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Welcome everyone .

I'm Ronda .

This is Foods 101 .

And today I'm going to show you how to make spicy fried , sliced dill pickles .

These are absolutely delicious .

So let me show you how we're gonna get this started .

You're gonna need two cups of sliced dill pickles and you need to drain them .

Well , you're gonna need one half of a cup of all purpose flour .

Now , back here , I'm gonna add the flour and I'm gonna add the pickles and I'm gonna give it a shake in this bowl right here .

Now , if you don't have a ball , use a plastic bag here , I have one egg and I have a half a cup of milk and to my egg and milk .

I'm going to add my Frank's hot sauce .

Any hot sauce will do .

But I'm gonna use about two tablespoons .

And back here , we have self rising flour .

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A half , a teaspoon of kosher salt and a half of a teaspoon of fresh cracked black pepper .

Right now to get this assembled , we're gonna take our flour and we're gonna add it right here into the bowl .

And next , we're going to take our pickles as you can see right here .

And I'm going to just drop them down in there just like this .

All right .

Now , I would have used a plastic bag that this was handy and I just grabbed the first thing that I had and now I cover the top and you're gonna shake it vigorously because you want those pickles to be covered with you all purpose flour .

Now , this is finished .

The next step is to add your milk right here to this tray and you're going to add one egg .

Ok ?

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Next , I'm just gonna eyeball it and add the hot sauce .

Ok .

Let's see .

Probably about that much .

Take fork and you're just gonna tow this around to all these ingredients are incorporated .

And if you've never had spicy dilled fried pickles , oh my gosh , you are in for one incredible treat back here .

We've got the flour that we're gonna add and the pepper with the kosher salt .

I mean , you want some seasoned flour .

It's gonna make all the difference in the world .

When you bite in to this fried dill pickles , we're gonna take our pickles as you can see here .

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And if they haven't really gotten all coated the way you'd like them just , you know , give them a little toss and you're gonna drop each pickle in .

You see how that's well coated with that flour .

Now , that's what you're wanting and you're gonna drip it into your egg and your hot sauce and milk mixture here working in small batches because we're gonna go over here to the oven top and we're gonna fry these and you definitely do not want them touching while you're frying because they can get all lumpy and gooey and , and you want them nice and crispy and just delicious over here .

And I like using my forks .

Now , you can use your fingers , but it gets awfully messy .

Now , you're just gonna do one layer of your pickles over here and your self rising flour and your salt with your pepper .

You're just gonna flip these around and you see that nice little coating you've got on there on your pickle .

That's what you're wanting .

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Now , I've got one batch that needs to go into the oil .

Now , follow me over here to the stove and I'll show you how to fry these up .

Hey , I'm heating the oil here on medium heat and that gives you about a reading of 363 170 °F on your oil , which is needed to fry these nice and golden brown .

I've taken my sliced pickles out of the self rising flour and I'm gonna check to see if it's warm enough the oil , it's sizzling so I can drop it right down in there .

Now , if you'd like to add like cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes to your flour to make this really super hot and spicy .

I mean , you may definitely do that .

Now , each side you're gonna fry , gonna make sure that you don't overcrowd the pan fry these about 45 seconds on each side .

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Yeah , I can see some of them are already getting golden brown right here and I'm just gonna take a fork to give it a nice little turn .

Oh , yeah .

See , look how pretty that is .

If these have fried for about 45 seconds on each side and look how beautiful and golden brown that is .

And now I'm just gonna lie it over here on a rack where the excess oil can drain off of our fried sliced dill .

Pickles continue doing this until you get them all fried .

And I'll come back and I'll show you how I serve it .

Hey .

Wow .

Look how fabulous and crunchy .

That looks , that's from that self rising flour .

That'll give it that nice , beautiful puff there at the end .

And I've made a little dip for it .

It's not necessary because they're gonna be delicious all by themselves .

But I'm gonna give it a little try .

Hm .

Wow .

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That is a punch of flavor with that nice crispy .

Mm .

Dill taste .

Wow .

Hard to eat .

Just one .

I've also made I dip here .

This is um , just regular mayonnaise with hot sauce added .

It's uh , three parts to one part hot sauce .

I'm gonna try that .

It just gives it a little bit more heat .

Mm .

Wow .

That is one winning fried Pickle .

Mm .

I'll give it first place .

Hey , y'all , I'm Deanna with Foods 101 .

Thanks for watching .

And I'll catch you next time .


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