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2023-08-31 09:28:00

How To Grow 2 Inches Taller Overnight _ Grow Taller Fast

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So do you want to be 6 ft tall ?

Because you're looking at me and you're looking at the like What ?

What are you talking about ?

You can't grow any taller .

Uh , that's not possible .

That's not possible .

He said it .

She said it .

He said it .

I had it .

That is not possible , because let me turn out .

That is absolutely incorrect .

OK , so in this video , it say , I'm actually gonna tell you how you can actually grow taller .

Yes , you can .

Don't look at me .

Think like what the hell are you talking about ?

You know what ?

Click the video .

Oh , you know what ?

I'm gonna go straight in the comment section below and just check like , Is it even true because it is true , Right ?

So make sure to give me a , like , literally like like of the video right now .

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But let's get talking about height .

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How do we increase it ?

Like do you want to be 6 ft tall just to have a think about it ?

Do you want to be 6 ft tall ?

Because I'm 6 ft tall .

It's such a special feeling .

It really is a special feeling .

I'm looking at the world right now because I'm so tall like I genuinely I am looking on top of the world right now .

I'm so damn tall the cars are down below me .

Even the house are down below me .

So number one , But before number one can you just take a moment to check out the game ?

Damn that camera angle .

Oh , And secondly , yes , my cupboard has broke .

So , like I know when you're sitting on your computer a lot of the times Oh , check out this game damn like first .

A lot of us will be sitting like this .

Ok ?

Doing stuff like this on a computer all the time like that is not good .

OK ?

We wanna make sure always our posture is good .

Make sure we're in a good posture .

See , I can't even fit the camera now straight away .

So make sure Always we are in a good posture when we are sitting on a computer .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you're working , if you're go or wherever you are , chest out back straight , get into good habits .

Don't start slouching like this because it's not good .

And it's gonna affect your height a lot to make sure you always have a good posture .

So when you're sitting down and also when you're standing , do you really want me to show you a standing demonstration ?

Yeah , Show them , show them when we are standing .

A lot of times we can slouch like this quite a lot .

Now that is gonna affect our height .

A lot .

Chest out back straight .

Get that back straight .

OK ?

And that is how you are gonna make sure you're in a good posture , not slouch like this .

Chest out back straight , Get everything nice and tall .

OK , that actually make a huge difference to your height and it will make you a lot more taller .

And if you start this , uh , earlier when you get a lot older , it'll just be like second nature to you .

Ok , making sure that you are in a good posture .

Don't be like that .

All slouched over the desk and all this .

Get it out , man .

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Just Oh , now another point , Believe it or not , is actually your clothes because your clothes make a big difference on how tall you are .

Now , I'm gonna give you an example .

Let's say you are wearing clothes which are quite baggy or even .

Let's say you're a little bit overweight and you feel like you know what ?

I don't really feel that confident to actually wear tight clothes and you are gonna wear something quite baggy .

This is actually gonna make you look a lot more shorter .

Now , the reason why is because you look a lot more wider .

You must have seen people when they lose weight .

And then you think that hey , you've gone tall like what have you done ?

Well , what ?

Actually what happened ?

What happened is they've actually gone a lot more tighter instead of wider .

The more tighter the look you have , the more taller you're actually going to look so actually wear clothes which are quite fitted .

This is a good example right there .

The gains .

So have something quite tight around the arms and , you know , reasonable around the chest if you're someone that has a little bit of chest so you can actually wear t-shirts , which are quite loose here and they're not super tight around the chest and the same with your joggers and your jeans , Your pants etcetera as well have them quite fitted .

You can wear like skinny jeans .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Nowadays , you can even go to the next level and wear super skinny jeans .

So that's actually gonna give an illusion to make you a lot more tall .

This is a cool video because it's like little life hacks on how to look taller .

This is quite cool .

I'm not gonna lie .

Demonstration number one This is a t-shirt that I was wearing , OK , which is quite fitted , OK , and it's gonna make me look a lot more tighter .

And then it's also gonna make me look a little bit more muscular , OK ?

Because it's quite fitted around the chest and the arms as well .

Now we have t-shirt number two , which is a little bit more looser around the arm , and it actually makes me look a lot more like bigger .

In a way , it doesn't make me look as tall or as thin as well .

Now , the next point is , actually make sure that you are sleeping enough .

OK ?

So it makes sure always .

You are sleeping enough .

Your body is going to grow when you are sleeping .

A lot of us , when we are young , we don't want to sleep Well , no , I don't want to sleep because , um , I wanna play video games .

Now , if you're gonna do that , fair enough .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But , guys , if you wanna grow taller , sleep is very important .

Not only for the development of your body .

Do you wanna play video games and be your superhero ?

Or do you want to actually become a superhero and grow tall ?

Huh ?

You tell me , huh ?

Let me zoom it .

Let me make a cool effect .

Oh , my God .

That zoom is so slow , Like , that's the faster zoom .

I want it to go literally like boom , boom with my hand .

So do you want to be a superhero or do you want to play a game and be a superhero ?

If you want to be a superhero yourself , make sure he gets to sleep , OK , no mess around .

Another thing that is gonna make a huge difference on how tall you are , believe it or not , is actually your shoes .

