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2023-08-31 09:40:29

Refrigerator Bread & Butter Pickles! Crispy, Yumminess!

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And welcome to Holler .

I'm Miss Laurie and this is Mr Brown .

We live in the hills of Arkansas .

We love the Lord .

Keepers are the old way , but except some of the new , we love to cook and we love to eat .

We love the garden .

It's in our blood is how we stay sustainable and fill our pantry .

We do a lot of canning and preserving .

We live a sustainable life .

We love our family .

We work hard and every once in a while we like to dance .

So y'all join us .

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What you want to start out with is probably about 3 £3.5 of pickling cucumbers that should make about 10 cups .

And what we're gonna do is I cleaned them really good .

I always take uh I've got a brush that I clean my vegetables with out of the garden and I scrub them good and get them good and clean .

And now I'm just gonna slice them up .

You see , I'm slicing them kind of thin .

I don't like them real thick , maybe about 1/4 of an inch thick or so .

And we're just gonna slice all these up and I'm gonna throw them in this bowl .

Now , if you like a thick uh pickle , you can cut them thick .

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It's just whatever you prefer .

These are really good cucumber hair .

They're good and firm .

They're not starting to get soft or anything .

I dearly love bread and butter .

Pickles .

Mr Brown likes them too and we're gonna take our cucumbers .

You see , I've got them piled in there and that's about 10 cups of sliced up cucumbers and we're just gonna , I've got some cannon salt here .

You can take your cannon salt or you can take Kosher salt and uh , I'm just gonna take them and I'm gonna put them in my big bow .

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I'm gonna put about half of them and then I'm gonna put a tablespoon of salt over them .

Then I'll put the rest of in there .

Then I'll put another tablespoon on tablespoon and a half of uh , salt over it .

I can't help but eat them .

They're so good and they're so crisp .

So now we got our salt over them .

What we wanna do is we wanna cover , just put them in the fridge .

You can cover them up , put them in the refrigerator and we're gonna put them in there for several hours and just let them see it .

You can do it from anywhere from 2 to 24 hours , whatever you need to do and that's gonna , um , crisp them up .

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Now , after I took my cucumbers , which have been sitting in the refrigerator , uh , for several hours .

In fact , I put them in this morning , they've probably been in there four or five hours , which is fine , but I took them out and I run them through the , uh , I rinsed them off really , really well to get a lot of that salt off .

So they're sitting here draining and I've got me a bowl right here and I'm gonna put them back in the bow .

These are really good cucumbers .

They're just , uh , I think they're called a Boston Pickler or something like that .

And I've got two cups of a sweet white onion is all this is .

Use whatever kind of onion you got .

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I usually try to find the and , uh , I've got some out in the garden and they're called a , uh , candy , uh , yellow candy onion or something like that .

Anyways , we get them from host tools is where we get them .

So , uh , so I'm gonna take my clean hands and I'm gonna mix all this onion and cucumbers together .

And I got me a pot over here on the stove and , uh , that's where we're gonna click r vinegar brine for our pickles .

I'm gonna turn it on and this is gonna come together real quick .

What I've got in here is I've got two cups of just regular , uh , white vinegar , your , your pickling vinegar .

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And then I've got a whole cup of apple cider vinegar and I've got two cups of white sugar and I've got a half a cup of brown sugar .

I'm gonna mix this up a little bit , you know , Mr Brown and I really don't eat a lot of pickles , but we do love bread and butter pickles .

That's just something that we like .

We love them on our hamburgers .

We just like to eat them .

Um , I've got pickles in the pantry right now from two years ago .

Dill pickles , I've got pickled , uh , green tomatoes .

I've got pickled okra .

So we really didn't need any , any kind of dill pickles .

Now , I did put up some , uh , hot dog relish and stuff like that , but we're just not real big pickle eaters .

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But with this being just a easy refrigerator , bread and butter and it'll be kept in the refrigerator .

All we have to do is just go in there and eat them and they seem to stay really crisp and that's the way I like them .

