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2023-08-31 09:33:20

How To Fall Asleep FAST When You CAN'T Sleep! Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Thank you to clinic for sponsoring this video to have a product that I'm gonna be sharing with you guys .

I need a run .

Hey guys , what's up ?

It's weng and sleepy hugs .

So today I wanted to share with you 10 life hacks to help you fall asleep .

Instantly ready guys .

Let's go .

The first hack to help you sleep is to try a magical sleeping potion .

Just kidding .

It's actually a drink mixture .

I learnt from Tim Ferris .

The sleep tonic is super easy to make .

Just add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey to a glass .

It's best if you use raw honey for this .

By the way , then just pour in some hot water and give it a mix .

The ingredients not only helps your body to regulate your sugar levels during sleep .

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They also promote the release of melatonin which is the main sleeping hormone .

Just a water more morning guys , this apple cider mixture had quite a pungent smell when I opened it .

It honestly caught me off guard and I thought it'd be so funny if I preg my cats with it because it smells so strong .

But they were actually surprisingly fine with it .

Like I literally thought they would gag but they were just like , hm , what is this ?

Give me more makes sense since they are the masters of sleeping .

Anyways , just have this about 15 minutes before you go to sleep and you should fall into a nice deep slumber .

The next hack is to create a sleeping oasis for your bedroom .

Basically , this means turning your bedroom into a palace for sleeping , which is something I can totally get behind .

Basically , this means things like getting blackout curtains and some super comfy fluffy pillows and blankets .

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I personally like to have an essential oil diffuser with a few drops of lavender inside .

And I just find this helps me destress and helps me fall asleep .

Also make sure your room is nice and cool because the body actually needs to cool down to fall asleep .

If you watched my previous video here , you know that the perfect temperature to sleep is 18 °C .

Finally making sure that your oasis is clean and clutter free is essential .

I know I get super stressed when I see clutter .

So even though I'm pretty messy , I do try to at least keep my bedroom tidy .

Thanks to Clinique for sponsoring this portion of the video .

To be honest , nowadays , I'm so protective of my sleep that I've developed a full on nighttime routine that helps me fall asleep instantly .

I usually turn on some calming spa music and in the evening to set the mood about an hour before I go to bed , after a hot bath or shower .

I'll do my usual skincare routine .

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Something that I've been paying attention to a lot recently is my moisturizer and Clinique have developed a great product called Clinic ID , which essentially is a custom moisturizer specifically tailored to your own skin .

After asking me about my skin type and the things I wanted to change about my skin , they developed this particular moisturizer for me .

It's a combination of a lightweight hydrating jelly for my combination dry skin type and a cartridge that helps me with my fatigued skin because I travel a lot guys and I'm in air conditioning and switch time zones all the time , meaning I don't always get the best sleep .

The best thing about this moisturizer is that it's $39 for the combination .

So check out the link below to get your own custom hydrator .

Thanks again to Clinique for sponsoring this portion of the video .

After my skincare is done , I crawl into bed and read for about 15 minutes and then go to sleep .

I've been doing this routine for about a year now and my sleep has been so much better because of it .

So the next hack to help you fall asleep might surprise you .

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It's actually to have a consistent wake up schedule .

And yes , this means setting your alarm to a reasonable time .

Every day and sticking to it long term .

PS 12 o'clock , midday is not a reasonable waking time .

I'm one of those people who love to hit the snooze button , but you really gotta use your willpower to fight that urge for this hack to work .

This is definitely hardest for the first few days .

So I usually like to keep a glass of water next to my bed because I find this just helps me wake up a little easier and makes me feel less groggy .

The longer you stick to the schedule , the easier it gets .

So don't give up having a stable routine will not only help you sleep at night , but eventually you might even not need an alarm to wake up in the morning .

Studies have shown over and over that humans tend to function the best when they have a regular routine .

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And this is also the case for most animals like get , if you have trouble falling asleep , there might be something wrong with your internal body clock and this could be fixed by just doing one simple thing after you wake up , just open your curtains .

Yep .

