive and invasive .

Maybe that is why they are banned in so many countries as well .

Now , apart from these treatments , there are other people who are looking into the treatments with the growth hormone .

GH now , although GH well , it works in Children who struggles to grow but as far as I know , it's not going to really help adults .

But then again , maybe you should just do your own research and look into it .

Now , honestly , guys , I believe that finding a way to accept your height is a lot better compared to doing extreme measures .

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Instead focus more on your other strengths because ultimately , there are a lot of stuff in this world that we cannot change ourselves , but we can change how we think and how we react to those situations .

And so we can always strive to make the most of it .

All right guys , that's it .

If you like the video , give it a thumbs up , subscribe and that's it .

Cheers .


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