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2023-08-31 10:19:40

How to get MineCraft 1.3.2 Free Download [Auto Updater] _UPDATED OCT 2012

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Hey Charlie .

Hey guys , what's up ?

It's Diner .

I'm bringing y'all a new tutorial on the computer this time .

Um I'm gonna show y'all as you're gonna see in the title .

Um How To Get Minecraft Auto Updated , which means for right now it's 1.3 .

But next year when I come out with the new update or actually , I don't know when it's coming out with the new update .

Um It'll be a 1.4 or something and you could auto update it to 1.4 using this program and it's absolutely free .

The link is in the description .

So go ahead and um down or once you download this , it should be a folder and just open it up and you should have three things .

The only thing you need to worry about right now is Darrow's Minecraft installer .

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Click that and then um pop up should come up , but whatever anyways , um go ahead and click install Minecraft .

Even if it , you already have it in the folder just to install it because it might be um new um data in the folder right now .

It just retrieves the data from the website and downloads it and uh installs or Minecraft installs complete my bad .

And um what you wanna do is launch the update and make sure you have the right client here .

It'll say installed Minecraft version 131 , official Minecraft version 131 , if it says 131 and then official says like one for one click update , but I'm already up to date , so I don't need to do that .

Oops , then once you have everything updated , um If you have worlds , just click whatever you have it in a USB drive or see you just click , run Minecraft .

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It doesn't matter if your premium , you can still play offline , I mean offline or online with other friends .

All right .

So once you have the opened up , they should come up , just log into your normal account and just click log in and mine says use your non premium , then you just click play off line .

Oh , sorry .

Anyways , as you can see , it's open one minecraft beta , 1.301 play single player , play multiplayer and get , get mods and text or like other stuff and everything .

1.31 for free .

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So you can type in someone's IP to play with them , got a single player , whatever there y'all go Minecraft for free auto updater .

This has been MD X Gunner .

Um Make sure you'll check out my other videos on Xbox .

This is one of my first actual computer like mods I guess , or tutorials I should start a series on that .

Actually , I'm gonna make a playlist on the side if I have any more .

So check that out and yeah , so um make sure y'all comment right and subscribe this video and I'll see you next , next time .


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