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And on top of that , and this works as the bridge to adding in our cheese .

So people make mac and cheese and they say , well as soon as I heat my cheese up in the microwave , as soon as I heat up in the microwave , everything gets microwaves .

But as , as soon as you heat up the microwave .

It all kind of tightens up so much .

You get that big clump at the bottom of the Fond Dupont because uh you push the cheese too fast and it kind of tightens up and forms into a ball .

So there we go .

Done with this guy .

You know , the movie done with this guy .

All right .

Now we get a little Pepper Jack Jack Cheese works great .

Members of the Pepper Jack Society over here .

So we get the cheese in .

Get a little cheddar in again .

I'm gonna save her just to laugh and get it everybody .

Like we're watching our diet today .

Ok .

Stir this up into here .

Just kind of get it coated with that .

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We're gonna go ahead and add about 1/4 of cup of diced onion and then I'm gonna add our fifth cheese , which is actually some cream cheese that I've allowed to come to room temperature right now .

The crock pot is already on .

I have it on low because I want these particular dairy products to start to warm up just a little while .

We boil our pasta .

Lastly , I'm just gonna add my seasoning , which is a mixture of kosher salt , black pepper , garlic powder , smoked paprika , and some Grand Diamond , all purpose seasoning and some melted butter for the exact measurements to this recipe .

Check the description below for GD seasoning dot com .

I will have the recipe link there right below .

Now that that's done , let's go ahead and boil our pasta .

The water has already come up to a boil .

I've put a little bit of salt in it , maybe about a quarter cup and then I'm just gonna drop our pasta right into it and we're gonna let it boil for only four minutes .

This is just a partial cook .

We're gonna give it a nice drain .

Do not rinse this pasta .

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Let me get a little salt and pepper down on it .

There we go .

There we go .

Ok .

Now reach over hot , hot .

Yeah .

Let that drain out a second .

Try not to drop it .

Now I like to use in mine .

I'm not a big , you know , I like to use the elbow macaroni when I'm making mac salad .

But this right here , this has got some real nice texture to it .

So the penne is my way to go , you know , with the edges on it .

So it holds some sauce .

Ok .

So we mix that around now and I've got every utensil I own out .

Let's see here .

Clear landing spot somebody down into the dish .

Now this is already cooked .

Oh , I know .

I'm crying inside .

Good go little pen on top .

There we go .

We're gonna hit a little bit of parsley on top of that for some great color .

What do you think with that bacon ?

Do you think I should do time with that ?

A little bit of bacon ?

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There we are .

And I got some olive oil here .

Now , what's gonna happen ?

I'm gonna pop this in the oven about 3 50 for about 20 minutes and let that brown up .

Nice .

But believe it or not , I got another one and one of the things I like about it , you tell me .

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We didn't have to use eggs or we didn't have to use Velveeta and five .

We got a recipe that can feed at least 12 people from a crock pot .

How about that ?

You know , you can't beat that .

I'm gonna need you guys to give this video a big thumbs up .

Don't forget to rate comment and subscribe .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

You know , I appreciate it when you come cook with me and hang out .

Don't forget this recipe and others can be found at GD seasoning dot com and I'll see you guys next time .


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