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2023-08-31 09:26:31

I Did Inversion For 10 Days

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The act of hanging upside down , also known as inversion therapy is nothing new .

This practice has been said to help users experience temporary relief to lower back pain by providing temporary decompression to one's spine .

However , there have been some self reported cases of individuals increasing their height .

Is this too good to be true or is there something special about hanging upside down that could potentially lead one to spontaneously getting taller ?

Well , that's exactly what I decided to find out for myself .

So I purchased one of these inversion tables and decided to implement these inversion sessions into my daily routine , pushing the maximum recommended amount of time to the limit and beyond to see if in 10 days , I could possibly gain any height .

Would this work or would I experience some negative effects ?

Watch this video to find out .

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This is my 10 day journey doing inversion therapy to try to get taller , but you gotta focus .

We're starting somewhere in that 5 11 to 5 11.5 range .

I am hoping we can get to a 6 ft range at least in the morning .

I'm hoping for an inch guys .

I'm hoping for an inch .

So I did buy the cheapest one I could on Amazon .

It still looks decent and honestly , it's not bad .

The only thing that's kind of like sketchy about this is , I guess this piece , it's a little wobbly upon looking up inversion table protocols .

I found that when you're starting , you should start 1 to 2 minutes a day and start on a very low inverted setting just to kind of see how you feel and make sure you're not feeling anything weird , like too much blood rushing to the head or anything like that and feeling like you're gonna pop .

However , guys , I only have one week and I'm also someone who's very used to going offside down , you know , doing handstands and whatnot and all that stuff .

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I'm just gonna send it to the full recommended amount and that is only five minutes twice a day going at the full 90 degrees .

I also thought this would be like pop up , pop in .

But the cheaper one , I guess you just , you have to screw it up .

You take this little thing , you , you lock it into your ankles and then you send her back .

Oh , Frick .

Oh gosh .

All right .

Five minutes starting now , huh ?

I think my head sitting in the ground to my surprise as someone who is used to often going upside down with things like doing handstands , et cetera for some reason , hanging upside down from my legs was abruptly uncomfortable .

I immediately felt a large rush of blood to my head and kind of felt a sense of panic .

Now , I knew this would only be temporary .

So I tried my best to relax through the five minutes .

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However , the discomfort got so great that I had to break up the five minutes into 2 , 2.5 minute sessions .

Oh , man , we have a whole minute left .

My legs are like , no , does not feel good , but my back feels loose .

Oh , shut up .

Ok .

That was it .

00 oh guys , look at my legs .

Oh , they're like red .

So I can see why five minutes is plenty and I can also see why .

Maybe they want you to start with a lesser angle .

But anyways , that's just the first session .

I think we're gonna get used to this as long as we stay consistent .

So if you've ever heard you are tallest in the morning , this is generally true and it is true for me .

You see when you sleep at night , your spine has time to naturally decompress .

And when you first wake up , you are usually at your tallest height .

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Now , over the day , when you do activities walk around , put pressure on your overall body and your spine , you will slightly shrink down just a little bit by the end of the day , this is totally normal and happens to a lot of people including myself .

So with it being later in the afternoon after my first inversion session , it appeared like I may have stretched back out closer to my morning height , but only by about a half of a centimeter I'm getting doesn't look like we're stretched back up in the morning .

We might actually be a little bit above that mid afternoon line there .

But only by about like now for my second five minute session of the day , I decided to take the inversion only to 60 degrees .

I found that this gave me the feeling of the exact same amount of that spinal decompression that I was going for while allowing me to relax more and stay upside down longer , hopefully yielding me better results .

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Oh oh my legs , we literally at the lowest mark .

So days 23 and four , sticking to the maximum recommended 25 minute inversion sessions besides getting used to the discomfort and experiencing a nice stretch in the lower back .

The only height increases I was getting were minute and only splitting the difference between my late afternoon height and my early morning height in between , which essentially meant to me that no real height was being gained .

Maybe if I wanted to see better results , something had to change .

Oh Jesus .

So in the basement , it was approximately around 65 °F , which for me is fairly cold .

Now , I'm the type of person who gets more relaxed in a warmer environment .

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So I'm hoping that extra warmth from bringing this upstairs is gonna help me further relax .

And I'm hoping that by getting that deeper , more relaxed stretch that that will play over into increasing my height better .

By the end of this one week experiment .

Oh Shoot .

OK .

