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2023-08-31 14:24:42

Spicy Pickled Green Beans - Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

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Today .

I am all about summer bounty .

I am preserving some of our summer bounty by pickling it .

It's a quick spicy pickle for green beans in this pot .

I have two cups of white vinegar to that .

Add two tablespoons of coarse salt .

If you are using fine salt , maybe you should use about two teaspoons them up .

This is a very , very intense brine .

Super duper tart has no water in it .

Add one tablespoon of whole black peppercorns , two teaspoons of sugar .

So the sugar balances the acidity a little bit .

But this isn't a sweet pickle at all .

Two red chilies break them a little bit to allow the seeds into the brine .

I have this on a medium high heat .

I want to bring it to a boil before I pour it over my vegetables .

I have four cloves of garlic here that I'm thinly slicing .

You can crush them and put them in hold .

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But I find that when you thinly slice them and you pour that hot liquid over it , it really releases the flavor and then you can also eat the little slices of pickled garlic .

I have two jars here that I'm going to fill with my green beans and my garlic and this is three quarters of a pound of green beans .

You could use the same exact brine over cucumbers and make just standard pickles if you wanted to standard but spicy and also homemade , make sure your green beans are clean and then you can fit them right into the jars with some of the garlic .

This recipe makes enough for two jars .

These are about 12 ounce jars .

They're the perfect shape for the green beans .

I have so many jars in my cabinet from all the canning and jamming and all the stuff that I do during the summer .

These are refrigerator pickles .

We're not gonna can them one of the advantages to making refrigerator pickles like this .

They'll always stay crisp in the refrigerator .

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You do want it to be pretty full because they're going to shrink a little bit when you add your hot liquid and don't forget to add the garlic as you're going along .

If you can't fit them in , just eat them .

When it comes to a simmer , you can turn it off and then you pour the liquid in a measuring cup for easier pouring , pour the liquid directly over the raw vegetables .

The liquid should cover the green beans on top .

Don't forget those peppercorns you want them in the jars or they won't continue to flavor your pickles as they sit .

This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled or quadrupled .

Let these cool off a little bit .

Cover them up and get them in the refrigerator and you'll have delicious pickles for weeks to come .

There .

They are .

They're done .

You can see that they've changed color a little bit .

That's what happens to green vegetables when they're in acidic environment , but they are ready to eat .

You should definitely let them sit overnight at least , but then they'll last for weeks .

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Mhm Spicy tangy , garlicky green bean pickles made by you .

Hi guys .

Thanks for watching this video .

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