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How to Make Refrigerator Crunchy Dill Pickles _ Quick Pickles _ Get Cookin’ _

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One of the most delightful things to eat in the summer is a juicy crunchy pickle .

Homemade pickles are so easy to make and they're way better than anything you can get in a jar .

Let's make them , you can't have pickles without cucumbers .

My favorite type to buy are these small pickling cucumbers .

They're also called salad cucumbers .

Some in the grocery store .

When you're trying to find these small little crunchy guys , you wanna see the ones that are bumpy .

The regular old waxy cucumbers you see in the grocery store are no good .

And I don't really love these little English cucumbers for this .

They tend to just get soft and they kind of soak up that , you know , marinade .

You can cut them in several ways .

Just like you see in the grocery store , you can do rounds or spears .

We'll do a little bit of both .

I cut them about quarter to a half inch thick because we just like to snack on them .

They stay extra crunchy that way .

If you want them more for sandwiches or burgers , you might wanna cut them just a little bit thinner than that .

I'm using this top rated recipe from all recipes .

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It's so good and it's very close to my secret recipe .

I guess you could also do this with whole cucumbers .

I've honestly never tried it that way because I think if you expose the flesh , it has more of a chance to absorb the flavors .

Obviously , the thinner you cut your cucumbers , the less time it takes for them to brine , the thicker they are , you wanna give them a little more time to absorb the flavor .

The great thing about these refrigerator pickles is that you don't have to worry about any special canning equipment or jars .

When it comes to the jar , you just wanna use whatever is clean .

It does not have to be a cute little fancy jar .

I often use just old pickle jars or salsa jars , something like that .

That's all you need .

Just make sure it's clean and make sure it doesn't really smell like the salsa or the spaghetti sauce or your pickle will taste like that .

First thing you wanna do is just pack your cucumbers into the jars when they're about halfway filled .

I slide in some of the other ingredients .

First and foremost , you gotta have some fresh dill .

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You just wanna stick in some sprigs .

This is just a great base recipe yet .

You can customize it to your taste by adding in other flavors .

Like if you want a spicy pickle , you could slide in some jalapeno here , a couple sprigs of dill and then a couple cloves of garlic .

If you want a really garlicky pickle , you can just add more cloves .

I like to go ahead and peel it and then just give it a slight smash .

That's gonna release the flavor a little bit stronger .

And then you're just gonna slide your dill in your garlic kind of in the crevices of the cucumbers .

And one thing that's not in the recipe , but I love to add to my pickle recipe are some whole peppercorns .

I just think it adds just a little bit of a bite and then just keep packing the jars .

You can fit in more than you think because you really wanna pack them in .

And if I didn't say this before , be sure that you have washed your cucumbers , cucumbers are cheap all the time , but especially in the summer , summer , plus all these other ingredients are just a couple of bucks .

So you can make multiple jars of pickles for way less than you can buy them .

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Especially when it comes to refrigerator pickles , they're twice the amount of what you can find on the shelf .

So literally what you can buy one container of refrigerator pickles for .

You can probably make five or six jars .

That's it .

They're all packed , that's the hardest part of the recipe .

Now , we make the brine .

So let's head over to the stove .

You probably have everything on hand to make the brine .

It's gonna start with some , just plain old white vinegar and to that , I'm just adding some water .

This recipe delivers a pretty mild crunchy , slightly sweet pickle .

If you like a pickle , that's really gonna make you pucker up and you really like that vinegar taste , just increase the vinegar amount and goes a tablespoon of salt and then a tablespoon of sugar .

You got everything in there to create a nice balanced pickle .

We're just gonna bring that to a simmer .

And once this comes to a simmer , we're gonna stir it and cook it until all that sugar and salt is dissolved .

And then we want it to cool completely .

If we pour it over while it's piping hot , it's gonna cook those cucumbers and they're definitely not gonna be super crunchy .

Once your brine has cooled completely .

I like to add it to something pour .

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So it makes it easier to get it from here to the jar of cucumbers .

Since the brine is completely cooled , the longer you let them sit , the better , the more intense the flavor will be .

So while they're perfectly fine to have the next day .

Ideally , if you wait 2 to 3 days , it's gonna be perfect .

Fill it all the way to the top and then just clothes are shut .

Since we did not go through the canning process , you can't just leave these out forever .

They go into the fridge , the refrigerator pickles .

This makes me very happy .

I made this batch a couple of days ago .

So they're all ready for us .

First and foremost , we have to do a crunch test these , make the best snack .

You can taste everything that is in that jar , the vinegar , the salt , the garlic , of course , the dill , they're so good .

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Not only do they make the perfect snack , you can add them to your charcuterie plates for appetizers or of course on top of sandwiches or burgers , pickles are definitely better when you make them yourself .

You've got to try this recipe .

It could not be any easier .

I promise you .

No .

Cooking .

Yeah , she's good .


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