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2023-08-31 10:16:33

Bodybuilding Mac & Cheese Recipe (Healthy + High PROTEIN)

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What's up guys ?

This is Derek House from DH FCNS dot com .

And today I'm gonna show you guys how to make my body building mac and cheese .

It's really quick and I'm hungry .

So let's get to it .

This is one of my favorite quick recipes to make .

The whole recipe only costs $4.50 which makes each serving around a dollar and 12 cents .

Now , the first thing you're gonna do is take out a bowl and then two cans of tuna and drain them , add your drained tuna into the bowl .

The cans that I'm using are five ounces or 100 and 42 g each .

If you don't like tuna , canned chicken cooked chicken breast , lean ground beef and lean ground turkey .

Work great in this recipe as well .

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Take out another bowl and add in six ounces or 100 and 68 g of pasta .

Whatever type of pasta you want to use is completely up to you .

And this recipe , I like elbows since I weigh all of my ingredients .

One quick suggestion said , if you don't have a digital kitchen scale , it's one of the best investments you can make for your kitchen .

This one does grams and ounces comes in a ton of different colors will last you forever and only costs around $25 shipped .

I post a link to it in the description below .

Next , we're gonna head over to our stove and cook our pasta .

Take out whatever you use to cook your pasta .

Put however much water your pasta box says to into it and then turn your burner on high until your water starts to boil .

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Once your water starts to boil , add your pasta in , turn your burner down to medium high heat and let it boil for however long your box says to usually around 7 to 10 minutes while stirring .

Occasionally , once your pasta is done , turn your burner off , drain it and then put it back into whatever you used after you drain it .

Add in 3/4 a cup or 84 g of reduced fat , sharp cheddar cheese and then three tablespoons or 15 g of Parmesan and Romano grated cheese .

Go ahead and mix your cheese around until it's melted .

Now , add in one teaspoon of garlic powder .

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I pour the teaspoon of onion salt in one container which is 5.3 ounces or 100 and 50 g of plain fat free Greek yogurt , mix all those ingredients together and then last add in your tuna or whatever you decided to use and mix that in as far as the calories go in the whole recipe .

There's 1227 31 g of fat , 100 and 25 g of carbs and 100 and 12 g of protein .

So if you divide this into four servings like I do in each serving , there's gonna be around 306 calories , 7.5 g of fat , 31 g of carbs and 28 g of protein .

And there is your body building mac and cheese .

As you guys saw the mac and cheese is done .

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So now I'm just gonna try it by it .

So tuna plus mac and cheese has been a staple of mine for probably the past decade .

If you haven't tried it , you're seriously missing out .

This recipe is creamy cheesy and there's a ton of volume to it .

You would have no idea that this is healthy .

Absolutely delicious .

Three tips for you guys .

One , I like to top mine with some bread crumbs .

Two .

If you reheat it in the microwave , only microwave it for 30 seconds at a time , stir it around and then repeat until it's as hot as you want it .

And three if it's not creamy enough , just add some more Greek yogurt to it .

Alright guys , I just wanna thank you for watching .

If you like this recipe , please go ahead and give me a thumbs up .

It motivates me to keep making these if you haven't already subscribed and you like to , you can click right there on the screen coming up by subscribing .

You'll get an email every week telling you upload a new video comments or suggestions .

Go down below .

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I do try and respond to everybody .

Thank you guys again for watching .

I got some mac and cheese to finish , stay healthy .


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