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Hey everybody .

Welcome back to er Soul Kitchen .

So in this video , I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make a cast iron skillet , baked macaroni and cheese .

So I hope you guys all enjoy this .

I truly did and I wanted to share it with you guys .

So without further ado , let's get started .

I have some elbow macaroni noodles .

They're boil in .

I'm gonna cook these till they're authentic and they have the oven set for it .

All right now .

So I'm gonna , I'm not gonna make a roof for this .

I'm gonna give my traditional size which calls for Velveeta .

I'll leave all the measurements in the description box below .

This is a 4 ft block of a 32 ounce block and I'm gonna add in some milk and like I said , everything will be in the description box below the measurements .

So I'm just gonna stir this up and I have this on medium heat and you're just gonna wash this so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot .

So I'm just gonna mix this until it's melted .

Yes , I'm using this Sargento off the block sharp cheddar and I also have a bag of ford steak cheddar .

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I'm gonna use these for the macaroni , but right now I'm gonna use 1/4 cup of the sharp cheddar cheese .

Um , and I think I'm gonna add just a few sprinkles of , of the four state cheddar too .

And I'm gonna add it into , um , the cheese sauce that is melted .

So I cooked the news for packaged direction .

So I'm just gonna bring those .

So we gonna overcook .

Oh Look at that steam .

Yes , I'm in and some salt and pepper .

I could ban them into this one .

measuring now I'm in and then our egg one tablespoon of butter .

All right .

So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to mix this all up everything .

Well combined .

Last time I forgot to mix the egg y'all in my first macaroni and cheese video .

So I didn't want to forget this time .

Right .

So I let this cheese um cook down and here is the cheese blend that we're going to add into this .

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Now , I know you're probably thinking it looks really thin , but when you start adding all those cheeses in , it's gonna suck all that liquid up .

So you wanna make sure it's not really thick .

I mean , if you like it thick , you can add um you know , flour to it .

You could have made a roof first with the um butter and the flour , but this is just easier for me and you know , I know the taste is there and it's , it's really , really delicious y'all .

So I'm just gonna mix this cheese in and like I said , everything is in the description box .

The measurements I mix the cheeses together is about 3/4 cup and it's actually making it thicker already because I'm gonna let this thicken up a little bit more and then I'm gonna add this into the noodles .

See y'all already thickening up just for me , adding a little bit of cheese into there and we still have more cheese to add .

So you wanna start off slowly and , and , and you know , um you wanna start off thin because it's gonna thicken up and I mean , you ain't trying to block nobody's arteries .

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So you wanna make sure you wanna make sure that you have um a good balance , right y'all .

So now that cheese sauce , I'm gonna go ahead and pour that .

See , already thickened up y'all .

I wouldn't steer you wrong .

I promise I would not steer you wrong .

I've been doing this for a long time , a long time .

So I'm just gonna mix that into here .

Get that cover .

Really ?

Really ?

Well , this is um a large cast iron skillet and I'm just gonna phrase this with some olive oil .

So sorry y'all see that it's actually on ST too sorry about that .

All right .

So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pour some of my macaroni cheese mixture .

See that there y'all .

Oh , it looks so good .

So I wanted to let you guys know too .

If this gets too thick for you , you can always add a little bit more milk in .

If you want it thick , leave it thick and it all you have to do is let it sit and don't get thick .

All right .

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So I'm gonna pour a little bit , I'm gonna lay this bottom with some mac and cheese .

OK ?

So that's it .

This is what's left in there .

Pull it back over there .

You can see flatten this out .

Now , if you watch any of my other macaroni and cheese videos , you know that I like to layer in it because I like cheese all over my macaroni and cheese .

There's never too much cheese , there's never , don't let my taste it too much .

All right .

So I'm gonna ahead and put the four cheese .

Sure .

So how with four cheese ?

Um , this is so four steak .

So I'm just layering this .

I'm gonna add a little bit more uh milk into here once I add this in because I don't want this um to suck up the liquid .

That's right here , but more milk in here just so it doesn't , we're gonna put that through anyway , we put some short cheddar cheese on top of this too .

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This is how you make sure you get the cheesiest cheesiest mac .

All right .

So I'm gonna take my spoon and I'm gonna just put that through it and the remaining um macaroni on top of this .

Look at that y'all look at so my phone for that .

All right .

So I'm just gonna level this , let it out that milk at the bottom .

I'm gonna just poke through .

So it will be like just milk in there if you add more milk in the description box .

Like I said , I keep telling y'all because I know everybody always asks me where's the recipe ?

And it's in the description box , you just drop the air down .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Everything you need to know will be there .

All right .

So I'm just getting this milk that I added at the bottom to be blended in .

Now you see that it's starting to suck it right back up again y'all , but it's just enough .

All right y'all .

So this is what it looks like .

Now I'm gonna add some more cheese on top .

So now don't worry about if you see extra , it's watery , whatever .

I'm gonna add the rest of this um four cheese on the top .

I'm gonna eat it all and left .

Add a little bit of the sharp cheddar cheese on top as well .

Try to even it out .

Don't , don't go crazy because you need to make sure you have something to uh cover the top with .

All right , because we're just using this right now to poke through again .

So you're gonna be really careful not to use it all .

OK .

So now we're gonna just go ahead and put this through .

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Yeah , when I tell you , I mean , this method right here is what gets people right here .

You don't like Velveeta cheese maker root .

Actually , I'm just gonna , so now that I put that through , what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna put the rest of the main bag of that sharp cheddar on the top of here .

So you're gonna need all that cheese if you want more , buy more , but you're gonna need , you might want to get an extra big just to make sure the last thing I'm gonna do is spray the top with some olive oil just a little bit and I'm gonna Sprinkle some pepper on here , which is uh completely optional .

Now , I'm gonna place this in the oven for um 20 minutes .

So , but it's all done .

We're gonna wait for this to um you know , melt down and get gooey and goo .

All right , y'all , this is where we're at with it .

This is about 20 minutes .

I think I'm gonna leave it in an extra five minutes .

All right guys .

So I just pulled this out the oven .

Here is the finish cast .

Our skillet , fake macaroni and cheese .

Y'all .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This looks so bomb .

So I'm gonna be doing a mukbang on this and um you guys can go over to my channel .

The link is in the description box .

If you don't watch that , I'm gonna eat this with some lobster tails .

But this is how this is how it's done y'all .

This is all you gotta do .

This is all you gotta do .

It looks amazing .

Amazing .

So this is the inside of it .

Look at it , look at that y'all that cheese , that cheese in the middle .

But anyway , y'all , that's it .

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and make sure you follow me on Instagram .

Make sure you subscribe , hit the notification bell , so I'll catch you guys later .

Bye bye .


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