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2023-08-31 09:36:57

How To Make Spicy Pickles _ Homemade Dill Pickles Recipe

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Hey everybody .

Welcome to extreme Food Reviews .

My name is Daniel and today we're back in my kitchen making pickles .

Let's eat it .

Now , some of you may think that making pickles is difficult , but this is a really simple recipe that you can do in your own kitchen with very few ingredients .

So let's get to it .

So the first thing we're gonna do is grab some peppers for this particular recipe .

Now , I've got three Habaneros and I've got six thai chilies and all we wanna do with these is remove the tops and slice them in half on the Thai chilies .

We just wanna take off the tops and then what we wanna do is just cut them down into some smaller pieces that'll float nicely inside of our pickling jar .

We also have garlic .

Now , you can use fresh garlic or you can use minced garlic in a jar .

I personally prefer fresh garlic .

So what we're gonna do here is take four cloves of garlic .

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The easiest way to open a clove of garlic for those of you who haven't done it is take your knife , press it over the globe and hit it with your fist that will open up the garlic so you can pull it free .

Don't hold it this way and hit it here or you'll be opening up your hand instead of the garlic .

So now all you wanna do is take your garlic and you wanna just chop that up into slightly smaller pieces .

Now , let's take this over to the stove .

So now we're back at the stove with my favorite cast iron pan .

What we want to do is take a little olive oil and drizzle it in to prep the pan and we want to take our peppers and our garlic and put them right into the pan to let them brown out .

Now , some of you might remember from our how to make hot sauce video that we're just trying to put these peppers in here to open them up and bring the flavors out .

I'll put a link to it up here in the corner .

Now , while our peppers are cooking , we're going to put our water and vinegar into a pot and get it to boil .

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We'll take 1.5 cups of water and one cup of white vinegar .

Now to this , we wanna add an eighth of a cup of regular granulated white sugar , two teaspoons of whole coriander .

We wanna add two teaspoons of whole peppercorns .

Then we want to add two teaspoons of dill seed .

You want the whole seed .

So grab two teaspoons of dill seed .

We also want to add two tablespoons of pickling salt .

Now , you can use pickling salt , canning and pickling salt or you can also use Kosher salt works really well .

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We also want to add two teaspoons of whole grain mustard and you want to bring all of this to a boil .

Now , to this , we want to add the peppers and garlic that we just browned up in our cast iron pan .

Once that hits a boil , just turn the heat down too low and cover the pot to let those flavors meld together .

Now we're back at our cutting board .

And what I have here are pickling cucumbers .

I don't know if you've seen these before , but they're usually readily available in your local supermarket .

You can use regular cucumbers if you want .

I prefer these .

It's a little more of a traditional look , especially the way I like to cut them because of the size .

Now you can cut them in any direction .

You can cut them into slices .

You can do them into spears .

I prefer spears .

So that's what I'm gonna go for .

Now , this recipe will make up to two jars of pickles and it usually takes anywhere from 2 to 3 pickles per jar to fill a jar depending on the size of your mason jar .

But I'm only making one jar of pickles today .

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So then we have our sliced up cucumbers and I've got a fresh mason jar , nice and clean ready to go .

So what we want to do is take as many of these cucumber spears as I can get in here , which seems to be all of them , which works out great .

Three seems to fill that jar up somewhat nicely .

We want to leave room for the other spices to move around in there .

Now let's get our pot from the stove .

So now we have our pot of all our pickling juices and peppers put together and all we want to do is get that into our jar .

You know that perfect fit .

You wanna take your canning jar lid , put it on tightly .

Move it around nicely .

That jar is gonna get hot .

So be careful .

I have Teflon fingers .

This is gonna end up being a fantastic spicy pickle that will be flavorful , fresh and something that's not always as easy to find in your grocery store and it's a good way to use up all those nice Habaneros , Thai chilies that you have in your kitchen .

Come on .

Now tell me that doesn't look delicious .

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All you wanna do is put these in the refrigerator and let them sit overnight for all the flavors to meld together and you're gonna have one fantastic spicy pickle .

So there you have it guys , a super simple spicy pickle recipe that you can make right in your own kitchen with really simple ingredients and the peppers that we all seem to have kicking around our house after making that hot sauce .

If you like what you've seen here today , make sure you hit the subscribe button and smack the bell .

So you'll be able to keep up with all the other crazy things we come up with .

Thank you very much for tuning in Peace and Pickles .


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