On day five , moving my inversion table to a warmer environment immediately helped me be more relaxed during my inversion sessions .

As you can imagine being relaxed during these sessions is crucial for experiencing maximum decompression .

However , after doing this inversion therapy for five days straight , five minutes , twice a day , measuring in first thing in the morning on day six , I was slightly disappointed , literally like right at where I start .

So first thing in the morning , we are exactly where we started five days ago , first thing in the morning .

So it looks like we haven't gotten any height at all .

So here's what we're gonna do .

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We are going up the time we're spending on the inversion table instead of doing five minutes twice a day , we're gonna do five minutes , 3 to 4 times a day .

And then instead of ending this in two more days , we're going to do this for five more days making a total of 10 days of using this inversion table .

So I am upping that intensity , I'm giving myself some more time .

And hopefully by the end of these 10 days , I'll be seeing some height gain results .

So I doubled my amount of inverting time per day by increasing to 45 minute inversion sessions two in the morning and two later in the day with the final session right before bed .

Would this extra time yield me some results or would I start to experience some negative effects ?

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But , oh , easy , easy .

I feel like if I stepped out of this so fast , like I'd have like spasms in my back almost .

I don't know if that's a good thing .

I don't know .

I feel like I just like , you know , I'm like , I don't wanna get up .

There's like an uneasiness in the lower back when you get up off the sink is something wrong with me or is this thing like , not good for you ?

When I first started inverting on day one , coming up out of the five minutes , I did notice that my lower back felt very stretched out and slightly uneasy for a second .

But when I bumped up my sessions to four times a day , I started to notice that uneasiness in my lower back when coming up out of the session to be much greater , it felt like it would be a terrible idea to jump out of the table as if I would all of a sudden throw my lower back out .

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I had to sit on the inversion table for almost a minute on about a 45 degree decline to finally feel normal before coming out because I was getting concerned that all this inverting might actually be bad for my lower back .

I decided to do some research to recompile any of the negative reported effects .

So I have been reading quite a few articles about inversion therapy and like any of the negative effects , basically , the main concern is just like all the blood flow to the head , you know , for some , it's such a shock like it can cause like if you had any heart problems , like , you know , stroke problems , eye problems , stuff like that .

It would not be a good idea , but I hadn't really been finding anything regarding , like , it actually making back pain worse .

I did come across an article that said , like , if you had a ruptured disc or something like that , that potentially , it might not be a good idea , but it was only like one of those potentially maybe opinions .

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Yeah , only things like , oh , yeah , if it's used properly , it could cause further damage but nothing definitive basically regarding negative side effects directly to the back region .

Which is weird because , like , I swear , I'm , like , every time I stand up out of that thing , it's like , I feel like I got a crazy stretch but I feel like if I stand up too fast I'm gonna , like , spaz out in the lower back and it's just , it , it like , doesn't feel good , you know what I mean ?

It feels like , ah , I feel uneasy but considering we only have a few days left , I'm gonna keep pushing forward and see if we can get any more height and see if that heights sticks going forward as a precaution .

What I'm going to do is when I'm done with the five minutes inverting , I'm going to come up really slow .

I think that's going to be the key here .

So we don't actually invoke any problems .

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So if done for the recommended amount of time , the main issues with inversion therapy are if the user has any pre-existing conditions such as high or low blood pressure , heart and or lung problems , brain problems and or eye problems , basically , anything that you could imagine would be aggravated by upside down .

However , if the individual is healthy and cleared for inverting by a physician , then there doesn't seem to be much risk .

So I assumed I was feeling so much uneasiness in my lower back when I was coming out of these sessions was merely due to my lower back muscles relaxing .

So much that they just needed a minute to reactivate upon standing back up .

So as a precaution , I decided to come out of each and every one of these sessions extremely slow and not rush anything .

He , oh , it's like such an uneasy feeling , staying consistent .

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I finally noticed something crazy .

A potential increase in height , but I thought I was feeling taller this morning .

I know it's not much , but then he's like , that's like a half a centimeter .

I'm gonna mark that this might actually be working .

Now , when I took my height again , later in the afternoon , I did shrink down a bit , but I was still taller than I was on day one later in the afternoon .

Also , something spontaneous .

I noticed on day nine was all of a sudden , I started to feel really comfortable upside down in the inverted position .

I said she feels good .

I kind of want to stay here a little longer today .

Probably just should stick to the plan .

