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2023-08-31 14:33:50

How To Add Your Custom Skin To Minecraft Bedrock - Full Guide

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My daughter Chelsea is here with me to do the taste testing .

And one of the ways that you can serve your deep fried dill pickle slices is to put them on wooden skewers like this .

And I've put six on these two skewers and then I have my sauce to the side and it has been chilled .

So we just put a little bit there for this individual and this individual is gonna be chill , take a bite .

All right off the dip it in .

I've had these at restaurants before , so I'm gonna be compared even better than restaurant .

Oh , well , who would have thought ?

Thanks Chelsea .

Welcome .

And I hope all of you enjoy this recipe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What you need to do is go and tap on this grey skin under own skin .

That's just like so , and once that's highlighted , you're gonna go and notice a choose new skin button appear on the right hand side .

As you can see , it says important image from your device to use as your skin .

This will not sync between devices or games .

So this is only going to going to work on , um , micro bedrock on your computer and Minecraft bedrock on your mobile as well .

And when you go and press , choose new skin , your file explorer will open .

However you they may not actually have a skin yet , so I want to show you where you can go and get custom skins from So a website I used to get custom skins is called skin de .

So come here and there are loads of different skins you can go and look at people upload .

In this case , I'm going to go and test out this goblin skin , so I'm gonna go and tap on it just like so .

Then go over to the right hand side and go and tap on download and the download will then begin .

Now it's downloaded .

It's going to be in my Downloads folder .

Let's go back to Minecraft Bedrock .

And then once you're back to Minecraft bedrock , what you need to do is come to the right hand side and go and press on .

Choose new skin and your file row will open up , navigate to your downloads folder and go and find the skin you just downloaded .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Then click on it and go and press open , just like so .

Then , as you can see , we've got these two options .

You can go and choose the model .

In this case .

I want them all on the right hand side .

But some skins are going to be specifically made , Um , depending on the model .

But this one's fine for me , and there we go .

We've now got an added a custom skin and just to quickly explain , you can also make custom skins within Minecraft bedrock as well .

So you come over to the left hand side and go and tap on this option here , character creator , You'll get this message here saying character creator allows you to build a character in Minecraft item by item .

And because we've got a classic skin because we imported it , it's gonna be as a backup .

Um , so you can go and press , OK , so , yeah , you can go and fully build a skin using all the bases and things like that .

However I look just like you , I prefer to go and upload a skin just like this here .

So there we go , guys , we can now go and go out of this and we can go and play Minecraft with our classic skin .

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