Now , you can use , uh , some of that pickling crisp , the pickle crisp if you want to .

I know some people have put a in there , their pickles , stuff like that .

So if you're not wanting to can or even to water bath , anything , this is a really good thing .

And I mean , it's kind of like the way I do .

Uh , a lot of my sauerkraut , I'll just put it in a big jar and I'll for a minute and when it's where I want it , I just , uh , put it in the refrigerator and we just eat on it as we go because it's so good for your gut .

And that way if you're not canning it , it doesn't lose all the good stuff .

That's good for your gut .

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Now , I do can a lot of my kraut and this is why , because we love it .

It's not just something we eat for our gut .

It's just something we really like .

And I want it to be shelf stable .

So I do can it too .

So I'm gonna let this come up to a bowl .

Let the sugars dissolve and I'm gonna put , let's see .

Sorry about that .

Oh I need three teaspoons .

I ain't got my glasses with me .

I don't know how I done that .

I need three teaspoons of yellow mustard seeds and there's a little bit of the , the um brown mustard seeds in there too mixed up .

So there's three teaspoons of mustard seeds .

Your yellow is not as uh spicy as your your brown mustard seeds .

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I need one teaspoon of celery seed and I need a half a teaspoon of turmeric .

And this is what gives the bread and butter uh that really special taste but also is what gives it that color too .

That brine that , that color .

Whoops .

I put a whole teaspoon .

I said , I said half a teaspoon .

It ain't gonna hurt nothing .

Two works good for you .

So put a whole teaspoon that's what I get for standing there talking .

Huh ?

It ain't gonna hurt nothing .

So our cucumbers , our onions are sitting there and they smell so good .

In fact , I think I'm gonna eat one of these cucumbers , you know , still crispy and all we're gonna do is bring this up to a boil .

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Let everything do its thing in here .

Dissolve and come together when it comes to , I'm gonna turn it off .

I'm gonna let it cool down .

So I'm gonna find my final .

It's probably back behind me and then we'll get to putting our pickles in the jar .

So I went and got my funnel and I found my glasses .

So we're getting started on our bread butter pickles .

We're gonna get them in this gallon jug .

You can do this in a couple of quarts if you want to .

If you don't want to do it .

If you ain't got a gallon jug , you can get gallon jugs .

I'll tell you why I get a lot of mine .

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That's at school because we'll empty out a , a pickled jug or just anything that uh sometimes we get in a glass jug gallon jar and they usually let me have the , the jars , but I do so much fermenting and , and uh storing so much stuff that I use them up .

So I bought some whoops .

I bought some from Amazon and I've also bought , bought some from Azure standards .

So any of y'all that are uh , familiar with Azure Standard .

You can get the jars gallon jugs jars and you can get even the , the wide mouth lids .

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Unless they're out , sometimes they're out and make sure that when you bring your cucumbers out of the refrigerator that you really , uh , rinse them good and get most of that salt off of them because we know they're gonna be really salty .

I heard it thunder and that's what I was looking at .

I thought yay Rane .

So you can see how the tin cups filled .

Pretty much filled up .

Yeah , gallon jar .

It looks really pretty too .

I keep trying to pull my shirt up and I'm messing with my mic here .

Ok .

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Today , I want to share with you a no sugar .

Quick Pickles master recipe plus a basic pickling spice recipe .

Now , you can use this quick pickles recipe to pickle any type of vegetable .

Today , we're gonna pickle cauliflower , some sweet belt peppers and along with a little bit of jalapeno .

Hi , sweet friends .

I'm Mary and welcome to Mary's Nest where I teach traditional cooking skills for making nutrient dense foods like bone broth ferment , sour dough and more .

So if you enjoy learning about those things , consider subscribing to my channel and don't forget to click on the little notification bell below that will let you know every time I upload a new video , quick pickles are a great thing to make , especially if you want to change a pace from making ferments which take a usually a few days to a few weeks longer .

Quick pickles can be ready in an hour .

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You can certainly do that .