It is that easy by immediately opening the curtains .

When you wake up and getting at least five minutes of direct sunlight , you actually help your body kickstart its own internal body clock .

It does this by releasing a hormone called cortisol .

Most people often get sunlight during the day as they work or exercise .

But if you're a night owl who wakes up when it's dark , leaves , the curtains closed and works in a dark office without any natural light , then your body clock is probably out of whack by doing this , your body won't produce cortisol during the day and therefore it won't produce Melatonin at night .

And the cycle continues thinking that this sounds like me two years ago .

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I mean , I still have night owl tendencies and sometimes because of my work and travel , I end up being awake at pretty odd hours .

But I do make it a point to try and get a good dose of sunlight in the morning .

And that's been super helpful for me .

You guys know , I love coffee and if you follow me on Instagram , which you should , you're gonna see that 70% of my posts are pretty much about coffee anyways , this hack thankfully isn't a cut out coffee .

There's actually nothing wrong with having a coffee during the day , but having too much is definitely gonna cause you problems falling asleep .

In fact , you should avoid any caffeine six hours before your bed time .

You'd be surprised that even foods like like chocolate ice cream and certain teas contain caffeine in them .

And even decaffeinated coffee contains caffeine , which doesn't make sense to me .

And I definitely found that out the hard way .

Yeah .

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So whenever I've had caffeine close to my bedtime , it hasn't ended well for me and apparently even if you're someone that can sleep after drinking coffee , the quality of your sleep deteriorates .

So you may find yourself waking up feeling super groggy for me in the past year or so reading a book in bed before I sleep has helped me fall asleep .

So much faster .

Reading just seems to have a different effect on me compared to like watching videos or TV shows .

It makes my eyes actively tired and I'm not sure what it is , but it definitely helps me fall asleep .

Whereas when I'm watching something exciting on youtube , my heart rate increases and I feel like I wanna watch the next video and I just don't get sleepy .

It's honestly best not to go on your phone at all in bed .

But if say you use a kindle or phone to read , you should definitely turn on night mode which causes your phone screen to emit an orange light , the blue light from your phone and laptop screens actually simulates daylight and makes your body produce cortisol because it thinks it's daytime .

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Definitely not useful when you're trying to fall asleep .

A sure way to get poor quality sleep is getting up too often in the middle of the night .

Usually to go to the bathroom .

That's why it's often good to limit your water intake just before you're about to sleep .

So your bladder doesn't get too full overnight .

I'm not saying to dehydrate yourself though to make up for this you should make sure you are keeping well hydrated during the day .

You try and drink at least two liters of water every day to stay well hydrated .

By the way , another great thing about not having to get up at night is no more stubbed toes while fumbling around in the dark .

So all your big toes can thank me later to fall asleep faster .

You should try to remove all sources of light in your bedroom .

When you sleep , you might think that a little blinking light on your computer monitor might not matter .

Or that tiny light coming from your power adapter or your alarm clock .

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The studies have shown that even the smallest amount of light can interrupt a good night's sleep , blackout curtains help but may not block all ambient light , especially if you live in a big city .

If you can't remove all sources of light , definitely consider getting a good quality eye mask .

I've actually been using an eye mask for the last year or so and it's been a game changer for my sleep quality .

Ever try to fall asleep , but find yourself stressing out about random stuff like exams , relationships or basically anything like that conversation you had today and you think you said something wrong but you probably didn't .

Yeah , I do that all the time .

And the thing is you probably aren't in the best headspace to deal with these issues when you're trying to sleep .

So I like to keep a notebook next to my bedside table as a way to transfer my thoughts from my head to paper .

This way I can tell myself not to worry about these problems then and there and also serves as a reminder for me to deal with these issues later .

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Also , if you have any ideas , you don't wanna forget , you can write them down such a simple hack but so useful and who knows ?

You probably got your best idea for your next creative venture just before you slept .

Alright guys , let me know what your favorite life hack is down below and if you found any of these helpful , I'm gonna go sleep now .

Bye .

Love you .


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