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2023-08-31 10:17:30

The Ultimate Mac & Cheese

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Hey , what's up y'all ?

It's Darius from Darius cooks dot TV .

And I'm about to show you how to make the ultimate macaroni and cheese .

This is probably , uh is it probably , I think it's probably my like top one of my top recipes , this one in the fried chicken .

But um everybody wants to learn how to make it .

And uh I'm gonna show you and there are no eggs in the mac and cheese .

OK ?

On the stove , I got a pot of water boiling .

I'm gonna add some salt to the water .

Always have two golden rules when it comes to cooking pasta .

And that is over salt the water and of course , under cook the pasta .

Now you could use regular macaroni and you know , there's a time and place for that .

But I have these little uh cork screw pasta shaped with the ridges because they hold onto the sauce .

So we're gonna use those into are boiling water .

All right , my pasta is al dente .

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So let's go ahead and drain this out .

Let's make the sauce .

So , into the pot , I have a stick of butter that I'm gonna add in here and then to that butter , I'm gonna toss in a little bit of flour and I'm just gonna stir the flour and the butter together to make what we know as a root .

So we're gonna do a light skin root or the real term for it is a blonde root .

So we're gonna add in our half and half and just whisk it in that way .

We have no lumps .

Let's season that by adding in some salt like pepper , couple more flavor agents .

So I have some garlic powder to do a little bit of onion powder .

A little bit of smoked paprika .

How about that ?

Just whisk that together and as soon as this comes to a boil , it'll thicken and then we'll be ready to continue on our mac and cheese journey .

All right , let's do it .

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So I have our cork screw pasta and again , you can use uh regular elbow macaroni that works .

Absolutely ok .

Uh In this particular situation , the one thing I do that I think is so crucial to the mac and cheese is I add in a hefty amount of sour cream , right ?

You can't taste the sour cream .

But what it does is it just gives the macaroni and cheese this sort of moistness that is kind of outstanding .

Another thing I like to add and I know there's going to be lots of comments about this , but I need an American cheese , a processed American cheese product in the mac and cheese .

I just cut it and cube it and then we can throw it right into , uh , the mac and cheese like that .

That way as the mac and cheese cooks this sort of melts down and gives us a really nice surprise .

Every couple of fork fools .

You know what I mean ?

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This is the , or the sauce that we made just a little thickened cream sauce , right .

That we may look at that .

That looks good .

Now , let's give that a , a mix before we add in our cheese .

Oh my God , that's yes , I have a four cheese blend .

I have a mozzarella .

I have a sharp cheddar and then I have a white cheddar blend .

The cheese don't even matter .

Ok ?

If you don't do this part , right .

This part don't even matter .

Let's add this to our casserole dish .

That's gorgeous .

Right .

Right .

Now we're just gonna top it with the remaining cheese .

All right .

There we go .

All right .

Look at that mac and cheese off to a hot oven .

I mean , it's the part I hate the most .

You know , I always say that , but look at that .

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Oh , if your mac and cheese ain't doing that , I mean , is it really even worth calling it mac and cheese ?

This is the ultimate .

Ok .

Do you want me to say ?

Hm , I'll tell you what I'll say this , the recipe on my website .

Darius cooks dot TV .

Two things .

Food is my life .

Life is my food y'all .

Until next time I gotta wish you a happy cooking from my heart to yours by all .


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