And that will add that apple cider vinegar taste as well as in that case , if you're using raw , once it's cooled , uh will increase or add probiotics uh to your pickles , uh your pickled vegetables .

So that's always a nice thing to keep in mind .

And then you're gonna need one tablespoon of salt and this is a fine ground sea salt , but you can use any salt that you have .

And if it's a very coarse ground , you're gonna need two tablespoons .

I find this is a very good uh combination .

You can certainly add more salt if you like things very salty .

But I feel that the one tablespoon of the fine ground or two tables spoons of the coarse ground work very well .

Now , I know there will be many of you will be asking me , can you do this without salt ?

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And yes , you can , as long as the amount of vinegar and the amount of water that you use are the same ratio .

So we've got two cups of vinegar and two cups of water .

So if you wanted , you could admit , omit the salt .

Now , what I've got here are the ingredients for the basic pickling spice mix .

Now , we're not gonna use all of this in today's pickling , but you , I'm gonna mix this all together and then I'm gonna save it in a jar and you can go ahead and put this in your pantry and it'll last for at least a year .

So every time you're ready to make a pickled vegetable , you'll have your basic pickling spice mix ready .

Now , I wanna go over exactly what I have in this basic pickling spice mix .

But if there's something that you don't like , you can leave it out and if there's a spice or an herb , you like more , you can certainly add that in .

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But what I've found is that this basic mix really makes a very nicely flavored brine .

So I highly recommend that you try it like this first .

And what I've got here .

Well , first , let me just say you don't have to write down anything uh in terms of the amounts because I'll put a link in the description below .

Uh That'll take you uh for the recipe and it'll take you right over to my website and then you can read it online or print it out whatever you wanna do .

But in any event , I've got six tablespoons of mustard seeds .

I've got three tablespoons of all spice and this is the whole all spice berry .

It's rolling away .

And then I've got two tablespoons of dill seeds , two tablespoons of coriander seeds .

Uh I think this is one tablespoon .

Yes .

One tablespoon of crushed , crushed red pepper flakes .

And then I've got a teaspoon of whole cloves .

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Now , what I'm gonna do with clean hands , I'm just gonna mix all of this up together and then we'll store it in our jar .

Now , I wanna mention one word about if you are pickling cucumbers and I have a video on how to quick pickle cucumbers because they're the one exception when it comes to pickling vegetables , for example , cauliflower is very hard and you don't worry about it getting mushy .

You want the brine to soften it a little bit .

But with cucumbers , you really don't want to have mushy pickles .

So there is a little secret ingredient that you want to add uh to your basic brine mixture and that would be bay leaves and you can crush them up or you can , can add them in whole to your jar after you add in your pickling spices .

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Uh I'll also be make sure to put it in case I it's not in the IC card .

It'll be in the description underneath this video and that uh I show how to make sweet pickles as well as quick pickles that are savory without sugar .

And uh that tea bag or bay leaf or grape leave tip is really gonna help keep them nice and crisp .

Now I'm just gonna start adding my cauliflower to the jar along with some of these pepper and a little bit of jalapeno and I'll just keep doing that until I get this jar filled .

Well , I've packed as much as I can into this jar and you really wanna pack it as tight as you can because once you add the brine , things tend to float a little , but you wanna come within just about a half inch from the top of the jar and then just try to really push it down .

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But uh anyways , I also have , last year I made pickled squash .

I still have some of that and I've got a , a video for that and I'll put that down in the description box too .

So anyway , y'all try this recipe .

I really think if you like bread and butter pickles , you'll really like this recipe .

It's easy and it's so good .

So guys , I hope y'all garden is coming off good .

I see pictures on uh Facebook and , and on youtube and different things .

It looks like people's gardens are really doing good this year and I'm so glad ours is doing good .

Um , we're gonna have a lot put up for the winter time and that's just always a big blessing .

So y'all take care , y'all know we love you and you know , God loves you .

So y'all come back and see us here .

We'll be back in a couple of days and like I always say , we'll be doing something because we're always doing something around here by everybody .


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