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2023-08-31 14:21:14

Pickled Jalapeno Rings - Make Your Own Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

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Hello .

This is Chef John from food wishes dot com with quick pickled jalapeno rings .

That's right .

You may remember these pickled peppers from such previous videos as nacho cheese .

So I promised to show you how to make these and here is how you do it .

It's so easy , right ?

So you're gonna take some jalapenos and you're gonna wash them and then you're gonna take a serrated knife , which is what I think works the best , but really any sharp knife will work and you're gonna cut them in to thin rings now because this is a quick pickle method .

All right , I'm gonna cut these pretty thin .

If I was going to do these for longer term storage , I probably would cut them thicker and you know , the drill , don't drive yourself crazy but try to get them as close to the same thickness as possible .

All right , once our pepper rings are cut , we're gonna go ahead and throw those in a strainer and I'm gonna rinse them under cold water .

Now , what this does ?

I think it rinses away some of the excess seeds and it does take a little bit of the heat out of these .

So you can probably skip this step .

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But I gave them a quick rinse under cold water .

So I'm gonna let those drain .

I'm gonna set those aside and we're gonna start our pickling brine , which is incredibly simple .

All right .

So in a sauce pan , we're gonna add some sugar , some kosher salt , some vinegar and water .

I'm also gonna add a little bit of dried Mexican oregano and the oregano will work and a crushed garlic clove .

So , all you're gonna do is put this on high heat , bring it up to a boil , throw in your jalapeno rings and turn off the heat .

That's it .

Give it a stir and we're just gonna let those peppers sit in there until this cools down just for about 10 minutes and then we're gonna jar them and don't worry , they're gonna be bright green when they go in and then just a couple of minutes later , they're gonna turn that color .

They're supposed to look like that .

Totally normal .

You didn't do anything wrong this time and these really aren't that spicy .

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The sugar and the brine really takes like 95% of the heat out of these or you can really taste the fruitiness of a jalapeno in this kind of preparation .

Pretty cool stuff .

All right .

So after about 10 minutes , I'm gonna take some tongues and I'm gonna pack my jars .

Now , remember we're not doing a traditional pickling canning method where we're gonna , you know , vacuum pack these and boil them .

We're simply going to refrigerate these .

So fill up any jar cover with the brine .

You're just gonna let that sit at room temperature until it cools completely , close it up and then refrigerate until needed .

So basically , as soon as these are cold , you can use them .

So I'm probably making these the night before , if I'm gonna use them for a Super Bowl party , these are gonna be perfect the next day .

But like I said , you could make these just a few hours before and you'll be totally fine .

You probably already saw me eat mine on some nacho cheese sauce .

That was sure good .

But these are great on like a million things .

You'll figure it out by the way while I am stressing , this is a quick pickle for like immediate use .

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This is what it looked like four days later and they're still in pretty good shape so you can make this ahead of time .

But this method is generally best if you're gonna use these within a few days .

So there you go .

Just a quick simple video on how to make your own pickled jalapeno rings .

I hope you give those a try .

So , head over to food wishes dot com for more information and all the ingredient amounts as usual and as always enjoy .


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