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2023-08-31 14:23:46

Fresh Turmeric Pickle _ MOTHER'S RECIPE _ Haldi Ka Achar _ How To Make Pickle _ Best Pickle Recipe

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When the whole world is talking about turmeric latte .

Let me show you a unique recipe from Turmeric to surprise your family .

Let's make chat pata and healthy fresh turmeric pickle for those of you unaware of fresh turmeric .

This is how it looks from the outside .

A bit like ginger root from the inside .

It has this distinctive yellow color to make the pickle .

I am taking 2 50 g of fresh turmeric peeled , cut into thin sticks and air dried for five hours for long shelf life .

I'm putting a pan to heat to prepare the dry masala .

Once heated .

I'm taking here two tablespoon fennel seeds or soft , one tablespoon cumin seeds or jira , one tablespoon yellow plate mustard seeds , tatu half teaspoon meaty seeds .

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We are dry , roasting these spices keep on stirring to roast them evenly .

I can smell the deep aromas .

Now time to take it off the hot pan .

I will be pulse grinding the spices into a fine powder .

You should get it as fine as this .

Our pickle spice mixes ready now , move on to the next step .

I'm taking here one cup , mustard oil to heat .

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I'm dropping some fennel seeds to test if the oil has heated appropriately .

Add in one teaspoon of hens , one teaspoon of kira , one teaspoon of soft , adding to the spices , chopped fresh turmeric and adding the spice mix .

We prepared earlier .

One tablespoon Kashmiri red chili powder .

One teaspoon dry ginger powder that is salt and salt to taste .

Let's bring all the ingredients together once nicely mixed with the spices and salted lightly for a couple of minutes .

Turn off the flame , add half cup , lemon juice and mix as well .

Ok .

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I'm taking here a clean and dry glass jar and filling it with the pickle .

Avoid the pickle contact with moisture and your pickle would be good to enjoy for long .

Make sure to submerge the turmeric in the spice oil completely next .

Keep it in the sunlight for five hours for maximum shelf life .

Alternatively , cover and set aside in a dry area for 24 hours .

Relish this a little every time and let me know how it turned out .

Eat well , live well and stay blessed .


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