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2023-08-31 14:19:24

How To Download Crazy Craft On Minecraft (Crazy Craft 4.0) _ Install Crazy Craft

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But anyway , thank you guys so much for watching .

If you guys like to please subscribe and hit that like , but then I hope this video helped a lot guys .

If it did not , then I'm so sorry .

I , I don't know what else to say .

I don't really know any other good software .

I tried Lulu and that's only good for Roblox .

Um I tried it on , on minecraft y'all and I'll just show you all footage difference between Dirty Gear and Lulu .

Don't forget to dreaming and stay peace .

Peace I live in , right .

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They Yeah .

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So then it's gonna come down , and it's going to tell you your launcher requirements , So essentially make sure you've got a new version of Java to go and update Java open up a new tab and all you want to do is Google Java like so and then you want to come to java dot com .

Uh , it will say Java Oracle , and you can go and download the latest version just here , Um , and make sure it's up to date , but you probably already have an up to date version of Java .

But if you don't , that's how you do it .

And then , yeah , and there's another requirement here saying Vanilla Minecraft plays Minecraft at 60 FPs to ensure good FPs on mod packs .

So , yeah , that's sort of the main requirements .

And once you're happy that your computer fits these requirements , you want to simply come down and click download for windows .

As you can see it says hit , download .

Um , so click here and just go .

Go and start the download , which is 96 megabytes .

And as you can see , this is a zip file .

So it just finished downloading .

So then I'm gonna move my chrome over here , and I'm gonna go and drag the zip file onto my desktop like so And then all I'm gonna do is close off this .

We've now finishing Google Chrome .

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So then you want to go and double click on this and it's going to go and open up the folder .

So essentially , it's just compressed to make it a bit smaller , and then it goes and shows you the contents .

Then you want to go and click extract all , and you can go and choose where you want it to be extracted to , and it's going to create a new folder .

So I'm just going to extract it to my desktop with a new folder .

So click extract .

And then hopefully it with not too long , it's gonna go and make the new folder .

As you can see , just up here and there we go .

It's pretty much finished .

So now I can close off these two file explorers and I'm gonna go and open up void launcher .

So then going to open up the folder , which was just created .

And then we have these options here , so I'm gonna go and open up void launcher dot Etsy .

So I'm gonna click here , and then we're gonna go and see the next step , which is going to take us to .

So I just got this pop up here saying Microsoft defender smarts from prevented and unrecognised app from starting .

All I had to do is click more info , which is about here , and then it's gonna go and give you your option saying run .

Anyway , do do this at your own risk .

Of course .

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Um but I do have antivirus installed as well , so I'm gonna go and click run anyway and then it's gonna go and start .

So as you can see , here we go .

It's now launched it up .

So the first thing you want to do is go and log in using your Minecraft account details .

As I said earlier , this is not a free version of Minecraft .

You have to pay , So all you need to do is log in with your usual Minecraft details .

Once you log in on the Minecraft website and in the usual Minecraft launcher , so I just successfully logged in .

And , as you can see it now says hi and it's not asking me to log in .

As I said before , you have to own Minecraft .

So now let's go and find the mod pack .

So , as you can see here is crazy or just here , So what you want to do is click on it once , and then it's going to go and load the mod list here and all the options and information about it so you can scroll through the mod list .

But what I'm going to do is go and click play so you can go and click play here .

But you've got options up here as well if you want to go and change any settings .

But I'm ready to go and play , so I'm gonna go and click play , and then it's going to go and start a download .

As you can see , the top says , downloading .

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I'll move this down , Um , and it says downloading package , and it's just going to take a bit of time .

Once again , this will depend on your Internet speed .

You just have to be patient with all the downloads that are required .

So , guys , it is doing a lot of downloads , and I am still waiting .

Just so you know , this will take a few minutes .

Like I've probably been waiting 2 to 3 minutes already now , and it's still doing more downloads .

You've just got to be patient .

So , guys , after it's finished doing all the downloads and the installing , you're gonna go and get a pop up of the Minecraft launcher .

Now , as you can see , this is the 1.7 0.10 edition .

This is just because this is what , um , crazy is ran on .

And you just gotta wait for all of the mods to be loaded .

As you can see , we're currently on two out of seven , so it will be quite a few stages , but all the downloads are now done , and it's just loading them up .

So hopefully this won't take too much longer .

And I'll and I'll catch up with you once it's finished .

And guys , it's now finished loading .

So , as you can see , we're now on the home screen for crazy craft .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's go and press single player and then go and press , create New World and we'll just go and create a new creative world .

Just a quick note .

I probably should have said earlier as well .

But if you get any points where it just says unresponsive Unresponded do just wait .

It's simply just sort of catching up .

It's being a bit slow when it launches , because there's a lot of content to load .

Um , so yeah , I've had it myself personally , and I think other people have it as well .

Um , so you just got to be patient with it , and it probably will , um , sort of work itself out .

You just got to wait .

And guys , it's just finished loading .

So as you can see , we're now on it .

And here we are .

So it's gonna go and take some stuff in the chat as well .

And there we go .

So here we are , guys .

And if you go and press E , you can go and look at everything you've got .

Um and yeah , as you can see , there's so much awesome stuff they've added .

You can scroll through and yeah , it's honestly , it's so , so awesome .

So it will take a minute as it just loads in a few chunks to catch up .

Um , so I'll just be patient , as you can see , there we go .

And the game is still loading .

So you just got to give it a few minutes and I'll probably lower my settings as well .

Like the render distance a bit .

Um , just to give it a chance to sort of keep up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

As you can see , we're seeing so many awesome stuff , guys .

And yeah , that's literally today's video .

If you found it useful , please go down below and hit that subscribe button .

And once you have ACRI , please go and leave a like I'll catch you in the next one Peace .


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