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2023-08-31 09:27:22

How to Make Mac and Cheese with CookingAndCrafting

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Making mac and cheese .

I have um a mac and cheese recipe up for um for two , but I've never done a full-on recipe .

Um I don't have elbow rec , elbow macaroni .

So of course , that's not gonna really be mac and cheese , right ?

If it's not elbows , but this is um uh salad macaroni .

So go ahead , cook it till Dante and we'll be back on this side of the stove .

I have two tablespoons of butter over medium heat , I'm gonna melt .

I'm gonna add to this as soon as it's melted a quarter cup of flour and I am going to whisk like nobody's whisked before .

Ok .

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It looks like I'm going to be getting ready to add this flour here .

Meanwhile , I have two cups of milk .

I'm gonna add , oh boy , here we go .

I'm gonna cook this until a little stick and bubble .

I'll be back .

Ok .

So it's gonna go 5 to 7 minutes .

Ok .

So meanwhile , as this is getting thick and bubble , I'm gonna go ahead and cut eight ounces of uh Velveeta cheese .

I'm going to cube it .

Cut beans , cut into squares .

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Alright .

Singing peanut calorie and , and one I , I have one cup of um shredded cheddar cheese .

So once this gets thick and bubble , we will add those cheeses .

The cheese is alrighty .

Now I'm gonna go ahead and add in the cute Velveeta .

Hey , did one try to get away ?

Oh , it fell in good and a cup of shredded cheddar .

And I'm just gonna continue stirring this until the cheese is , are completely melted .

Look how thick and beautiful that is .

Oh , so yummy .

I'm really tempted to throw in more cheddar .

We'll see how I feel .

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Just gotta wait for that Velveeta to melt .

Meanwhile , get out in a nice large bowl and we're gonna mix this and your macaroni together .

Ok ?

I have a casserole dish back here that I have um greased and I'm gonna throw this in the bowl and mix it with the cheese .

It seems like there's a lot of cheese to macaroni ratio .

Somebody has a text .

Let's see how that goes .

I mean , I know it cooks down and stuff and it sets but it is a ridiculous amount .

Let's go with that .

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Pam .

We're gonna put this in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes .

Yeah .

And if it needs any , I'm gonna keep watching him .

Oh , it just seems like too much .

I've only ever made macaroni for two .

All right .

My mac and cheese .

See you in 30 minutes .

Look at that .

Hopefully we can hear it bobbling .

Oh yeah .

It looks good .

I made a good call .

I'm not using all of that cheese , I think .

Oh , now I have to sit for 10 minutes .

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Still a lot cheesier and I'm used to .

But , hey , Mac and cheese , enjoy yummy .

It just needs a little bit of , uh , pepper , I think .

And then you're set .

Awesome .

Yum , yum .

Yum .


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