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2023-08-31 14:20:57

Fried Pickles Appetizers with Michael's Home Cooking

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This recipe uh works best with butter milk because I don't have any butter milk .

So I'm gonna make my own .

When you make your own buttermilk , you need to take a tablespoon of vinegar , but I'm not gonna use vinegar .

I'm gonna use hot sauce .

Any old hot sauce that you like .

And because hot sauces mainly vinegar and , and chilies , then I'm going to , um , take that one tablespoon and I'm gonna bring this up to one cup .

So this will make one cup of buttermilk .

You need to stir it and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes .

Minimum five minutes .

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What will happen is it will thicken up if you want to speed that up , you can put it in the microwave for like 15 seconds .

But , um , anyway , it'll thicken up .

This is my favorite brand of pickles .

I think there's other brands that are kind of like fresh pickles .

They're really crisp and good and I'm sure any of them will perform just what just great .

But this is kind of a USA national brand that I really , really like .

So anyway , you wanna take a bunch of pickles ?

These are already cut in half for you .

I'm gonna cut them again .

You can use whole pickles , you can get pickles that are already quartered .

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And anyway , ok , here I have , uh , some paper towel and I'm gonna take my pickles and put them on the paper towel .

I'm not gonna squish or squeeze the pickles or anything like that .

Then I'm gonna take him , I'm gonna roll them up in the paper towel because I want to get the moisture that's on the surface of them off .

I don't want them to be too wet .

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What I have done is I've taken the pickle slices , I've taken them and put them into the buttermilk like mixture and put them into just plain old cornmeal , then taken them and put them back into the buttermilk , put them back into the corn meal and double dipped them and put them on a plate .

They're ready to fry .

So my oil is hot .

It's around 375 or higher temperature .

You wanna try these ?

Here they are , they're drying away and they're done .

They're floating to the top .

They are like scrumptious .


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