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2023-08-31 09:32:58

How to Sleep Fast and Increase Sleep Quality

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Tossing and turning in bed night after night .

Well , you are not alone .

Lack of sleep is one of the major problems of urban lifestyle .

The downside is that this problem brings along so many other problems gaining weight , higher stress levels , anxiety are some of its side effects .

I cannot stress enough how important it is to sleep .

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Well , we must know that the growth of our body , the repair of our body and the secretion of fat burn hormones all happens while we are sleeping National Sleep Foundation , India recommends 9 to 11 hours of sleep for school going kids , 8 to 10 hours of sleep for teenagers and 7 to 8 hours of sleep for working adults .

However , when it comes to sleep , it is always about quality and not quantity .

And that's what this video is all about in this video .

I'm going to share with you some very effective tips that will help you sleep like a baby .

We will also talk about some sleep inducing foods .

Not only this towards the end of this video , I'm going to share with you some really powerful tricks that will make you sleep within a few minutes .

So I would recommend you to watch this video till the end because after this video , tossing and turning in bed will be a problem of the past .

Hello , friends .

Welcome to Fit Table .

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The first step for a good night's sleep is to maintain proper sleep timings .

Studies have shown that our body and brain responds well to sleeping at the same time each night .

Doing this long enough actually sets up an internal clock which will automatically help you sleep at the same time every night .

On the contrary , wearing your sleep timings by more than an hour can seriously disrupt your sleep quality .

Also , the time at which you sleep matters every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight is not just a myth .

Studies have proven that it's the 1st 3rd of the sleep , which is most important .

There can be some rare days when you are off your schedule .

That's understandable but generally try to maintain a proper sleep timing , preferably before midnight .

Second , effective tip is to put away all your electronic devices like your phone , laptop TV , at least half an hour before going to sleep .

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Numerous studies have shown that the blue light from these electronic devices disturbs your ability to relax and sleep .

So as you set an alarm for waking up in the morning , you can also set an alarm one night before going to sleep so that you know that now it's time for you to make your room a tech free zone .

In this time , you can meditate , read a book or write something .

The whole idea is to prepare your body and mind for a good sound sleep .

Third little thing is to make just the right kind of environment for a good night's sleep .

First of all prefer wearing loose cotton clothes because as compared to other fabrics , they are more comfortable for the body , the right temperature of the room is just as important .

If you find that you are sweating or freezing , you will not be able to sleep .

Well , 18 °C to 24 °C is considered to be an optimal temperature for sleep .

Also make sure your room is dark .

Other factors like noise , mattress bed also contribute to the quality of your sleep .

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Next is eating right at night eating is actually a big factor when it comes to put night sleep .

A full stomach may disrupt your sleep as the heavier the meal , the longer it will take to digest , the opposite applies to do not go to bed on an empty stomach as an empty stomach may interfere with your sleeping patterns as much as a full stomach .

Now , there are some foods which are rich in crypto and that actually induces sleep .

Some of these are almonds , milk , oats , modal pair chicken , fish and eggs just like there are some foods that help you sleep better .

There are some things that you should avoid at night black coffee , green tea because they are rich in caffeine can mess with your sleep quality , avoid them after 5 p.m. Also alcohol , although alcohol makes you sleep faster , but it negatively affects rapid eye movement .

Sleep , waking you up tired and nauseous .

Drinking too much water at night is not a good idea .

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This is because you would not want to make late night disruptive trips to the toilet .

My final tip is that doing some form of exercise during the day will really help you sleep better at night .

But make a note about timing of your exercise , exercising too close to your bedtime might make you too energized to fall asleep .

So make sure you keep a gap of at least three hours .

Now let me share with you some mind blowing techniques that will make you sleep in just a matter of minutes .

First is the 478 technique .

Basically , in this method , you have to breathe it through your nose for four seconds , then hold your breath for seven seconds , then breathe out through your mouth , counting eight seconds , do this for just four times and you will instantly feel sleepy .

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This is a powerful meditation technique that focuses on relaxation .

Second is blink your eyes continuously for 60 seconds .

This will make your eyes tired and you will fall asleep faster .

Third is take a shower or at least wet your feet .

This will set an optimal temperature and blood circulation for your body and you will sleep faster and better .

So friends , these were some tips and tricks that will really improve your sleep quality .

If you apply these tips , I guarantee sleeping would not be a problem anymore .

So I hope you found this video helpful .

Well , if you did , please do give it a thumbs up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel .

My name is Vivek .

I thank you so much for watching .


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