All right .

That feels stretched out .

I just feel very relaxed finally .

Now , that was actually one of the only sessions that I actually felt really comfortable and relaxed in the upside down position .

So it's weird that it took so long .

But uh yeah , interesting .

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I stayed consistent through day nine and on day 10 , I even took two of my sessions to the full 90 degrees .

Would I be able to gain any more height ?

Would I keep the height I gained ?

Ladies and gentlemen , it is time for the results .

Good morning folks .

It is time for the final measurements on day 11 , the day after day 10 right there .

So right at the top of that blue piece of tape , which is where we were at the beginning of day nine , but is still about a half a centimeter up from our initial morning measurement .

Maybe an increase in height .

Guys .

Crazy , so crazy enough .

First thing in the morning on day 11 , we are about a quarter inch tall than we were first thing in the morning on day one , bringing my first thing in the morning height to almost like half a millimeter away from 6 ft tall .

Ladies and gentlemen .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I think we can say we have done it later that afternoon on the final day I measured in and silly enough , it did seem like we were about the same height as we were later that afternoon on day one , maybe a little taller , but not enough to even mark it and not enough to really say I can be confident about beating the height of later in the afternoon on day one .

So what's going on here to my best guess when I really stepped up the inversion and did four sessions a day for five minutes a day and had that five minute session right before bed .

Maybe that allowed me to on the final days squeak away with a little more spacing or a little more stretch .

Maybe it allowed me to be just a little bit more stretched out , a little bit more relaxed when I woke up in the morning so that I could pull off a taller height .

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So , in my opinion , based on what I'm seeing right here right now , I don't think any permanent height was gained and I don't think it was the beginning to like , oh , this is just the beginning stage .

Now , you got to stick here and stay here and then you will make that solid height , you know , and something to solidify this opinion of mine is today is actually 24 hours later after I took those final measurements .

And I just took my height measurements again this morning .

And without doing any inversion yesterday , my morning height right now is back to where it was at the beginning of day one .

So how about the overall experience of this experiment ?

One thing I got to point out is inverting seems extremely effective for really stretching out your back .

Like seriously when I was hanging upside down , even just at a 45 degree angle , it's like you almost didn't need to go more than that .

I mainly went at the 60 degree angle for this video , but literally just inverting hanging on that for only about 1 to 2 minutes .

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You can really feel some relief and just some stretch and it kind of feels good if you can get over the feeling of all that blood rushing to your head .

Now , as I mentioned earlier in this video , anyone with preexisting conditions or any issues hanging upside down probably shouldn't do this .

But for most healthy individuals , they should be OK .

Also something to note is that there have been reported cases of people getting in serious trouble with themselves by hanging upside down for way too long .

I think people just thought maybe they could get more benefits if they just went longer or get better benefits if they went longer .

And there have been reports of people being rushed to the hospital after being discovered in their homes passed out upside down after hanging for hours .

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But all I'm saying is if you're gonna get one of these inversion tables , make sure you don't have any preexisting conditions , make sure it's something you think would be comfortable to do , at least to a to a certain extent .

And also don't go over the recommended amount of time .

With that being said , the inversion table I bought was one of the cheaper ones on Amazon .

There are some other models out there that look a lot more solid , maybe a little bit better built .

But I think when it came to just getting done , what was the core of the whole thing ?

This one worked totally fine .

So that's hanging upside down .

So wrapping up this conclusion , I don't necessarily think that this inversion table would actually help me get permanent height .

Maybe , I don't know if I would do it just consistently for weeks , months from here on out .

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I don't know for sure if anything , one thing that it might do is if my posture was very poor , it actually might help me get height by allowing me to relax and decompress and just kind of like fix my posture over time , thus resulting in better height .

But as you guys probably know , I've been into like posture fixing and all that and I don't have the best posture in the world , but I think it's beyond that point to where inversion could really fix it to such a noticeable difference to where I'd be like three inches taller .

You know what I'm saying ?

With that being said , I hope you all enjoy this video if you're interested it in my body weight training program .

Bodyweight beast 2.0 .

Check it out on only kinds fitness dot com .

Work out with your body weight , work out virtually anywhere you can get a digital download or you can get a hard copy .

We have those back in stock .

If you do get a hard copy , you will get a complimentary digital download .

Check those out .

Thank you all so much for watching this video .

I hope you all have a great day .

Peace .

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I will see you all in the next video .


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