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2023-08-31 14:23:26

How To Make Refrigerator Dill Pickles 🍴 Episode 1082

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Hi guys , I'm Laura Vitali on this episode of Laurie to get to know and to show you how to make my refrigerator garlic dill pickles .

I posted a picture last weekend of a jar that I made because I like to make them frequently because they don't last very long in our house .

And I had over 300 people I think asking for the recipe .

So it's really exciting .

I actually posted a picture on Instagram years ago of a couple of jars of these pickles and I got the same reaction .

So I figured it's simple and easy .

But if you're crazy for pickles , which is the hashtag I'm using for this photo by the way .

So if you remake them , use that hashtag so I can see them .

You'll love this recipe and it's super easy and super simple .

Let's run through the list of ingredients .

Shall we ?

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You need some distilled white vinegar , water , garlic , sugar , kosher salt dill seeds .

You need your Kirby cucumbers and fresh dill .

That is it .

You can add pickling spices to this .

If you want to , you can add sliced onions to this .

If you want to .

We really like them this way because they have beautiful flavor , but it's not so overpowering that they won't go well on hamburgers or whatever you wanna eat them with in the middle of the night when you just wanna eat a pickle , you know ?

Ok .

So let's get started in a sauce pan .

Couldn't be easier .

You take your vinegar and your water along with a teeny bit of sugar .

Not too much .

And all you're gonna do is bring this to a simmer .

By the time it's to a simmer , the sugar will have dissolved .

So you don't need this to be at a boil .

You just need it to come to a simmer .

Now , let's talk cucumbers and let's talk jar .

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I always use this jar because I love it .

You can use a mason jar .

You can use anything for this particular recipe .

All that's important is that you need four cups of sliced or speared cucumbers , whichever you're fancying .

And the jar needs to hold about five cups of liquid or anything total .

So this jar up until right here holds five cups of water , five cups of liquid .

So it's perfect .

All I'm going to do is I'm gonna take my cucumbers .

Now , this is what you need to understand if you want to eat your c your pickles within 24 hours .

I suggest using a mandolin because you want your pickles to be really , really thin .

If you want to wait 48 hours and that's not a big deal to you .

You can do this by hand .

They're just not gonna be as thin .

You can also cut them in spears and they'll take a little longer for them to soften a bit .

You have to use Kirby cucumbers .

Regular cucumbers just will not work for this .

So it's worth looking for them .

This is about a thing .

You want them , not even a quarter inch , maybe half of that .

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And then you just kind of throw them in your jar and you keep going .

You want them almost see through but still so that they retain a little bit of their texture .

I'm just gonna keep slicing and filling my jar with my cucumbers .

Only 456 .

They vary on size .

Like I said , you just need about four cups of sliced cucumbers and you're in business .

Got my pickles all sliced up .

I've got my vinegar mixture here cooling .

I do want to make one more point about how important it is that you use uh , curby cucumbers like little , uh , pickling cucumbers .

If you will .

These aren't always available , but you can always , usually for me anyway .

And I don't live in a big city .

I can usually find them all throughout summer .

You don't wanna use your regular larger cucumber .

They're too soft .

They're never gonna hold up in a pinch .

You can use those long seedless ones , but they will soften a lot more than these will these are meant to be pickled .

So do try to look for them .

A lot of roadside stands .

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If you live in a uh in a farmer's area , in a farming area , they'll have them .

So it's important that you use the right kind .

Ok .

So my mixture here , this is my van my vanilla , my vinegar mixture , it's warm , it's not hot anymore , it's warm .

My hands are also clean .

At this point , I'm gonna add my salt and my dill seeds to that .

Along with my garlic , the warmth from the vinegar will kind of awaken the flavors of the garlic and the dill seeds .

So it's gonna be fantastic .

Let that sit there until it's pretty much completely cooled .

This is what I like to do with my dill .

I had to take a little bunch like that , dip it into the hot , warm , I should say .

And what this does is it instantly kind of starts releasing the flavor and I just take the dill and I just put it in there like that .

All I'm gonna do now is set that aside , allow this to cool pretty much completely .

I'm gonna clean up and then that's pretty much it .

Super simple .

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My mixture is fully , fully cooled , all I did to the garlic .

I just took them and I just kind of give them a , a smash on the counter .

Some of the peels come off .

So it doesn't really matter .

I like to leave them whole like that .

But you can chop it if you want to and then you just pour this mixture .

Don't worry if the , um , liquid isn't all the way to the top because you have to remember there's a lot of moisture in the cucumbers and it will release some more it on its own .

And I just like to make sure that the garlic is sea in there really well .

And then you tightly close this up and look at that .

You have a gorgeous jar of pickles and these are ready to be eaten in about 24 hours , but they kind of get better as they sit .

So in about 48 hours , they're just at the right texture that I like .

But within 24 hours of the flavor will definitely be there .

I have some here that I had done .

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I actually had the leftovers in this container , but I want to use this container to show you because the mouth always works so well .

And , but you can , you can add this to any container you want .

It doesn't always have to be full to the top and these are what I'm looking for .

You see how it's kind of pliable , but it still has a little bit of a bite .

And this has been , um , let's see , these are just a couple of days old .

They're not , they're not that old , but I'm telling you they don't last .

No , not too sweet .

Like I said , you can add pickling spice if it's this , if you want to mustard seeds would be really great .

I love them as is , but you can do whatever your heart desires go to in the dot com .

I will have the breakdowns ready for you .

You're gonna love them .

And since it is grilling season , I mean , I'm crazy for pickles all the time but it , since it is grilling season , you need to have a jar of these on ham just to eat along with your barbecue .

Right .

Hope you enjoy spending your time with me .

I'll see you next time .

Bye .


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