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2023-08-31 14:34:10

How To Fix Minecraft Failed to connect to the server Outdated client!

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welcome to another Minecraft tutorial .

So you've just attempted to join the usual multiplayer server that you usually join .

So for me , it's this one here , and then just simply click join server , and you've received the following message .

Fail to connect to the server .

Outdated client .

Please use 1.16 0.3 .

This essentially means that you can't connect to your server due to the fact that your client installation is an older or outdated version of Minecraft .

So let me go ahead and show you how to fix this issue .

So click back to server list and then click , Cancel and then click Quick Game to be taken back to your desktop .

Now open up the Minecraft launcher here by double clicking on it .

Once that's open , you want to navigate down to the bottom here and left click on this arrow .

Here you'll be given a list of the installations that you've currently installed on your Minecraft launcher .

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As you can see by default , the latest release and the latest snapshot are pre installed , and I also have a custom installation of 1.1 6.2 which is what I was using when I attempted to join my server at the start of this video .

So what you'll need to select is the latest release of the Minecraft launcher , which in my case , is 1.16 0.3 left .

Click on it to select this installation and then simply click on play .

All right , So once you've loaded up the main menu of Minecraft , simply click on multiplayer and then select the server that you tried to join last time .

Which , in my case , is this one here left .

Click on it to select it and then click join server .

This will then start booting up the game .

And there we go .

Guys , you have successfully joined the server that you attempted to two .

At the start of this video , all you had to do was select the latest client installation of Minecraft .

All right , guys , that concludes the video .

Thank you very much for watching .

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video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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I'll see you on the next video is a sign


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