Now , if you're someone who is quite short , you may wear flat shoes , for example , something like these .

Ok , now these are some gorilla shoes , some lifting shoes , which I wear to the gym .

Um I mean , I'm like , 6 ft three , so I don't really want to be any more taller .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These kind of flat shoes will not really make you look any more taller because they don't really have a soul .

Like that's a soul that's like two centimetres or something .

I don't know .

So if you wanna look any taller , something like this , it's not gonna work .

OK , so what do you do ?

So obviously you gotta wear something with a bit of a heel on .

Now , I'm gonna advise something like this .

So if you're going on a date with a pretty woman and you wanna look a little bit taller , something like these will be a better option .

She can go .

Damn , He's actually quite tall .

I wait in his pictures with all his mates .

He looked quite short all of a sudden .

You know what ?

That's cool .

He's tall .

I like it .

So the heel .

Now , I know this is a video of how to make yourself look a lot more taller or other things .

This is like a little bit of fashion tip .

If you're gonna wear a boot like this , have , like the jeans , the chinos , joggers , whatever , actually going inside the boot .

OK , well , that's not good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So the jeans or joggers actually goes over ?

I don't really recommend that style .

OK , so heel is important , guys .

Also , is it gonna make you feel a lot more confident ?

Because you may be someone who feels that you know what ?

If you're gonna go on a date with a girl and you want to look a little bit more taller , just simply get some shoes with some heel .

You might be someone saying that .

Hey , you know what ?

I don't actually have a lot of money to buy shoes or buy clothes or whatever .

So you know what ?

I've got an answer to that .

Come with me .

Let's go to my room .

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Now you gotta think of what trade you're talking about .

This website does all the work for you .

They tell you what trades to do and everything is done so simple .

It literally takes 30 seconds to place a trade .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And once you receive it , it's very simple .

The link is gonna be in the bio and I want you guys to check it out because I don't want you guys to just have money like sitting around because one thing that you guys got to start doing is you gotta start investing your money so literally the work is done for you .

It's about trading .

And I know a lot of you guys think that Hey , it's confusing about trade and the market .

But guys , the work is done for you .

Simply someone else is making the money for you .

All you are doing is literally copy paste and take seconds literally like 30 seconds in a day .

That is it .

And you're going to increase your revenue .

And hey , you're gonna be able to buy the shoes that you want now something else that can make a huge difference .

How tall you can possibly to BB is the exercises you do now .

I'm not saying go and lift weight .

I'm not saying that even if you do a few stretches , that would help you become a lot more taller and I'm gonna show you some stretches right now .

So the first exercise is actually the curre .

So be ready like you're gonna go into a press up and literally just straighten your back , OK ?

And hold this position for about , like , 10 seconds .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You get a nice stretch in your stomach as well , then , once you've done , you can just come back and then lean back and stretch everything out that way and your feet and your lower back , your hamstrings and even your lapses off and again .

You can do this about , like 10 times .

So in the present position , come up , get a nice stretch and then straighten everything out and get into this stretch right here .

Now , guys , another great exercise is actually pull ups because you're gonna get a good stretch .

And if you get into pull ups at a young age when you get a lot older , you'll absolutely dominate them .

So when we do pull up , make sure always we get a full stretch in our laps , you can either hold it underneath or we can hold it this way .

OK , so I'm just gonna go underneath .

So make sure we get a full stretch in our laps , come up and squeeze , stretch up and squeeze .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you find it hard to do pull ups , what you can do is just get anything this costs , like £10 you can actually put in your bedroom .

Just hold this position right now and just stretch and try and go up as far as you can .

If you can't go all the way , don't worry about it .

Eventually you will now another factor that will determine how tall you are actually put inside your body Now , this is something else which is really important for the development of your body and also for the development of your bones as well .

Now what ?

I might be advise you guys , and that is guys , you gotta start drinking enough milk .

You gotta make sure you're getting enough calcium in your body .

So where you can get calcium from that is things like from milk ?

Because when we're young , we're like , Hey , you know , I don't want to drink my milk .

All you need to do is simply have your favourite cereal .

Whichever cereal that you like .

Put the milk in there , have it also , cereal is actually good , and it's got a lot of calcium in it as well .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Of course , another thing that I wanted to talk to you guys is that this is something I get a lot of messages that I am 1920 21 22 can't grow taller .

The answer to that is probably not .

You're not really gonna have a growth spur at that age when you're younger .

Yes , you know , when you're like 12 , 13 , 14 , you can grow like that in a matter of like six months and it happened to me when I was young .

Literally .

You just shoot up like that .

A lot of that can be your genetics as well .

But if you are doing the things that I have said in this video , that would help you a lot and potentially help you get your 6 ft .

So that is that .

Guys , I hope this video helps you guys and it helps you increase your heart .

Because these tips which I've told you also has worked for Simba .

And now he's also a big boy as well .

Isn't that true ?

Hey , do I shake my hand ?

Do I shake my hand ?

No .

You rather smell my hand .

So he's also telling to a big boy because he has also taken the boy as a boy .

Do you agree ?

Hey !

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , See , he even talks as well .

Make sure to give this video a like subscribe to the channel Follow me on Instagram .

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Get up on the show plan .

I see you all in the next video piece


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