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2023-08-31 09:39:15

How To Make Dill Pickles - Spicy Pickle Recipe

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What's up everybody ?

This is Lyle with no hippy barbecue .

Let's knock out some pickles .

I used to make these all the time and it just seems like for the last few years I haven't , you know what , it's time for me to make a batch .

I'm gonna bring you guys in and show you what the recipe is for four or excuse me , three large uh cucumbers .

Anyway , let's go take a look .

Right .

So this is gonna be my recipe .

I have it broke down into two different jars .

So everything that I have here is gonna be split in two .

So when I call out the ingredients , it's gonna be for both of these .

So we are starting with one and a quarter cup of vinegar which I have split up between the two of those .

I am going with uh two tablespoons of pickling spice .

I'm just gonna eyeball it and get it half in one half in the other .

I have some Kosher salt and that is three tablespoons of Kosher salt .

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So again , I'm just gonna go ahead and eyeball it .

So each one is gonna get 1.5 and I have five garlic cloves that I just have sliced and sugar .

I am going with four tablespoons of sugar .

So two tablespoons each .

Now I have these ghost chili peppers .

I just sliced them kind of in half .

So I'm gonna put uh I really don't wanna touch them too much .

I'm gonna put three and one and three in this other one .

Now , I'm gonna go ahead and start getting these pickles .

Oh I'm gonna start getting these pickles in here .

Now , I should have been a little more organized before I just start dropping them in there .

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So anyway , I'm gonna get these pickles in that one .

I'm gonna get that a little bit more organized .

I'm gonna throw these sliced ones in here and I may have some leftover pickles .

I have these uh this dill .

So go ahead and throw some in there .

It doesn't have to be too exact and I'm gonna finish getting this filled up .

I'm gonna get this a little bit more organized .

By that time , my water should be to a boil and we should be ready to kind of put this to bed .

My water has come to a boil .

So now I'm just gonna go ahead and pour this over uh , each of these .

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Now , I am using canning jars , but it's , I'm not gonna be canning it so you could use whatever kind of jars that you want .

So now they have these things filled up just gonna kind of get lid on them , give them a good shake , throw them in the refrigerator and we'll check on these in a few days .

These are these pickles .

They've been in the refrigerator for about three days .

They could probably go a little bit longer than that .

But , uh , I'm gonna go ahead and have Andrea and , uh , Mace do the taste test on this , so we'll bring it back and start that .

So we got uh my beautiful wife Andrea and for all of you , uh New England Patriots fans , we have Hedy Bruski here .

That's gonna help us with this taste .

Taste it .

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Anyway , go ahead and uh take , take one of the slices out and then uh one of the spears and don't get your fingers on there next time .

Just put it on the plate for now .

Get one each for you guys must get more sliced .

All right .

So go ahead and take a taste and I wanna hear what you're , I wanna hear what the flavors are that you're getting out of it .

Explanation .

You still working ?

OK .

Well , see those red things in there .

Those are ghost chili peppers .

I almost said ac so anyway , how do they taste ?

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Taste ?

Taste really good ?

Now , I'm getting a little bit of garlic .

All right .

Well , I thought those pickles turned out great .

I may use a little bit less of the pickling spice because I had uh OK .

All right .

All right .

I guess I won't anyway , they turned out excellent .

I only had those sitting in the refrigerator for three days , so they're gonna keep getting hotter and hotter as we go along .

Anyway , let me get in here so I can go ahead and wrap this up .

Thanks for stopping by .

No .

Hi , barbecue , comment , subscribe and I'm out .

Peace .


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