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2023-08-31 09:33:18

Anxious Mind 5 Minute Deep Sleep Sleepcast - “Compass Gardens” on Sleep by Headspace

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You are standing in a street where nobody seems to be in a hurry .

Just a few passers by are out strolling .

Some are resting on benches .

The light in the sky seems soft , very soft .

The sun is shining softly and the wind is blowing so gently , but it feels like the wind has given you the gift of a shawl , feeling the gentle wind blow .

It's like wearing a luxurious open weave shawl .

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It's like being able to be out in your pajamas and it's ok .

It's the perfect temperature and you're wearing the perfect clothes as your neck and shoulders relax .

You look down , you are standing in a street made of dove gray stones .

The stones are wide and nicely weathered .

How many people have stopped here to rest and enjoy the soft light .

It's like being among friends .

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You don't have to do anything , just be in the softly sunlit street where you're enjoying a moment of just being and doing nothing at all .

You notice something you notice there's a beautiful work of art inlaid in the dove gray stones at your feet .

It's made of bronze and pale blue paint .

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It looks familiar there are several circles , one inside the other one , two , three , four circles .

There are points like pedals or arrows in the beautiful artwork that's been set into the paving stones .

You start counting the pedals , one to three , four cardinal directions .

North , south , east , west .

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Then there are others five , six , seven , eight ordinal directions .

Northeast , southeast , southwest , northwest .

The in between ones , the beautiful work of art in laid in the street is a compass rose .

There's something special about this compass rose .

Each of its directions opens on to a different garden and each one is a different place altogether .

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Each garden is beautiful in its own way , but each one is different from the last and the next and the next .

It's an invitation to turn and savor the view .

But as you turn , a strange thing happens , the landscape begins to dissolve around you .


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