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2023-08-31 14:23:10

Quick Garlic Dill Refrigerator Pickles

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I thought I'd share with y'all real quick is uh , refrigerator pickles , how I like to make a quick , easy pickle .

Um , they don't take very long to actually make and in three days we'll have some excellent tasting pickles .

There's a lot of ways you can make pickles .

Um , we're gonna use all the ingredients from our uh vegetable garden .

I mean , you can ferment , uh , fermented pickles or even uh canning or processing uh pickles .

But this is a simple way you can use any jar and there's no special equipment whatsoever needed to make refrigerator pickles , which we are going to make today .

All right .

So the first thing we gotta do is get out of the garden .

We're gonna pick our cucumbers that we got on the vine .

We've got quite a few growing this year .

That was the goal and plan .

So we can make a lot of different kinds of pickles .

And , uh , also we're going to pick some of this fresh deal we got growing .

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Um , so we can use that in making our homemade refrigerator pickles .

All right .

So the next thing to do is , uh , make sure you get them all washed very well cleaned .

Um I like to take the stems off and the blossom ends , make sure they're nice and clean and wash them .

Well , as you can see , we have all shapes and sizes of cucumbers here .

Um Some of them are bigger .

This one here .

If you look at it , it's kind of turning white or yellowish towards the end .

This one is not the best ideal for making uh pickles , but it's still most definitely edible .

I would recommend using a uh a uh firm fresh pickle uh cucumber right out of the garden to make your pickles with .

And uh that's what we're going to do here .

I'm gonna uh spear most of these make spears , pickle spears , you can slice them or even leave some of the smaller ones whole and they will do just fine as well .

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So there's only really a couple of ingredients you really need to make refrigerator pickles .

One is vinegar water and uh salt .

I have a Himalayan pink salt that I've finally ground earlier .

I like to use this salt and you can use really any vinegar .

You can use your apple cider vinegar .

I have a raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar that which I really like to use for this purpose .

You can use a white vinegar or regular apple cider Viner or even a uh champagne vinegar , uh white wine vinegar .

There's all kinds of vinegars out there .

So choose the vinegar and make different kinds and see which one you really prefer .

And then it's up to you as far as ingredients we're gonna use from .

We're gonna make some dill refrigerator pickles .

So we got some fresh dill from the garden .

Uh a little spice , we can use red pepper flakes .

Uh Some people recommend dill seed if you want a little more dill flavor and uh some use a uh pickling spice as well .

If you want them sweet , you can add sugar or anything else like that .

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So there's really infinite possibilities as to flavor combinations for our um pickles that we're going to make .

Let me show you real quick how I do it .

All right .

So the first thing we're gonna do is let's get our , our water and our apple cider vinegar and we're gonna bring it to a boil and we'll just let that come to a boil and add our salt .

Next thing to do is get our uh spices and flavorings into the jar in the bottom before we add our uh cucumbers .

So I'm gonna add my uh deal this break off as much as you want .

I like to add quite a bit of this .

You need a good amount .

There's no right amount to add necessarily .

And we'll put that in the jar on the bottom .

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We'll add a few of these red pepper flakes as well to the bottom .

And I'm gonna add a little bit of dill seed today and then of course , our garlic that we've also grown from our garden , I'll just crush this and add that .

So I just have our garlic here , uh , just lightly crushed and I'll add that to the bottom of the jar .

And the next step really is , all you gotta do is , uh , put your cucumbers in any way you want , try to make them look nice .

I got a nice big jar here because I want to fill this up .

I got quite a bit of cucumbers I wanna make and turn them into nice , good tasting pickles here .

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The best way to do this is turn the jar on the side and you can just lay them in until you get them how you want .

All right .

So , as you can see , we got our water vinegar mixture .

It's come to a boil and next we'll add our uh salt , turn off the heat and we'll make sure we stir that in really well till it's all dissolved .

All right .

So I got my uh cucumbers packed nice and tight in our jar .

As you can see , and I added a little bit more spices .

I left one small one up here and whole .

I like to cut them .

That makes the uh vinegar uh seep through the uh cucumbers much faster than if you leave them whole .

It'll take a little bit longer for the uh skins to um uh for the vinegar to penetrate through the skin .

If you leave them completely whole .

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So some of these are just cut in half in this one as you can see here .

And all you gotta do now is fill your jars up with the uh vinegar , hot vinegar mixture that we just did .

Yes .

And that is all there is to it , you know , leave a little bit of room up top , maybe about an inch space and uh let these cool down to room temperature before you put them in your refrigerator .

And then I'll just uh screw the lids on .

And it's that simple to make a uh refrigerator pin pickles .

So we'll let these uh set for uh three days in the refrigerator .

Make sure you do refrigerate .

These , these must be refrigerated .

These are not a shelf stable as these are a quick made refrigerator pickle .

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These are not a processed or a canned pickle , um or fermented pickle .

So these must stay in the refrigerator or they will go bad .

So , uh let this cool down to room temperature and then we'll stick them in the refrigerator and wait three days and we'll have us some delicious pickles .

So , what I'll do is I'll just write the date that I um , made them wait three days and then they're ready to go .

Um You gonna ask how long this will last in the refrigerator for us ?

They won't last that long .

Uh We'll eat these in a couple of weeks .

Um You could probably get away with a month or two .

But the longer they set in here in this brine , they will get a stronger flavor and even get mushy , the longer they go , this is not ideal , uh , way to , uh , take your store , your pickles .

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If you were looking for a long term storage solution for making pickles , I would recommend , uh , processing or canning or some other means , refrigerator pickles or for a short term , quick way to make uh pickles versus other options .

So , all right .

So as you can see , it's quite simple to actually make a refrigerator pickles .

You can do this , just not with cucumbers you could do with uh cauliflower carrots , uh green beans , uh okra , there's are a wide variety of any vegetables you want to do some pickled of any kind .

You can do that and you can always change or add spices of any kind of flavoring that you want for those uh particular vegetables that you want to pickle .

So , uh , as you can see , once you get the hang of it , it's pretty simple .

So make it a great day .


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